Friday, May 29, 2009

Randon Picture Friday

Let's jump right in to the randomness that is my photo selection this week. Shall we?

Here is Miss Tess, throwing a heck of a temper tantrum because she wants to play on this porch swing.

And not this water slide. Makes sense, no?

Here is Bram and one of his bestest buds, Ben, doing the hopscotch competition at his field day. Ben and Bram are a friendship work in progress. Ben's mom, Julia, and I were very persistent. And now, they can't get enough of each other. And I can't get enough of this kid either, love Ben!

Bram after the potato sack race competition. Unfortunately, I was busy manning the egg/spoon races so I didn't get to watch any of this. Hubby did a fabulous job of documenting. In fact, I had about 150 photos of field day.

Here is Bram partaking in the egg/spoon race. As you can see, he isn't quite as skilled as his Mommy is when it comes to this particular race. Luckily, we didn't use real eggs.

Here is the beginning of me making Bram's 7 layer rainbow birthday cake. I saw this cake on Whatever's blog, super cute. Each layer a different color. I was baking until 11pm last night. Thank the Lord for Shiraz, is all I got to say about that.

AND if you haven't checked out Whatever, please do. Casey and I are kind of in love with her. And if I wasn't going to marry Casey, I would want to marry Meg. But of course I would never cheat on Case.

Here are my miraculous geraniums that have come back every year for the past three years. I haven't touched them, nothin'. I don't really understand, each winter this pot is just dirt, then these geraniums come back up. But they will be HUGE in a few more weeks.

My begonias. I love begonias. This place on my porch is perfect for them, they get bigger and bigger every day.

And this pot just makes me smile. I have to keeps lots of pots filled with flowers all over my back porch. This keeps the golfers from seeing that my back porch kind of looks like we own a kids junk yard.

Well, tomorrow is Bram's 4th birthday party. And this year, Coco got smart. Very smart.
Instead of the 30 + people we have at all his other parties (make that 75+ at his first birthday) that includes adult bevs and such, I am having Bram's 8 closest buddies over for a mock slumber party/movie night. Monogrammed pillow cases and pillows (done by Iddy of course) are the darling party favors. The kids are to be dropped off, in their jammies, at 6pm for pizza, cake, and then the movie "Bolt" with popcorn in their sleeping bags. Then picked up at 9pm.

Smart, mom.

Let's see if I am singing the same tune after 8 wild indians leave my house Saturday night. Hmmm....

Have a fabulous weekend, hot mommas!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

You KNOW you're a great mom......

When you make an ass of yourself like this,

At your son's field day.

All because he jumping up and down with pride at his Mommy's egg/spoon racing skill!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brammy!!!!!!

Close your eyes,

Have no fear,

The monster's gone, He's on the run,

And your Daddy's here,

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful boy.

Before you go to sleep,

Say a little prayer,

Every day, in every way,

It's getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Beautiful boy.

Out on the ocean, sailing away, I can hardly wait,

To see you come of age,
But I guess we'll both just have to be patient,

Yes, it's a long way to go, a hard road to hoe,
But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street, Take my hand,

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans,

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

Beautiful boy,

Darling, darling, darling, darling, Bram.
I love you!!!!

Lyrics by, John Lennon

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Diary of a Pig Roast.......

This is a very long post. It might take you a few days to get through it all but I wanted to give everyone a good feel that is the adventure of roasting a pig underground. In a pit of fire. And the pig still has his head. And asshole.

First let me start by saying, my father doesn't do anything small. It is always a very big production with all the right tools and gadgets and outfits. I'm not kidding about the outfit either. He changes his clothes accordingly. Am I lying, Susan?

OK, hold on to your hats, here we go.

En route to Gran-T and Mikey's. Peace and quiet in the car. XM radio playing our favorite songs. Kids asleep.

AND of course me being the enabler that I am......I am not ashamed.

Well, I kind of am. But what do you do.

So here is the pit the pig will go into. We were calling it a "Redneck Playpen." Good times.

Bram pondering the situation. He "helped" with the fire until midnight.

You see, you have to have a pit of hot coals and fire before you put the pig in the ground. Here is a picture of the fire.

