Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Three year old QUOTE OF THE DAY

"What kind of dog and pony show are we running here?"

I wish I could tell ya buddy, I wish I could tell ya.....

Happy NYE!!!

I am very much looking forward to 2009. Hopefully the economy will perk up a bit and my darling Hubby will not be stress ball. That is my number one. Other than that, my life is pretty darn perfect.

My resolution is to try to stay in my budget. This has never EVER happened, so it is going to be very hard on me. I am probably going to go to bed crying every night the first 4 or 6 months. Crying over those True Religion jeans I didn't buy, or that Baby Lulu dress that Tess won't be wearing, or even that chair that would of looked so precious in the corner of the den. It is going to be sad but nothing an up in my Zoloft dosage can't help with. I know I can do it. BOO-HOO!!

Hubby and I, as a couple have had very big years since we met. Here is a list showing how freaking fast we move:

2003: First date in October and engaged in December

2004: March 9, married in St. Johns, get knocked up September (don't know the date but I was drunk, we totally should of named Bram, Kendall Jackson)

2005: Bramlett Lane born. Let the fun begin! Start building our house in June. 100% custom so I am responsible for every. freaking. decision. Post partum no less, so I am sure I was a favorite of all the contractors.

2006: February move in to new house. Get pregnant in December, lose baby in December.

2007: January get pregnant again with Miss Tessie Mayes, oops. Seriously, my parents probably think it is a sex-a-thon over at our house! "I'm pregnant, not pregnant, pregnant again!"
Then in October Miss Precious Angel of the world was born.

2008: Nothing huge happened. And it felt good!

I am hoping 2009 is just as uneventful since we could use one more year of relatively calm. Just one year of nothing wasn't quite enough to relax us. Unless we win the lottery or something like that, that would be awesome and welcomed excitement. But I would like to remain, non-pregnant and don't really feel like giving birth this year. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

I do hope my friends and family all remain happy and healthy in '09.

I am also looking forward to getting to know my blogging family even better. It has been so much fun getting to know y'all and I am glad you freaks seem to get a kick out of my crazy world!!

GOOD BYE 2008 AND HELLO 2009!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ruby is on Style Network, watch it or die!!


Ya'll have to watch the show Ruby! It is about a Southern woman who is on a journey to lose weight, she is absolutely the most precious human I have ever seen. Her personality and attitude is amazing.

I have the biggest crush on her now and want to be her best friend forever.

Please check it out, just darling and you will be hooked, promise.

Has anyone seen it yet?

I don't know how this is going to come out....

On Sunday I let Hubby sleep in. This man can sleep like a college kid, and since he was up all night playing Wii, I thought, "why not." Like I have said before, I just have such a sweet nature it is shameful at times. Really.

He finally arose (is that a word?) at an embarrassingly late hour, the kids are all super excited and jumping up and down happy to see him, Tess is begging to be held, and he dotes on them for all of two seconds, comes in the kitchen made a fajita and then disappears again.

I walk into our bedroom and say,"Hello? Where are you and what are you doing?!" to which Hubby yells back, "I am trying to go to the bathroom!"

For some reason, this pissed me off (he had been asleep all morning and I knew this would be a 45 minute process), so I say, "GOD you're an asshole!!"

So yesterday, Bram went to go "poo-poo" and then I got the precious yell, "I'M DONE!!" And you mommies know what that means. Good times. So I go in there to help him finish up.
As I walk in the bathroom, the 400 lb man eating canned dog food "poo-poo" smell hits me like a freight train and I say, "Dude, you are so your dad, ewwww!"

To which Bram responds, "Yep, I poop like a real asshole!"

Nice. Out of the mouths of babes.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A fetish at three?

Conversation heard last week between Bram and his cousin Hank:

Bram: Hank please lick my armpit? Please?

Hank: No Bram, I won't lick your armpit, stop asking!!!

(Hubby intervenes)

Hubby: Bram! You don't ask people to lick your armpits, that is disgusting.

Bram: But I bet it feels good.

