Friday, July 31, 2009

Things that I LOVE:

Since last Friday I listed the things that make me want to bang my head into the wall, I thought this Friday I would lighten things up with things that I love.

This isn't going to be all rainbows and unicorns. In fact, most of it will be weird.

1) I love picking my nose. Love it. Of course I dispose on the boogies accordingly and wash my hands after a good pickin', as most of my pickin' goes on while I am tinkling.

2) I love to have my arms tickled. And my back tickled, but it is easier to request an arm tickle. It is also easier to tickle your own arms then your back, since usually I am left to do the tickling myself.

3) I love a recent quote I read, "Having toddlers are the longest days and shortest years of your life" it is by Barbara Bush, Sr. I love her and love this quote. As most of us know, it is so true.

4) I love big boobs. Y'all know this and it is a fact. I want big boobies so bad and feel that this fall, I might get the green light to get my new rack. If this wasn't somewhat of a "nice" blog and my dad and brother didn't read it, I would totally take before and after pictures of my boobs. I would also post a daily boob picture for all the world to see.

5) I love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I want to be one. Badly. In my head, I can dance like them and could make the team if only my husband and kids didn't tie me down. And if I had bigger boobs.

6) I love the smell of my kids morning breath. It is so nasty but it smells so yummy to me. Hubby's morning breath makes me dry heave, but my kids morning breath? Sweet honey suckle. If I could bottle it and wear it as a perfume, I would.

7) I love Chile and Cheese Fritos. It is hard for me to pass them up in line at the grocery store. They are the perfect snack, the chili provides protein, the cheese provides calcium, and the corn chip provide a vegetable. When washed down with an Orange Fanta? You also get a serving of fruit.

8) I love going barefoot. My feet are always in need of a pedi due to the habit of never ever wearing shoes. By the time I have my bath at night, the bottoms of my feet are pretty disgusting. They are what us Texans call, "Piggly Wiggly feet."

9) I love to mop. Mopping gives me such instant gratification. I mop several times a week and usually break a sweat doing it. We have cement floors so mopping is very easy. A little tip is to mop using Lavender Fabuloso. Holy Moly! That stuff smells spectacular.

10) I love my family.

So there are a few weird things that I love!

We have had a very full week. Sea World was a hit! The heat and lines and such were all worth. Just seeing the kids faces light up watching Shamu or Bram's laugh riding the log ride. SO WORTH IT!!

Sydney and Susan left yesterday, but not before we did a rainbow cake, per Sydney's request. Instead of thirding the batter for each layer, I had a blond moment and only halved it. Needless to say, the cake was HUGE!

Susan made the best vanilla cream icing I have ever had (recipe below) and the sparkler candles were a hit.

Cake and ice cream after lunch.

Blowing out the candles!!! Happy 9th Birthday, Sydney! We love you and are glad we got to share it with you.

Look at this cake. Enormous. The kids thought it was hilarious as it just grew and grew and grew.

I put my new favorite quote up on my chalkboard door. I have to look at it occasionally before I am about to run out of the front door and never look back, just to remind myself that these little toots are MY little toots and won't be little toots for long. And big toots don't like to cuddle and follow you around like little toots do. Make sense?

Tess, Sydney and Bram cuddling in my bed watching, "Bambi" and it was a hit with Bram. He and Syd played Bambi for the next two days.

I was afraid the shooting of the mommy would upset Bram.

It didn't. Not at all.

Mikey and Gran-T will be spending the weekend with us and we are very excited about them coming. We always have fun when they come to town.

Oh! And guess who slept in her big girl bed last night? Miss Tess! I crawled in the bed with her around midnight because I had anxiety about her falling out, but she didn't fuss or anything when we put her down. So no more cribs. Boo-hooooo!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Blog Alert!

We have had a great week and I am beat! Lots of pictures to come soon.

But if you have a second, go check out my friend Carrie's new blog. Carrie is a hoot and is missing a filter just as I am. This has yet to be seen on her blog but I have a feeling it will come out soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All grown up!

Guess who I have caught more than once trying to crawl out of her crib?

Miss Tessie Mayes. That little rascal. So that means today I will be ordering rails for the big girl bed. Lucky for us, I already have a darling antique double bed in her room and Iddy made bedding to match her crib bedding so when this day arrived, there would be no rearranging her bedroom. I'm thrifty like that. Yeah, right.

And I think you should know, Hubby's mom, Iddy, did all of this bedding! Except the matelesse coverlet and shams from PBK. Other than that, every single stitch. It is seriously bedding dreams are made of.

Now I just have to finish refinishing the hutch that goes in place of the crib. So that is what I will be doing today. I cannot and will not have that crib out of the room before there is something there to replace it! Something so cute you will cry looking at it. I will take pictures when it is complete.

Yikes, a big girl bed. I don't remember how this works. Does anyone have any pointers?

I had a wonderful time last night with Cara and her darling family. Pictures to come soon. Susan and Syd get here today where we will be making the famous rainbow cake, per Syd's request, eating at the Bluebonnet Cafe, and heading to Sea World tomorrow. I have a feeling Susan and I are going to be worn out by tomorrow night. Whew!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy, busy Coco.

Hubby, the kids and I spent a night at a friend's lake house Saturday night. It was a lot of fun and the kids had the best time ever. But I have to say, the next time we go, it will be sans kiddos.

Bram went and sat down next to the two little statues. And he posed.

Tess jumping to Daddy! I love the look on Hubby's face in this picture. He is awesome and will spend hours in the water with his kids, throwing them in the air, patiently letting them hang all over him and always encouraging them to swim and try new things.

The boat ride was a hit. Until both kids fell fast asleep.....

Good times!

So, this week is going to be super busy and super fun. An old friend is coming over with her family tonight for dinner. And when I say old I mean like 25 years of knowing each other. Is that right? Am I old enough to have known someone that is not family for 25 years?
, I must be wrong.

Then on Tuesday my cousin Susan and her daughter Sydney are coming down for a few nights. Wednesday we are heading to Sea World. Fun!

On Friday, Mikey and Gran-T are heading down to visit. So a busy busy week for Coco.

It will be so nice to be busy. I have felt like Groundhog Day lately. Every day is the same and it is starting to get to me a bit. I am actually looking forward to my running in the morning. Just because it is a project.

Let's just say I am very greatful for Zoloft these days.

Just keeping it real!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Things that I hate:

1) Stainless steel appliances. They look good but are a real pain in the ass when you have OCD AND a 22 month old, a four year old and a 32 year old husband. I hate them and I hate the person who made them cool.

2) Orderers. Orderers? you ask. Yes, orderers. I am talking about the person at McDonald's that takes 45 minutes to order. The menu has not changed in 50 years, get your filet o'fish and move on.

3) Women with mustaches. This may seem harsh, but it is so true. If I see a woman with a mustache I automatically hate her guts. I have some hairs on my lip and I get it waxed. If you can't afford to wax, pluck. If you don't want to pluck, shave it. There is no excuse for ANY woman in 2009 to walk around with a hairy lip.

4) Personal space invaders. Especially at Banana Republic. And especially in the sale area at Banana Republic. Wait your turn bitch, that tissue tee on sale for 9.99 isn't going anywhere.

5) All the kids on NYC Prep. Has anyone watched this train wreck of a television show? Oh. My. Word. These kids need to be taken out in the street and shot. Shot in their lazy eyed faces. They are terrible human beings and their parents should be humiliated. If they have parents. Which is very questionable.

6) Melissa Joan Hart. Hate her. She won't go away.

7) Jennifer Love Hewitt. Again, won't go away.

8) Coughers. And I know this can't be helped and I at time have been "that person." You have to admit nothing and I mean nothing is more freaking annoying then that person that is coughing through church, a wedding, a funeral, a meeting, a class, while your taking a test, etc. Excuse yourself. Or decline the invite with the excuse being your sick. Because you are.

9) Throwing up. I know this is a silly one. Nobody likes to throw up. But seriously, I really hate it more than the average person. I will run down the street naked waving an A&M flag yelling, "I LOVE MY BIG BUTT!" if it will prevent me from throwing up. I cry the second I know throwing up is inevitable. Thank the good Lord that I never had much morning sickness.