The next morning. The poor pig before he was placed in the metal box. I don't know what is scarier, the pig or me with no make up in my glasses first thing in the morning.
I have no idea what tee shirt I'm wearing. Weird.
Moving on...

Here is the pit of coals. OHHHHHHH---AHHHHHHHH!

Here is the iron box my dad had made especially for this pig roast. I told you, he goes all out. Why would you wrap the pig in banana leaves like everyone else? No way.

So if anyone needs a huge metal box to bury a pig in, just let me know, I can hook you up....

Hubby and Mikey lowering the pig into the ground.

Are y'all asleep yet?

Wipe the drool from your mouth and sit up straight! This is getting good.

My dad used a tractor to pull the iron box containing the pig out of the ground. Again, we don't do things small in Mikeyland. See him reaching for the beer?

I get it honestly.

Here I am trying to look interested. I was already kind of tipsy at this point.

Here is my bro and the guys watching the pig rise out of the fire pit. Mesmerizing.

Here is my oldest friend in the world, Jill, and my very pregnant cousin Julie. Tiny Julie is 31 weeks pregnant here. With twins!! Baby Henry and Sylvie. How cute is that?

What isn't cute is that Ju weighs as much as I do. 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Awesome. Makes me want to go swimsuit shopping ASAP.

Here it comes.
Oh my word!

The final product!!!!

And here we are posed around the pig. Ta-da!!!!!

It was a great night. I have to say, I didn't eat any pig. It kind of freaked me out. And I was drunk by the time it was ready to eat.

I did bring some leftovers home and I am about to make a jambalaya type soup with it. I figure with a lot of veggies and spices, I can forget about the pigs ears and hoofs. Maybe.

I hope everyone had a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. There are a million more pics taken but these capture the moment in a faster manner than an actual play by play.

Tomorrow is Bram's 4th birthday, so be prepared for a Bram-a-thon.

And if you can't sleep tonight, just pull up this post. I am sure it will help!!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

On the road again...

The weekend is starting early. The Coco's are about to get in the car and head on to Weatherford. Memorial Day activities will be starting tomorrow night.

My dad is burying a pig.

What the hell? I have never had pork cooked in this manner, but he is quite excited. Lots of friends and family coming over and lots of adult bevs, food and fun. Can't wait!!!

I will have lots of pictures I am sure!!

Everyone have a VERY safe and SUPER fun Memorial Day weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I had to document this.

Last night I had the strangest, most vivid dreams. The kind of dreams that when you wake up, you can't decide if it really happened or not.

So I have just gotten out of bed, poured my coffee and now I am sitting down at my computer to write down all the weirdness that happened as I slept.

Dream Sequence #1: I had a teaching interview and the Principal LOVED me, but then for a test I had to chop a huge salad and didn't understand the instructions she gave me. It was a HUGE salad, artichokes, jicima, mushrooms, fresh cilantro, etc. This principal had explicit instructions on how she wanted each veggie cut and it made no sense to me.

I didn't get the job.

Dream Sequence #2: Hubby was a secret gang member. And I was a secret undercover gang unit vice squad person. I busted him at a "gang party" (whatever that is) and found his behavior totally sexy. Told him later that night that I wanted to be a part of his gang world. But his gang party was more like a KA party at Tech.

Another f'ed up dream.

Dream Sequence #3: Bram knew Spanish. I don't know any Spanish. I couldn't communicate with my child.

Last Dream Sequence: We had an abandoned house next door to us. I let a bunch of homeless kids live in it on the sly. One of them sold beautiful silver jewelry that oddly enough, had my monogram etched in a lot of the pieces.

So I kept the 6 of them living their on the down low. I even was excited because I had, "FREE BABYSITTING!" Because what mom could pass up free babysitting by a bunch of squatters living in the abandoned house next door to them?

All of these dreams were just one right after another. And so vivid and real. All I ate for dinner was chicken and asparagus. All I drank yesterday was water with lemon. And I even ran for 45 minutes last night.

I am slowly losing my mind.

One dream at a time.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FREE TOY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am giving away every. single. toy in the Coco playroom. All you have to do is drive down here to Texas to pick up.