Yes, this was a conversation that actually went down at Casa de Coco last week. Weird isn't it? I have no idea where Bram got the armpit licking idea in his pervy little head. The only thing I can figure out is that at night I tickle his arms when we read, and so he figured licking would be even better.

So last night, Bram was snuggling in our bed while I read to him and I noticed him fidgeting, and this is the conversation that followed:

Me: Bram, I am trying to read to you. What in the world are you doing? Be still.

Bram: I am trying to lick my own armpit.

Me: I am tired of hearing about all of this armpit talk. No licking armpits.

Bram: I think I can at least lick my own armpit!!!!

He gave it his best shot, got his little arm up high in the air with his head and neck reaching as far as they could reach. No luck in licking his own armpit though.

Should I be worried? It was funny at first but now I think he may just be a little freak show.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One load and I'm out...

Decided to open a bottle of wine instead of continuing with the laundry.

Just thought me drunk would be better for Hubby than me crying in a corner chewing on a frozen teething ring.

Shannie, you should totally do the same. Walk away from the laundry........

Works for me!

Sitting down and lovin' it.

Had another fun family day yesterday. Hubby's mom, step-dad, brothers and sisters all came over. So of course my sis-in-law and I decided wine spritzers would be a fantastic idea at noon. What the hell, right?

Fortunately for both of us, we turned in early (this is rare for the two of us when we are together), so today I feel great and ready to get on with organization. Kind of.

Our playroom looks like Santa threw up all over it and I am at a loss as to how to organize it. This is no bueno for somebody with OCD. I want it to look like a Pottery Barn catalog, but I know that this is probably not likely to happen.

So what is a mommy to do?

Right now everything is in bins with no rhyme or reason to it. Cardboard boxes filled to the brim with play food. A laundry basket with all the Transformer pieces one can own. An extra large Ziploc filled with puzzle pieces. Not really the look I am going for.

On top of the disaster of a playroom, I have so much laundry to do, Hubby may find me sitting in the corner with an adult diaper on sucking a paci and rocking back and forth. Ugh! Again, I don't even know where to start.

But for now, I am going to sit here, browse the internet, while replenishing my body with lots of fluids that were not made from grapes. Watch a little television and enjoy my family. Just the four of us, messy house and all!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Can't take a freakin' picture without this kid busting out the ninja moves. Such a ham.

I have no idea where he gets it...........


What a great Christmas! It was perfect. Christmas Eve got changed up a bit. Dinner in Austin was scheduled at 7:30. Hubby decided that would get us back home at midnight, so we ended up not going.

With my parents here, we would still be with family. So we called up Dominoes and had delicious meat lovers pizza and buffalo wings. YUMMY! And then my parents helped us set up for Santa.

The following pictures are in no particular order, I took about a million.

Very happy little fellow.

Typical Bram fashion, "thumbs up mom!"

Christmas jammies. I prefer the "At Home" brand myself. Super soft and cute patterns.

Christmas morning got a little overwhelming. Here is the little miss enjoying her bottle in Gran-T's lap. And yes, the morning and nighttime bottle is still in effect. Shut up.

Loving her baby and stroller.

A bowling set!

Having a bottle and pushing her baby in the stroller. Like mother, like daughter.

Tessie's Sugar Plum fairy stocking full to the brim with goodies.

Bram's toy soldier stocking.

Being silly with Mikey on Christmas Eve.

Santa was here!!

Trying to get a Christmas picture with Bram just smiling is proving more and more impossible these days. The ninja "moves" are taking over our lives.
This is it for now! Lots more fun pics to come.

I was super hungover yesterday due to the constant refilling of my wine on Christmas day. Good Lord. But I did manage to take all the ornaments off the tree. This had to be done.
And I wept the whole time.

The table in the playroom needs to be moved to the place where the Christmas tree currently resides. That is because of the obnoxious amount of stuff the kids got from Santa. Room just has to be made for Tess' kitchen, Bram's workbench, and the new book shelf.

More family is coming over today to spread the love. Yippee!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry merry Christmas to everyone!

