Friday, June 20, 2008

Just so proud...

This week has been crazy hectic. It was Vaction Bible School week and I had been volunteered to help serve breakfast. Bram was signed up for the 3 year old class with Tess in the nursery. Getting two kids ready in the morning so I could be at the church at 8 was nutso!
Both kids had a great time all week but boy do I feel sorry for anyone who had any contact with my son. He has gained quite the reputation at our church....awesome.

Today at the closing "ceremony" out of 200 plus kids, my darling little boy was escorted out because he was being so disruptive!!!! AWESOME! He isn't bad or mean or hateful or rude. He is just really really busy (this is what I tell myself). With that much going on it is almost impossible for him to sit still. I have been totally working with his diet. No candy, no red meat, no bananas, oranges etc, which is what "Eating for your bloodtype recommends). Nothing is working. Oh well, hopefully this is a phase, maybe a two year phase, but a phase none the less.

Of course Tess was a dream and the nursery was in love with her by the first day. Bram was this well behaved at nine months as well, so this scares me. Two Bram? Yikes. But my boy does have the most precious little personality in the world. So if hyperactivity is part of it, then I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think it is God teaching me patience. And the importance of Zoloft.

Karis and I have started our running program. I am proud of us, we ran everyday we were supposed to except today. So to the gym I will go for a good hour and a half work out before we leave for PADRE!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!!!! I am so excited! We leave tomorrow morning and don't return on Thursday night. I will be brown as a berry and hopefully super relaxed and ready for the summer.

And she's off!

Tess is officially crawling. It is just the most precious thing on the planet. Now it is time to keep the girl in darling little rompers, she just keeps getting tangled up in her dresses. So I guess I will have to go shopping......

Friday, June 13, 2008

Who do I think I am?

I just bought ANOTHER bikini for the summer! For some reason I think that if I get an email from J Crew with stuff on sale, I have to make a purchase. It is kind of annoying. But they did have a great bikini on sale, so I bought it. I have been working my ass off to get in great shape. So I might not look like Heidi Klum but I have a terrific imagination, so while I am donning the new bikini I will look like my head.

Bram is in Snyder with Iddy and Pa this weekend. It is soooo quiet and calm without him. As much as that little dude can push me to the edge, I already miss him terribly. He had his three year check up and his blood work came back showing his iron low. Karis (a great friend and our nurse practitioner) told me an iron supplement and a change in diet might help calm him down a bit. I bought the "Eating for Your Blood Type" book and I have been feeding him some things that aren't good for his blood types. Who knew? I hope it works a little.

Yesterday, we were at the square buying Father's Day gifts and Bram was touching EVERYTHING in the store and the lady at the counter told me that Supernanny was auditioning in Austin this weekend. WTF!! He was just being a little boy! I have seen Supernanny, I'm not saying this might not be necessary one day, but it isn't that bad yet. I tried not to let it hurt my feelings, but it kind of did.

Tess is now wanting me to hold her all day! Right now she is on the floor surounded by toys and looking at me and whining. Brother never went through this phase. I thought it was cute at first but now it is a little tiring. Precious little lady.

All in all, this weekend is going to be pretty darn good. Toddler free, having a get together over here tomorrow. And then I get to cuddle with my crazy tot on Sunday when we get him back.

Monday, June 9, 2008

He didn't get the memo...

We had a great weekend this weekend. Nobody was in town, we didn't have to go out of town. There was nothing for us to do except hang out. Awesome.

Saturday Hubby and I decided to take the kids swimming at the club, so we hopped in the golf cart and headed to the pool. As we were en route, the cart got slower and slower and slower. Hubby had to get out and walk behind us, it was hot and I was getting a little embarrassed, it was totally out of juice. Side note, Hubby has a tendency to half ass things (except work), and to have the golf cart not fully charged before our excursion was no surprise.
Anyhoo, we get to the club and the pool was booked for a private party!! Hubby was busy asking the pro shop if we could charge up the cart and take one of theirs home and I was trying to explain to a three year old why we couldn't crash a 6 year olds bday party. I was pissed, super pissed, at the stupid mom who monopolized the pool on a Saturday afternoon in June for her 6 year olds bday party. I think I might of verbalized that out loud, which I do at times out of frustration (no filter, drives Hubby crazy). Then on the ride home, I thought........the club pool is totally what we are going to do for Bram's 4th bday. BUT I didn't say it out loud b/c Hubby would of totally called me on that one.

SO, we had to load up in the car and head to the public pool. This pool is really nice and clean and has a wonderful baby pool. It is just always super crowded and keeping up with Bram in the pool is very difficult. We get to the pool and he makes a bee line for the diving board. He has no idea he can't swim. He jumped off of that diving board all afternoon and Hubby was the best, swimming to pull him to the side every time. I would of called it quites after two jumps, but that kid must of done it like 50 times.
Bram was kind of famous by the time we left the pool on Saturday.
Tess is happy as can be in the water, so I can watch her brother and hold her and we are just one happy family at the pool.
Until it is time to leave and Bram has a tantrum all of the way to the car.

What a great weekend!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pizza Party

Last night at around 10:00, hubby and I decided to order a pizza. Bram got up and joined us. It was an impromptu pizza party at the house at 11:00, way past his bedtime of 8. When the pizza guy arrived I made him hide in our room so the driver wouldn't think we were bad parents letting our 3 year old stay up until 11. Why did I care? We live in such a small town that I am almost positive that he has seen crazier things on his deliveries than a toddler up at 11.

Oh well, it was a fun night and everyone slept in for some reason and all is peaceful. I get a facial at 1!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Today I will start documenting.....

OK, I love reading blogs. The more I read, I realized a lot of mommies were blogging to document their children's lives and to have something to remember funny little stories. And well, since I haven't done much with the baby books I thought that this might be a great start for me.

Where to begin? I live in beautiful Hill Country with my wonderful husband, he is the best dad on the planet and a big kid himself. I tend to be a little OCD and controlling, he is the total opposite and this is why it works. I adore him, love him and want to be more like him. And he is a total hottie to boot. My son is what one would call...ummmm.......spririted. In fact, I had to pull him out of swim lessons yesterday b/c he was giving himself private lessons and the teacher had to stop teaching the other children three times to save him from drowning. How does one handle a situation like this? I really didn't know what to do without causing a scene and someone calling CPS from their cell phone. So I was the mom that pulled her dripping wet kid out of the pool and put him in the car seat wet and screaming. Then he had the audacity to ask for a donut after. Really?

After this fun adventure it was time for his 3 year old check up. He bit the tongue depressor in half. Enough said. I was told it was time for a dentist (I was told this at his 2 yr old check up but decided I didn't want to put my self through it, and I was pregnant and beat down last summer). Needless to say I chose a pediatric dentist an hour away. Why you ask? Well, I think that he is already getting quite the reputation in our town that I wanted to spread the terror a little further. Everyone should get to experience my little spirited child.

My baby girl is 8 months and she is a pure joy. Absolutely breathtaking and easy peasy. BUT we call her dramamamabahama b/c when she is pissed. She is PISSED. Everyone talks about what a good baby she is and how easy she is. Yes, this is true. Bram was even easier and this my friends scares me to death!!

But Bram is a hoot, funny, loving and wonderful to have around but when he is a whip, he is a whip.

This is it for today. Oh, I forgot to mention, Bram is also a nudist. Really, he is. So right now he is outside playing t-ball with his daddy.......naked.

And Tess is sleeping like the little angel she is.