We are talking puzzles, blocks, toy kitchen with all accessories included, transformers, power rangers, farms, garages, matchbox cars, tool bench with all the tools included, dress up clothes, baby dolls, baby bouncy seat, baby high chair, Pottery Barn book shelf with all books included, Babystyle bowling, Babystyle horseshoes, dump trunks, back hoes, and lots, lots more.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! This is going to be a one day giveaway!

Why am I doing this?

Because here at the Coco household, the below "toy" is the ONLY thing worth playing/fighting over.

And I can buy more of them at Wal Greens for $1.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heaven, I was in Heaven....

The weekend was fabulous. Iddy got ballsy and took not only Hank and Bram. She took Tess and Chase as well!! WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!

It was quite comical watching Aunt Abby driving away in my Tahoe, 4 Britax monster car seats inside and 4 kids 6 and under strapped in. Hilarious.

Chase yelling, "Buy Aunt Coco!" as they drove away. Hank and Bram not even bothered by the fact they were leaving us.

Tess looked a little confused and I got a little tiny lump in my throat leaving her this long for the first time.

But that was short lived.

Hubby and I went and had Thai food. Yes, we have a fabulous Thai restaurant in my cute little town. Best Pad Thai I have ever had.

Came home and let's just say. I slept until 2 pm the next day. Oh yeah. I did. And was a bit hungover to boot.

Then the Hubs and I headed to Austin to hang out with Burns and Lacey. No kids and all four of us together never happen, so it was quite a treat. Quite. A. Treat. I believe at one point in the night Lacey and I were holding hands, gazing in each others eyes, singing Billie Joel songs to one another.

And then there was a lot of dancing. So much so, my thighs are super sore.

Fun was had by all but by Sunday morning, all Lacey and I could talk about were our babies. Telling cute stories over, over and over again. So funny.

Kiddos arrived back yesterday, safe and sound. Very spoiled. And stuffed to the brim with Cheetos and Doritos. And M & M's. And popcorn. And Pepsi. And cookies.

You get the picture?????

Lots of cuddles and lots of carrying around the little lady on my hip. She did NOT want her mommy to put her down! After her hot bath and she was put down for the night, we all went outside were Bram and Hubby played football for hours! After his hot bath, he went down very easy and it was good to have him tucked in his bed, only a few feet from me.

Then it was mom and dad's bedtime. We both were out cold in less than 5 minutes. Staying up late just isn't as easy as it was back in the day.

So worth it, but we are getting OLD. This week is going to be a de-tox week if you will.

My liver and kidneys need a break. Badly.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Really Random Picture Friday!

It's going to be another great weekend in Cocoland. Bram is going to Snyder to be pampered, spoiled and totally indulged by Iddy and Pa. I have class tomorrow and then dinner with one of my best friends in Austin. Margaritas and queso on some patio wearing a sundress and flip flops. Sounds heavenly!!

Hubby will be staying with the little lady and getting some wonderful daughter and daddy time. I will return on Sunday and hopefully our club pool will be open and we can take Tess swimming.

So on with the show. This week I will be showing one new pic and several very old pics that I just found. Good times.

Look at Tess' eyes, this is when I knew she was sick. 104 temp. Mommy's intuition.

Bram at about 18 months, playing in Mikey's '68 Bronco. His t-shirt has a Bronco on it as well and I was trying my darnedest to get a photo for a Christmas card. Didn't work out.

Bram at a year playing with his cousin Milo. Milo is my Uncle Randy's black lab and Bram's "best friend" still today.

Christmas 2006. Me and my bro. We were a little tipsy. I think I have mentioned before, my brother is 6'7 and has the exact personality of Jim on "The Office."

Summer 2008. Hubby and I getting ready to go to a surprise party for a friend. My hair is super short. Right now is the longest my hair has been since high school, I usually keep it very short. I don't know why I am wearing big orange disks as earrings. Hmmmm....
So that is all. I am filling out tons of applications. Teaching apps are a lot more detailed than I was expecting, and even harder to fill out when you have kids climbing all over you!!!
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!