My folks are en route as I am typing this. YIPPEE!!! Tonight we will drive into Austin and join Hubby's family for dinner, drinks, and lots of laughter.

Tomorrow morning will be pure magic. Bram's first Christmas that he "gets it." I am so excited.

And of course, let's not forget the real reason for the holiday.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

He just wants to dance!

Here are some pics of Bram dancing. These were taken 10 minutes ago and he was dancing to, the 80's hit, "Let's go all the way, let's go all the way. AHAHAH Let's go all the way!"

I heard this song was about war forever ago and not about s.e.x. so I thought it wasn't too bad for his virgin ears, and I like this catchy toon.

See how intense his dancing gets. It is serious business up around here. He has got skillz, mad skillz. You will never see a smile or even a smirk on his face when he dances. It is all business.

And if you want to dance with him, you have to wait on another rug until he is done busting his moves, then he will run over to you and say, "YOUR TURN, SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!" Then you shake your fanny (or in my case I do squats with jazz hands to make him think I am dancing but instead getting some exercise in. Smart eh?) and when you are done you run over to the other rug and say, "BUST IT DOWN CHARLIE BROWN!"

This kid can dance for hours. I can always tell when we have had an extra long dance session, when the next day I can barely walk because my thighs are so sore.

Now that I am looking at these pictures something is bothering me........I have absolutely no clue where these navy blue undies came from. None.

Kind of creepy.

Dear Tessie Mayes

My precious, precious daughter. I have but one tiny request from you and it is simple and it should be easy for you to follow. You seem to be an exceptionally bright little one year old. (As I typed this sentence you are licking the fireplace.)

Here it is, when you wake up and want somebody to come rescue you from the hell that is your pink, warm, cuddly crib, you don't have to stand there and scream and scream and yell and scream and yell. Really, it isn't necessary.

In fact, it is possibly the worst sound a mom can wake up to. I would say "mom and dad" but your father would sleep through a house fire. A baby yelling at the top of her lungs is not heard by your father. Unless it was waking him up at 4am to sit in a deer blind in 21 degree weather, then he will be wide awake and ready to go. But I digress.

If you are ready to start your morning, just call for me in your sweet baby voice. That is all. That will wake me up with a happy, loving smile on my face, hearing your oddly low little voice calling for me in the morning. "Mama! Mama!" I will be there my sweet angel baby.

But this standing in your crib hollering for 10 minutes until you hear the doorknob turning has gots to go. For real.

Your brother would wake me up by yelling, "HELP! HELP!" I only thought this was annoying. Looking back, it was very funny and resourceful of him compared to you screaming like a banchee from the other room.

So knock it off. You say "Mama" or "Mommy" or "Mom" all day long, so doing this word in the morning should be no problem for you at all.

Let's work on it. I will give you 3 mornings to work on this new wake up call. And then......well, I don't know what, but the baby intercom does have an off switch.

Just sayin'.

I love you,

Monday, December 22, 2008

I would say his days are certainly numbered...

No! We aren't asking Bram to pack it up and move on out. And Hubby isn't going to be killed in his sleep for snoring.

I am afraid my beloved gloriously cute and precious Christmas tree has seen better days. As I was in the kitchen making soup for dinner (totally preparing ahead), my droopy tree "dropped" one of my favorite ornaments. It was one of my big fat Santa's holding a tall tray of cookies and cupcakes.

This Santa can't be saved, his legs and chef's hat fell off.

Oh well, only three more days until Christmas. Then my most perfect tree will be hauled off to the curb and my living room will be back to boring.

On an entirely different note, this weather has made me happy. Very happy. And since it is Christmas week and all and I am playing happy homemaker today (laundry being done, cookies made, soup of the stove, you get the picture) I really want to make another pot of coffee and add some Kahlua. Is this bad?

If so, you can just call me Sue Ellen Ewing.

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting....


Those cats were fast as lightning...


In fact it was a little bit frightening.....


But they fought with expert timing.....


They were funky China men from funky Chinatown, they were chopping them up and they were chopping them down.......

It's an ancient Chinese art and everybody knew their part, from a feint into a slip, and kicking from the hip....

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting...

Those cats were fast as lightning.....


In fact it was a little bit frightening..

But they fought with expert timing!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


If someone layed me in a crib with a soft pink Barefoot Dreams blanket covering me, all of my 8 silkeys and loveys surrounding me, my room total darkness, the noise machine set to "waterfall," and the house a perfect sleeping temperature.

I wouldn't be standing in said crib screaming my head off.

Just sayin'......

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sorry, y'all are stuck with each other

Every time Bram gets mad at Hank he says, "You're not my cousin anymore!"

At first Hank just kind of looked at him like "huh?". But now Hank is saying it to.


My sis in law had a minor surgery yesterday and I have my 5 year old nephew, Hank, for the next few days.

When Hank is here, all is right with the world when you live in Bramland. He adores his cousin.

I really wish I would of been more alert this morning when they both came waking me up wearing Bram's clothes, I would of loved to of gotten a picture of it. Hank is 5. He had on sweatpants of Bram's that were capris on him and a t-shirt that was more of a belly shirt. Tennis shoes completed the look.

Of course Bram was wearing his swim trunks, his "I'm a big brother" t-shirt and his new Puma high tops. At least he wears clothes now.

I would take a picture now, but they are both already onto look #2 for the day. UT tees and shorts. Bram still in his black Puma high tops.

On the agenda for the Hank visit is a trip to Wal-Mart, making more fudge and a gingerbread house, Gatti's buffet for dinner, and the Walk of Lights. That seems like it will fill up the afternoon and evening with lots o'Coco fun.

Tomorrow I need to wrap up Christmas shopping and then Hubby and I have a Christmas party to attend. The babysitter is in for a real treat!!

Speaking of Christmas shopping, my family draws names.....and ummm....what do you get a gay ex-professional ballet dancer now male flight attendant for Christmas? Any ideas?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am totally the favorite now.

Mrs. Woodward was very pleased with her wine. Very pleased.

And since we are Methodist and she is Catholic, nobody seemed to bat an eyelash at the vino. Although, I did have it wrapped in velvet with a beautiful bow tied around it.

She loves me. And Bram will now be the class fave.

And I am shocked I haven't mentioned this BUT an old friend from college, who was president of Phi Delt, gorgeous, and super fun (though always had a screw lose) robbed a bank last Thursday and is hiding out in Mexico.

What the f?


It is going to be in the mid-70's the next three days. This is very upsetting to me, and the main reason I think my daughter is filled to the brim with snot. AND why I am up all night coughing wishing I could take NyQuil through an IV. Ahhhh, wouldn't that be nice? Even without a cough.

But I digress, it is the holidays darn it! It is supposed to be cold and brisk and we are supposed to have a fire in the fireplace, NOT the air conditioner on.

I know I have lived in Texas my whole life and should be used to this, but I am not. It sucks. The weather just makes me feel yucky and not in the holiday mood. Hot and humid is not Christmas.

But I do have a high of 42 to look forward to on Sunday.

On an entirely different subject, I bought Bram's Mother's Day Out teacher, Mrs. Woodward, a very nice bottle of Pinot Noir for her Christmas gift. Is this wrong?

I know she is a wine drinker and after putting up with Bram's shenanigans all year I feel she could use a little booze to unwind over the next two weeks. But I do feel kind of weird walking in to the school holding the hooch.

Oh well, I know that wine is my favorite gift so I am going to go with it.

Bram and I made tons of goodies for her last night. PW's Peppermint cookies and Peanut Butter patties. YUMMO! Bram did an amazing job helping yesterday. Tonight we are making Casey's fudge for the kids and then this little recipe for me and my fat ass.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, "I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS AND THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER!!" And I will even put up with crappy warm weather for the next couple of days.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It is official.

I think the naps are over for real. Maybe on the weekends. But Bram had no nap yesterday, went to bed at 8 and was asleep by 8:02pm.

