Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Party recap, major picture overload!

OK, I have to say, the party was a huge success and I highly recommend copying this idea for your child's next party. It was super easy and super fun.

Lot's of pictures, so be prepared. Go get a cup of coffee and a snack before you begin.

Just a suggestion.

The above pictures have nothing to do with the party. They are just my two new frames that my Uncle Randy made me. I have shown frames he has made for me in the past, he uses old wood from a house built in the 1800's on one of my grandfather's properties. These are huge and I have a picture of both kids at 9 months that I just love. Had glass cut especially for them. They are my two favorite things in the house right now.

I have them above the antique high chair Hubby bought me for my birthday. Isn't it darling? I didn't have to paint it, it came in that lovely robin's egg blue. Tess' high chair sat in this corner, now she sits in a booster, so I found this to fill the void. I love it!

OK, now it is party pic time.

Popcorn for the movie!

I frame the kid's bday invitations each year and hang it in their rooms, along with a picture from that particular birthday party. They get replaced every year and the old ones get put in a book. You can see a bit of Bram's invitation in this photo. And a fun idea for those invitations that you spend a fortune on and want to display.

Or maybe you don't and I'm just weird like that.

I don't like theme plates and such, so it is all primary colors this year. Lots of ballons.

Ta-da! Here is the 6 layer cake. It was a beating to ice. Three cans of vanilla icing and it didn't look all that hot. But it was made with lots of love!

And red wine.

Before guests arrived, we had Bram, Chase and Hank "pose" for pictures. Here they are pretending to be sleeping in their sleeping bags. Cute boys.

Here is my birthday boy. