Friday, June 6, 2008

Today I will start documenting.....

OK, I love reading blogs. The more I read, I realized a lot of mommies were blogging to document their children's lives and to have something to remember funny little stories. And well, since I haven't done much with the baby books I thought that this might be a great start for me.

Where to begin? I live in beautiful Hill Country with my wonderful husband, he is the best dad on the planet and a big kid himself. I tend to be a little OCD and controlling, he is the total opposite and this is why it works. I adore him, love him and want to be more like him. And he is a total hottie to boot. My son is what one would call...ummmm.......spririted. In fact, I had to pull him out of swim lessons yesterday b/c he was giving himself private lessons and the teacher had to stop teaching the other children three times to save him from drowning. How does one handle a situation like this? I really didn't know what to do without causing a scene and someone calling CPS from their cell phone. So I was the mom that pulled her dripping wet kid out of the pool and put him in the car seat wet and screaming. Then he had the audacity to ask for a donut after. Really?

After this fun adventure it was time for his 3 year old check up. He bit the tongue depressor in half. Enough said. I was told it was time for a dentist (I was told this at his 2 yr old check up but decided I didn't want to put my self through it, and I was pregnant and beat down last summer). Needless to say I chose a pediatric dentist an hour away. Why you ask? Well, I think that he is already getting quite the reputation in our town that I wanted to spread the terror a little further. Everyone should get to experience my little spirited child.

My baby girl is 8 months and she is a pure joy. Absolutely breathtaking and easy peasy. BUT we call her dramamamabahama b/c when she is pissed. She is PISSED. Everyone talks about what a good baby she is and how easy she is. Yes, this is true. Bram was even easier and this my friends scares me to death!!

But Bram is a hoot, funny, loving and wonderful to have around but when he is a whip, he is a whip.

This is it for today. Oh, I forgot to mention, Bram is also a nudist. Really, he is. So right now he is outside playing t-ball with his daddy.......naked.

And Tess is sleeping like the little angel she is.

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