No nap again at school today. Mrs. Woodward says he lays still and doesn't bother anyone, just doesn't sleep.

This is going to be a huge adjustment for me, I mean Bram.

Thanks for all y'alls input. Sounds like Bram is pretty normal when it comes to the napping starting to "poof" disappear.

I am so super glad this no napping nonsense started right before he is out of school for two weeks.


Dear Kiddie Beauty Pageant Moms,

Hi. I am sitting here folding clothes while my bald, snot nosed, super cute daughter naps and came upon, "Little Beauties:Ultimate Kiddie Queen" on VH1. How I love watching these "documentaries," it makes me feel like I am somewhat normal.
It is very interesting. And honestly I don't really have a lot to say about it but "WOW."

But one thing I have always wanted to ask is, have any of you ladies noticed that there is virtually NO AUDIENCE watching your kids perform? Nobody is there to enjoy the show except, OTHER PAGEANT MOMS!
And sad pageant dads that have to be super creeped out watching their 4 year old wearing dentures and looking like a Def Leopard 1983 video vamp.

So why do you spend thousands and thousands of dollars to enter these pageants, buy those tacky dresses, fake hair, fake teeth, spray tans, bobble head dancing lessons, and royal blue eyeshadow?

For free you could just dress her up and have her perform in her baby bikini right there in your living room.

Seriously, just call up Mamaw and Papaw and have them come over to enjoy the show. Maybe charge them a small fee and you might come out ahead. Think about it.

This is just my advise because I kind of feel sorry for you and just want to help.

Carry on,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ta-ta naptime!

I need some help. Is three and a half years time to give up a nap? Please sweet Jesus tell me no.

Bram takes a nap at home beautifully, but he isn't napping at school. No problem. Well, not a problem for me since I am enjoying peace and quiet at home.

Bram has never had a problem with going to bed. Read him his not one, not two, but three books, say prayers (making sure everyone that he has ever had contact with is listed), show him his class picture and let him name off every single one of his buddies, and then you have a boy ready for some shut eye. 8 pm. No problemo.

Until recently. Crap.

Last night we went through his nighttime routine, lights out at 8. Hubby and I sat on the couch with a fire in the fireplace watching the ever romantic A&E "Intervention" thinking our night was winding down.


Two hours later, no kidding TWO HOURS, Bram comes waltzing out of his room wearing swim trunks, a super heros t-shirt (size 2t), Elmo light up shoes (size 8, he is a 10), and Batman sunglasses.

It was really a great look, especially when it is 26 degrees outside. Really it was. The dude was in his room very quietly playing Mr. Fashion Plate. FOR TWO HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I marched him back to his room and got him dressed in appropriate sleeping gear, and then I looked around his room. Everything in his closet that was bagged up to go to Goodwill had obviously been tried on and then tossed aside. He had even tried to set up a little tent that was in his closet, but that wasn't a success. Bram just wasn't tired at 8. Or at 9. Or 10.

So does this mean naps are over? I would much rather he give up the nap and have him go to bed at a normal time. Though I will very much miss his naps. A great deal.

But when do kids give up naps?

Bye-bye nap, I am sorry to see you disappearing from our lives.

She sees ghost too!

I have mentioned before that Bram talks to random people who aren't there. Yes, he tells me about random conversations with ghosts. Or mentions people "passing through" our house from time to time. Instead of scaring the shit out of me, I like to look at it as a special "gift."

I think Tess has that "gift" too. As I was just loading the dishwasher, she looks up from playing and starts saying, "Hi, oh hi" and then continues to babble and follow something (that wasn't there!) with her eyes. Having a baby conversation the entire time.

Great. Now both my kids are freaks. Maybe I should call the Sci-Fi channel and get and we can get a series or something? Cash in on my kids freakiness.

Now that isn't a bad idea......


It is a total snot festival over in Cocoland. Clear snot, but snot nonetheless. Isn't it funny that mom's always preface the snot by, "is it clear? if so, you're fine" or "green snot. Yep, an infection."

Baby girl is just a faucet this morning and I can hear the beginnings of a cough. Yuck.