10) Puzzles. I hate them. They make terrible messes in the play room. Isn't that just awful. I have never enjoyed them and don't understand people that do. It is a frustrating hobby. And even more frustrating when trying to put together a puzzle with a 4 year old. I avoid this activity as much as possible. I don't really care how good it is for my children's developing brains.

11) Pit bulls. White trash dogs of the world. If you have one then quite reading my blog, you are no longer welcome here. There is no reason for them at all. Want to know what is way awesome? Our new white trash neighbors have a freaking pit bull. Awesome. So now I am a weirdo who scouts the front yard before I allow my kids outside. Sons of bitches. I really hope something bad happens to that dog. Like I accidentally hit it with my car.

But you know what I love with all my happy heart?

These two little freakshows:

Y'all have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My kids are weird....

And I have to say, they come by it quite honestly. Weird parents = weird kids.

Quirky may be more of the word I am looking for.

Whatever it is, my kids are odd ducks for sure.

Tess has taken to layering these days. The above picture is a fine example of this new habit. She has on three of her brother's t-shirts, then the white floral one and green floral were layered over the three t-shirts. These two tops came out of a pile of hand me downs that are on there way to Dallas for baby Elaine.

And she wore this all day yesterday. Even napped like this. The only time I was able to get her out of it was to get her swim suit on for swimming. Weirdo.

AAs I was putting up laundry yesterday, I caught Brammy standing on the counter in his bathroom. Admiring himself in his ghetto Spiderman outfit.

The kid had no idea that I was getting this on film.

And the reason for the ghettoness of this costume is it is 3 years old and was soooo long on him that I had to cut it off years ago.

The kid still loves this one the most, even though we have two other Spiderman costumes that are in much better shape.

One last crazy outfit courtesy of the little lady. At Mikey and Gran-T's during an early morning swim this was her choice of swimwear. Please notice the regular diaper, with the swim diaper over it. Then to add that "little something" a swim diaper is used as a belt. The girl knows how to accessorize!!

So funny! The things these two come up with on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear Hollywood,

Hi, it's Coco. And we really need to sit down and have a quick little discussion. Well, it may not be quick, as I am very long winded and quite opinionated but this is something that has been on my mind for quite sometime and now it has come to fruition and I can no longer keep it inside.

The issue is your idea of "fat" and that "skinny" looks good. This is just all kinds of fucked up if you ask me. And I need to bring you into the light (no pun intended).

I consider myself to be of average size. I work out on a regular basis and eat well. Yet, I do love my adult beverages and I can't pass up a platter of good Mexican or a great burger and fries. This keeps me at my average size. When I was in my college and post college days, I didn't work out and didn't feel good about my body. I physically felt....well....yucky.

Since the birth of my first child, I have not gone longer than two weeks without a good hour work out. This makes me feel good. Inside and out. I am happier all around.

This makes me happy. This makes Hubby happy. This makes my kids happy.

But what you think looks good is not good at all. And makes us that are of average size or a bit larger feel like we aren't looking as good as we should. This is what I have a problemo with.

Let's go over a few examples, shall we?

Tori Spelling. She looked precious after giving birth. This looks terrible and her husband should be punished for not telling his wife to eat! I feel so alone, isolated and ashamed looking at this.

And you KNOW girlfriend is starving!

Kim Kardashian. She has been called "fat" on many, many occasions. Fat? Really? I'm sorry but if I were a man, I would think her body would be the ultimate women's figure.

Shoot, as a woman, I kind of like looking at bikini pictures of her. Just sayin'.

Eva Mendes. Called "fat" in this picture. Not fat at all. Sex kitten is more like it.

You can suck it Hollywood. Really. SUCK IT.

Nicole Ritchie. This is a hard one. When she was on the cocaine she looked DISGUSTING. As a mother. Precious. Pregnant and rocking the bikini? Precious. She looks healthy and...precious.

I have to say, Coco rocked the string bikini up until a week before both kiddos were born. In my opinion it is the best time to wear a teeny weeny bikini. First time in your life you don't have to suck in.

Demi Moore. Wow. This is clearly somebody who works out A LOT. Yet, I have a feeling she has her fair share of margaritas and steak dinners. You rock, Demi! This is what I want to look like at 45. Hell, I would LOVE to look like this at 35.

