Friday, May 29, 2009

Randon Picture Friday

Let's jump right in to the randomness that is my photo selection this week. Shall we?

Here is Miss Tess, throwing a heck of a temper tantrum because she wants to play on this porch swing.

And not this water slide. Makes sense, no?

Here is Bram and one of his bestest buds, Ben, doing the hopscotch competition at his field day. Ben and Bram are a friendship work in progress. Ben's mom, Julia, and I were very persistent. And now, they can't get enough of each other. And I can't get enough of this kid either, love Ben!

Bram after the potato sack race competition. Unfortunately, I was busy manning the egg/spoon races so I didn't get to watch any of this. Hubby did a fabulous job of documenting. In fact, I had about 150 photos of field day.

Here is Bram partaking in the egg/spoon race. As you can see, he isn't quite as skilled as his Mommy is when it comes to this particular race. Luckily, we didn't use real eggs.

Here is the beginning of me making Bram's 7 layer rainbow birthday cake. I saw this cake on Whatever's blog, super cute. Each layer a different color. I was baking until 11pm last night. Thank the Lord for Shiraz, is all I got to say about that.

AND if you haven't checked out Whatever, please do. Casey and I are kind of in love with her. And if I wasn't going to marry Casey, I would want to marry Meg. But of course I would never cheat on Case.

Here are my miraculous geraniums that have come back every year for the past three years. I haven't touched them, nothin'. I don't really understand, each winter this pot is just dirt, then these geraniums come back up. But they will be HUGE in a few more weeks.

My begonias. I love begonias. This place on my porch is perfect for them, they get bigger and bigger every day.

And this pot just makes me smile. I have to keeps lots of pots filled with flowers all over my back porch. This keeps the golfers from seeing that my back porch kind of looks like we own a kids junk yard.

Well, tomorrow is Bram's 4th birthday party. And this year, Coco got smart. Very smart.
Instead of the 30 + people we have at all his other parties (make that 75+ at his first birthday) that includes adult bevs and such, I am having Bram's 8 closest buddies over for a mock slumber party/movie night. Monogrammed pillow cases and pillows (done by Iddy of course) are the darling party favors. The kids are to be dropped off, in their jammies, at 6pm for pizza, cake, and then the movie "Bolt" with popcorn in their sleeping bags. Then picked up at 9pm.

Smart, mom.

Let's see if I am singing the same tune after 8 wild indians leave my house Saturday night. Hmmm....

Have a fabulous weekend, hot mommas!!!!


MamaSue said...

Love the pots...please take pictures of the cake. I seriously think you and Meg may be sisters:)
Oh yes and birthday kisses for Brammie and regular kisses for TM.

Heather said...

I've been dying to make that cake since I saw it on her blog. I think I'm gonna make it for the last day of school on Wednesday - like she did. Basically - I want to be her! I'm kind of in love too with her. Good to know that I need to have a good bottle of wine on hand for that one. In fact - I'm going to have to load up on cases and cases of wine just to make it through the summer days of my kids being out of school.

Love your potted flowers. beautiful. that's on the "to do" list for this weekend.

You have to post some pics of the pillowcases. You know - I HAVE to see them!

starnes family said...

Thanks for the shout out, my love!!!!!

Can't wait to see the cake.

Carrie Darney said...

What a WONDERFUL idea of the mock sleep over! Honestly, that is great!

I have Hagen's 2nd birthday party tomorrow. only about 20 people (most of it family) for hotdogs and cupcakes. Sadly I made 48 batch of vanilla and one chocolate. and NO ONE will be taking leftovers. Can you say lard ass!

Deelsu said...

I love the idea of a 'mock' party and the kids not actually spending the night. I would have never thought of that!
I'll check out Whatevers blog..

juliarhock said...

We love the Braminator. He is Ben's "man whisperer." Looking forward to tomorrow!

Soxy Deb said...

Sounds like an awesome idea! Why don't adults do that? I want a slumber party where we watch all Nicholas Sparks movies. I have the collection. You bring the wine.

Michelle said...

Fun water slide!
You are a such a good mom to make that cake and have that slumber party. How fun!
Great pics! I have missed you!