Bram has the snot but not as bad. His ass is going to be in school today. Mamas got to get her nails did and wrap up the Christmas shopping.

Hopefully, everyone will cooperate today and I will be totally finished with shopping. Let's just say a quick prayer that I don't have to leave my town's city limits. I really don't want to head into Austin or to Wal Mart. Both of those options just sound terrible.

Tess is in my lap, just sneezed and now I am going to have to disinfect my laptop.

And my leg and hand.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Saturday fun

Met up with Casey and family this Saturday. It was great. And for a treat Jen joined in the crazy ass fun. Jen and Casey worked together and have been friends forever.

I have a feeling watching all of the kids running crazy at a crazy mall was great birth control for poor Jen.

Casey's husband, Blake, took this picture of us. He told us to do a "prom" pose. Remember, we are in Northpark mall at Christmas time, we definitely got some stares.

This is Miss Tess at lunch. She was tuckered out.

Having Bram chasing her around the mall growling at her made her tired. Sweet boy.

A more normal picture with Casey and Jen. It was like I had known them for years.

Tess was missing her daddy and went to Blake easily. She wouldn't come to me after this. He was so sweet and carried her for awhile. Thanks Blake!

Have you ever? The cuteness of these two is just too much for me! Please take note of their matching monogrammed dresses. Yes, Casey and I are dorks. Lainey and Tess are exactly the same size, only two weeks apart. Casey and I were shocked we never got the, "are they twins" comment. Even though Tess is bald and Lainey has hair that can be put in cute bows, clips and pigtails. But whatev....

Come on girls, look at the camera!

Casey let Bram take some pictures with her camera. She is very trusting. I won't let him even look at my camera.

Yes, he just layed down on the floor of the mall to play with Jack's trains. We waited quite awhile to have our pictures made with the famous Northpark Santa. This particular Santa has been at Northpark for over 15 years.
Casey's sweet husband went to the mall hours earlier to get us tickets for a good place in line. Nuts isn't it?

Tess and Lainey meet.

Bram and Lainey were getting to know one another.

Sweet Carter and Bram. Bram followed Carter everywhere and Carter didn't seem to mind.

Happy baby girls! Don't you just want to squeeze them?

Jack and Bram seem to be on the same level when it comes to "activeness." At one point Casey and I realized that they had been chasing each other in a circle for 10 solid minutes.
Aren't Jack's pants, fabulous?

Casey giving Bram photography lessons while we waited for Santa.
It was a great day.

Hectic, but great. I really enjoyed meeting a lot of Casey's family and friends.

The Santa pics were good, of course Tess totally freaked out, but I was expecting that. Bram wasn't to sure at first but eventually decided he needed to speak up and give Santa the deets of his Christmas list.

Margaritas at lunch and lots of good conversation. Bram even got out of his chair during lunch and entertained us all with some of his mad dancing skilz.

Back home yesterday. Staying at home today enjoying this cold weather. Hoping to spend the evening with a fire in the fireplace, a nice dinner and adult bevs with Hubby, kids down early.

Sounds heavenly!

#1 reason I am not having another baby

Because I never, ever, EVER want to mess with toddler/Christmas tree combo ass whipping. EVER AGAIN!

I am way to OCD to have some tot jacking up my precious tree.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mean baby!

Just home from a great weekend.

One major problem...

My baby seems to think that 4:45 am is her wake up time when we are out of town. This morning was the second time the little lady has done this to me.

I personally don't like waking up at 4:45 am. Never have.

This puts me in a very tired and grumpy mood. Today's drive back from my busy, and great weekend sucked ass. And having a super large Starbucks coffee after is not a good idea while driving backroads with two small children. Get my drift?

Let's just say I sprinted in the house and hurdled large pieces of furniture to get to the potty as soon as we pulled in the driveway.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Like father, like son.

Hubby is hunting again. I know, I know. I am the nicest wife on the planet. What can I say? It's just my sweet nature I guess.

Anyhoo, Hubby has been gone since Wednesday morning and that means Bram gets to sleep with me. I love it when he sleeps with me. Bram is a good kid sleeper. No kicking, no foot in the face, no getting shoved to the edge of the bed. Just a lot of snuggles and cuddles.

I woke up very early this morning. As I was laying there debating on whether or not to just get up or try to go back to sleep, Bram started to snore. Then he coughed, tooted, made a smacking noise, scratched his belly, rolled over, and fell right back to sleep.

It was like Hubby had never left. Precious.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I just sneezed and peed my pants.

This has never happened to me before, even when I was pregnant with an 8lb 10 oz baby.

I always felt sorry for moms that said this happened to them.

Like a blind date, but totally not.

This Saturday I am driving the kids to Dallas and I am going to meet Casey and family for the first time ever!!!!

It all started months ago. I had a tech question and Casey gave me her email address to ask questions. And that is the end of the story.

Really it is. It has been a fast friendship from that day on. We have been emailing one another several times a day for months. And finally spoke on the phone a few day ago for the first time.

It was like we had been friends forever. Not weird or awkward at all. After all of our emailing, we pretty much know every detail of each other's lives.

Our baby girls are only weeks apart and I can't wait to see them playing together. I can't wait to meet her Jack and her big boy Carter. Carter is going to be Bram's new hero. I guarantee it.

Funny thing is, one of her good friends is now friends with one of my good friends. Super small world, and it was nice to know Casey wasn't a weirdo serial killer or stalker.

So this Saturday we are meeting up at Northpark mall in Dallas (an old stomping ground for both of us), letting the kids play, having lunch, doing a little shopping, and getting the kids pictures taken with Northpark's very famous Santa. I am giddy with excitement. Who would of thought?

Hubby calls Casey my "internet lovah" and her husband calls me "internet Courtney." And they call us dorks?

If nothing else, a very good friendship has come out of blogging.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa, I could really use your help right now

Me: Hey Bram, what do you really want from Santa. What is the most special thing you can think of?

Bram: Santa knows. And Frisky (our elf on a shelf).

Bram: And Tessie Mayes really wants that baby stuff too, you know. I sure hope Santa brings it all. If not, she will sure be sad.

Great. Of course Tess is getting some baby paraphernalia. Lots of it. But apparently Bram is helping her write her list to Santa.
And Frisky and Santa are the only two privy to what he wants.

Yowzer. This is no good. I need specifics from my dude.

My mother tells the story of my brother trying so hard to explain to her what he wanted Santa to bring him. She would ask and try to pull details out of him, but he just couldn't explain this specific gift with his limited pre-school vocab. And this toy was the ONLY thing he was asking for.

Finally, one day she was trying to pry more deets about this specific toy and Bryan said, "Oh mom, don't worry about it, you will see it Christmas morning when Santa brings it."


Fortunately for my mother, she had Bryan explain it to my older cousin who was able to decipher his kiddo description.

This has ALWAYS been my favorite Santa story. Unfortunately, history seems to be repeating itself!

Note to self....

When you give your one year old Kiwi fruit, don't panic when her poop has tiny seeds in it.

It isn't some weird parasite and she isn't going to die.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

COOOOL RIDER, A COOOOL RIDER if he's cool enough he can burn me through and through. OHHH YEAAHHH!

Adam's stepdad, Pa, has a Harley. And my boy loves him some motorcycles!! Every single time we see anyone on a motorcycle, Bram assumes it is his Pa coming down the street. When we are at their house, he will sit on Pa's motorcycle for hours. Loves it.

This past weekend the Harley dudes did a charity ride. All of the riders road in a caravan carrying tons of toys for needy kids.

Iddy said Bram was in total AWE of all the hundreds of motorcycles. Everyone was decked out in their riding gear and it was a little boys dream.

Here is my tough guy. Just being so super cool.

Can you spot my little guy in this photo? Please take note on the badassness he feels standing with all of these motorcycle guys. I love this picture! It may be my new favorite. The pose he is in is just priceless.
Honestly, I really need to build his self confidence.
Yeah, right.