Lisa Rinna. VOMIT IN MY MOUTH! You are not hot, you are not sexy, you look like something is very very wrong with you and you need to eat and stop running. In this picture, a very slow pace would of been the best decision making, to assure not too many calories are burned.

If I were her hubby I would be walking soooooo far behind her so nobody would know she was mine. Just ewwwww.

Carmen Electra. Hotness. In a stripper kind of way. Carmen is apparently a fan of the stripper pole, seriously, she works out on a stripper pole.

I can't even imagine me on a stripper pole. It would not be good. Or sexy and would probably involve stitches from me falling on my head at some point.

Also, me doing a striptease for Hubby would never work for us. He would just laugh at me.

Ali Landry. Another good healthy body. She didn't lose her baby weight until her little one was 12 months old. GOOD FOR YOU, ALI!!!!! Nobody should look like they never were pregnant two weeks after giving birth. That isn't normal. And could possibly get you shot in the real world.

So, Hollywood. Above are just a few example of yuck and a lot of examples of good. Hopefully, you will get the picture and understand that healthy is beautiful. Emaciated is not so cute.

If this doesn't change soon I will quite buying magazines. I will never go see a movie again and will have all the televisions in my home removed. Trust me, this will effect you dramatically as I am addicted to all three.

So lesson learned? I sure hope so.



Boring post.

Thanks to all the teachers giving me feedback. I actually applied yesterday for several aide positions as well as subbing.

I am delivering three applications on Friday when I know the principals will be there. And I have sent many personal emails as well.

With absolutely no response.

What makes me sad is that I know the meanest woman ever who going back into teaching just because she needs a job. She has 8 years experience. And HATES teaching. You can just tell by looking at her she is a miserable soul.

BUT she got one of the Kinder positions that I wanted. .

It makes me sad. I know I have no classroom experience, yet I do have lots of child development experience, TONS of energy and a I KNOW I will be the best teacher ever and my kids will love me. If I would of just had an interview, I would of had the job. I just know it.

The whole Baptist thing didn't work out, and I am SO glad. The only reason that position fell through is because of me not being Baptist enough. And I might of been a bit fashion forward for them. Just sayin'.

On August 8, I am taking my Special Ed content test. Hopefully this will give me the edge as well.

So this is where I am now. I don't want to do anything else. I want to teach, I want to have lots of kids around me every day. (That aren't mine.)

Ugh! SO frustrating. If y'all have any other tips, then let me know. I will do anything to get a job teaching.

I said I would go topless, but now I will just go naked. I don't care. I will. Not kidding at all.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A meal fit for two superheroes!

Turkey and avocado quasadillas and kiwi. It does the trick for an action packed afternoon.

And I will quote Bram, "Mommy, these are the best dillas ever. They will give me super power energy and nutrition for kicking some hiney!"

At least he didn't say "butt."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Babies and such

No, this isn't a post about the baby fever. My best friend from college had her baby this Thursday. And I had a mini vacation.

On Thursday morning I drove to Dallas all by my lonesome. Did a little antiquing, did a little Sonic eating and reading of my book. All in all, it took me 5 hours to get to Dallas, and it was HEAVENLY!

On Friday morning I got an email from a friend's husband and she had her baby a week ahead of schedule and they were in Dallas as well. So I got to see two babies of very good friends.

Oh I was so jealous seeing the two of them laid up in the hospital like the Queens of Sheba. That is my favorite time ever, in the hospital being worshipped by all. And having nurses at your fingertips takes away the anxiety of anybody dying.

On Saturday before my return home I got to see Casey, Carrie, Jen and Alisha at Mi Cocina. It was a great time with my favorite plate of chalupas and a margarita. Nice.

On my drive I stopped at an antique store that I had been wanting to venture into, and found tons of stuff. BUT only bought this darling old door with chalkboard paint on it, for $30!!

Super cute.

Jen, Carrie, Coco, Casey and Alisha.

Baby Elaine. Elaine Genevieve.

All in all it was a wonderful mini vacay for Coco. Anytime alone is nice. I actually wouldn't mind an appendicitis at some point, just for the alone time and good drugs.
Sad huh?

