Monday, June 9, 2008

He didn't get the memo...

We had a great weekend this weekend. Nobody was in town, we didn't have to go out of town. There was nothing for us to do except hang out. Awesome.

Saturday Hubby and I decided to take the kids swimming at the club, so we hopped in the golf cart and headed to the pool. As we were en route, the cart got slower and slower and slower. Hubby had to get out and walk behind us, it was hot and I was getting a little embarrassed, it was totally out of juice. Side note, Hubby has a tendency to half ass things (except work), and to have the golf cart not fully charged before our excursion was no surprise.
Anyhoo, we get to the club and the pool was booked for a private party!! Hubby was busy asking the pro shop if we could charge up the cart and take one of theirs home and I was trying to explain to a three year old why we couldn't crash a 6 year olds bday party. I was pissed, super pissed, at the stupid mom who monopolized the pool on a Saturday afternoon in June for her 6 year olds bday party. I think I might of verbalized that out loud, which I do at times out of frustration (no filter, drives Hubby crazy). Then on the ride home, I thought........the club pool is totally what we are going to do for Bram's 4th bday. BUT I didn't say it out loud b/c Hubby would of totally called me on that one.

SO, we had to load up in the car and head to the public pool. This pool is really nice and clean and has a wonderful baby pool. It is just always super crowded and keeping up with Bram in the pool is very difficult. We get to the pool and he makes a bee line for the diving board. He has no idea he can't swim. He jumped off of that diving board all afternoon and Hubby was the best, swimming to pull him to the side every time. I would of called it quites after two jumps, but that kid must of done it like 50 times.
Bram was kind of famous by the time we left the pool on Saturday.
Tess is happy as can be in the water, so I can watch her brother and hold her and we are just one happy family at the pool.
Until it is time to leave and Bram has a tantrum all of the way to the car.

What a great weekend!

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