Friday, June 20, 2008

Just so proud...

This week has been crazy hectic. It was Vaction Bible School week and I had been volunteered to help serve breakfast. Bram was signed up for the 3 year old class with Tess in the nursery. Getting two kids ready in the morning so I could be at the church at 8 was nutso!
Both kids had a great time all week but boy do I feel sorry for anyone who had any contact with my son. He has gained quite the reputation at our church....awesome.

Today at the closing "ceremony" out of 200 plus kids, my darling little boy was escorted out because he was being so disruptive!!!! AWESOME! He isn't bad or mean or hateful or rude. He is just really really busy (this is what I tell myself). With that much going on it is almost impossible for him to sit still. I have been totally working with his diet. No candy, no red meat, no bananas, oranges etc, which is what "Eating for your bloodtype recommends). Nothing is working. Oh well, hopefully this is a phase, maybe a two year phase, but a phase none the less.

Of course Tess was a dream and the nursery was in love with her by the first day. Bram was this well behaved at nine months as well, so this scares me. Two Bram? Yikes. But my boy does have the most precious little personality in the world. So if hyperactivity is part of it, then I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think it is God teaching me patience. And the importance of Zoloft.

Karis and I have started our running program. I am proud of us, we ran everyday we were supposed to except today. So to the gym I will go for a good hour and a half work out before we leave for PADRE!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! I am so excited! We leave tomorrow morning and don't return on Thursday night. I will be brown as a berry and hopefully super relaxed and ready for the summer.

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