Also, another baby has been born sick. Most of you followed Harper's story and this one is very similar. A friend, Jill, had her baby last week, Charlie, and he was born with sick lungs. Please pray for baby Charlie. Jill is updating daily and baby Charlie is getting better but still not out of the woods.

That is all for now. I have to look for a job. I never dreamed it would be this hard to get a teaching job! And I never dreamed that these principals wouldn't even have the courtesy of an email or a kiss my ass or something. Geez!

If anyone has ANY tips on how I should go about this, please do tell. I will even show up to an interview topless if it will get me a job.

Not kidding.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The lessons just keep coming.....

Lesson #4: Nothing and I mean NOTHING makes you feel cooler than a new pair of Batman pajamas. Attached cape included.

And that is all I have to say about that!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The week of lessons continues......

Lesson #3: No tube of lipstick is safe around Tess.

Lucky for us, my cousin Susan's daughter, Sydney, came in and said, "Uh, Coco, you need to come and see this. RIGHT NOW!"

History has proven that when Syd comes and and says this, you run to the scene. I can't imagine what my parents furniture would of looked like if she would of walked around touching everything.

My little lady loves her some make up. But we totally need to work on our application skills, girlfriend is a little heavy handed with the tube.

SO, if we ever come and visit you, lock up your Bobbi Brown!!!! And that is our VERY important lesson for the day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lesson #2

Lesson #2: Holding twins will put your baby fever into high gear. BUT when both need to eat at the same time.......

it all goes away, you hand them over, get in your car, drive away, pour yourself a glass of wine, and go to sleep for 8 hours of uninterrupted rest.

But boy oh boy are they precious! Sylvie and Henry. My cousin's bundles of joy that I got to snuggle with for an afternoon.

It was heaven.

Henry Charles

Sylvie Nell

How scrumptious is this?

Both babes were born at 38 weeks, which is terrific for twins. And my cousin Julie weighs 100 lbs NOT pregnant, so her tiny little self carrying these two for that long was a feat in itself.

I no longer have the fever though. I am sure it will come back from time to time but I have these two to love. And my best friend will be having baby Elaine any day now, so another tiny infant to smell.

Tess and Bram were perfect infants. PERFECT. I really don't want to roll the dice with a third.

or do I?????

Monday, July 13, 2009

A lesson a day....

We are back from an awesome week that just flew by. To recap the week I will give a daily review of our fun with a lesson that I learned from that day. Make sense?

Bram loved Zoo Camp, it was great and we are for sure going to be doing it every year. If you live in the DFW area, I highly recommend putting your little one in this program. Also, Bram swam every day for hours at Gran-T and Mikey's. He is awesome now! By Saturday, he was swimming and touching the bottom of the deep end. And THAT IS A BIG DEAL!

So let's start with today's lesson.

Lesson #1:

My circle of friends is ever expanding.

I thought at the age of 34 I would of found all of my really good friends. This has been proven wrong. I have been so blessed through blog land and consider many of you friends. But I have also made some real life best friends through this blog. As most of you know my love affair with Casey. And then Jen. And through Casey I met Carrie. This week I got to meet Carrie and her little guy Hagen, who is just a few months older than Tess.

I have to say, I love her! We both went to Tech at the same time and know a lot of the same people. And we have a lot in common.

Carrie holding the two little ones. Tess wanted her to hold her. Then when Hagen saw that he wanted a ride. So a cute picture came about!

We walked around University Plaza and left a path of destruction. I am expecting a phone call or a bill in the mail this week.

And that is all I am going to say about that.

Hagen watching the penguins. This one particular penguin was seriously playing with Hagen. It was precious.

The aquarium was the only place that Tess didn't freak the shit out. She was not a fan of the animals. Just the fish.
Which was OK by me, because it was sooooo hot that stopping at the stinky bear exhibit wasn't appealing.

Here she is panicking at the lion exhibit. Instead of consoling her, I grabbed my camera. Nice mommy.

See Hagen excitedly looking at the giraffes? Tess is looking a little unsure about the situation. In fact, after this picture was snapped, I had to hold her.
Those giraffes can be very scary.

So all in all, this day was terrific. And a lesson learned. My circle of friends is actually not complete.

Well, maybe now it is.