Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ear, Nose and Throat...Oh my!!

I have to take Bram to the ear, nose and throat doctor today to see about his tonsils. This scares me for more than one reason. First, he can act like a real asshole at the docs and this doc is supposed to be really hot. Second, I really don't want to put him under to have surgery if they do decide to take his tonsils out. This scares the crap out of me. Of course the latter is much more important to me and is what really is weighing on my mind today. But I have to say, I will be looking like an extra cute mom at the appointment.

On another note Tess is going to be a firecracker. This scares me to death! She is throwing tantrums already. Is this normal for a 10 month old? Brammy did not behave this way at 10 months, this I am sure of. Yikes. But she is just sooo precious, giving kisses, clapping and waving good-bye. I am going to have my hand F.U.L.L. fo'sho'! Luckily Bram will be entering all day Kindergarten by the time she turns 2, this will be a very good thing.

Wish me luck at the docs!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

vacation is over..

Well, Iddy and I are meeting in Brownwood today so I can pick up Brammy. She was going to keep him until Sunday but they now have an employee out and a funeral to attend on Thursday. It has been crazy calm around here. My house is still in pristine condition and I am just having to worry about feeding a 9 month old jarred baby food and a few bottles a day. It makes me wonder why I thought having one tiny kid was hard. Just running simple errands is amazingly easier.
Yes, I miss the little fellow but a break from time to time is very nice, very nice indeed.

Tess did not get the memo she cannot walk yet. She will see something she wants, stand up to go get it and fall right over. Her poor little forehead is dotted with bruises. Poor little lady!

KMart and I went and saw Mama Mia! last night and it was such a fun movie, I want to go see it again. I have been singing ABBA since I woke up this morning. Highly recommend.

Well, that is it for today, I am off to Brownwood to pick up my precious blond little dude.

Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend update

What a fun weekend we had! We went to the dinky Rodeo parade Saturday morning but the kids had fun because every float threw out candy and that was enough fun for 7 kids 5 and under. Man, they were flying all over that street grabbing for candy. I started to get a little competitive, "Bram get that toostie roll pop!" or "Bram, Bram look alive buddy! There are a pack of red hots right by your left foot!" It was a hoot.

My parents came in on Saturday to do some babysitting and hubby and I went to a mediocre wedding. The bride was only 21 and 21 year olds throw boring weddings. I am just saying....

Yesterday hubby's mom came to see the kiddos on her way home from Austin and took Bram home with her for the week. I am actually really sad and missing him right now. She does this every summer, takes each grandkid for a week. BUT I am usually mentally prepared for his departure, this was not the case here. The thing is, I have to remind myself that this is wonderful for him. He adores his Iddy and Pa and they adore him and these are memories he will have for a lifetime, he is very blessed to have them. The little guy just keeps us in stitches and I just like having the little dude with me more than I realize.

On another note, Tess is a little parrot! This morning I said, "no, no, no" when she was sitting there eating a magazine and she repeated it, "no, no, no". My dad said, "bow wow wow" to her this weekend and she repeated it. Love it! I also think my precious will be walking very soon, she is really trying. And I am not looking forward to that at all.

I don't know what I am going to do with myself this week. I can't shop because I am seriously going to try to stay in budget this month. Hmmmm, maybe I will work on my photo taking skills. Tess is a real camera ham, she will stop what she is doing to smile and pose. I have no idea where that comes from.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I swore I would never do it but I did. I bought two HUGE bows for the baby and my goodness she looks cute.

The thought behind being anti bow was I just knew it hurt the baby's head (and was a little Jon-Benet ish). Well, to hell with her little head, and to hell with her looking like I might enter her in a "little miss hill country hottie baby smile cute pageant" or whatever.

Tess looks adorable in that bow, so much so I couldn't just stop at one. And I think I am going back for more this week.

On another note, Bram is totally into boobs right now. He told me this morning, "I would really like to touch you boob right now". Nice. I had to tell him they were private and that we don't ask to touch boobies. Then he sang, "boobies, boobies, boobies" all the way to the gym. And the thing is, this wasn't his first request for some boobie touching. He is for sure not gay.

Friday, July 11, 2008

And I thought it was just an Urban Legend

Bram has the strep throat. Yuck. It is seriously the ONLY time he gets sick and he is pathetic. Super lethargic and sleepy and........still! It is kind of a break from the craziness. I know, bad mom for saying that.

Anyhoo, we were at the clinic getting his throat swabbed and I could tell he was about to puke and I actually cupped my hands and caught the throw up. The surprising part is that I didn't puke! I have heard of mommies doing this, but thought it was just an Urban Legend. I guess not.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer fun

Stayed up drinking wine talking to friends via three way last night. A little "off" today. I did go to Pilates so that is good. AND I will be running tonight.

I am oddly bored right now with the kids asleep. Maybe I will go take a nap.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation and 4th of July fun!

Whew! What a crazy two weeks it has been. We all had a ball in Padre with the family. The house was amazing and Brammy LOVED the pool, the ocean, and the beach. He is a for sure swimmer now and would be in the water all day if we let him. Hubby is the best, he will spend hours in the pool with the dude while I get to drink a beer and hold the baby, who also loves the water as much as her big brother does.

The trip was awesome except for one thing, Tess decided that she was 6 weeks old again and not 9 months old. The precious little lady WOULD NOT SLEEP! I was up at 11, 3 and 5 am feeding this precious, sweet, dollface baby. It was a total whip and kind of put a damper on the trip because I had to be in bed at 10 just to prepare for the night ahead. Yuck. And of course as soon as we were back home, sleeping 7 to 7. Well sure.

It has been busy around here with play dates and get togethers. Our little town is becoming more and more fun with all of the great couples we have met and friends we have made. I love it here and am so glad (and lucky) to call it home. The fourth of July weekend was awesome. The neighborhood parade, cookout at sister in laws house, fireworks. Then Saturday night a bunch of couples went out Escondido Country Club and listened to Pat Green, ate bbq, drank wine, watched more fireworks and told stories and laughed. AND not one of us had to chase around a toddler or feed a baby. It was perfect and we had a blast!!

Bram is getting funnier by the day. Talks talks talks all of the time, really makes me wonder how everyone put up with me for 33 years. All of his talking and questions really wears me out sometimes. I try playing the quiet game, ummmmm not so much. He isn't buying it, not at all. Tess is crawling and pulling up and has the spirit and happiness that her brother did at this age. I just want to eat her up. She is a hoot!

This is it for now, I just wanted to catch up and will start blogging with funny stories as they come, and they come often.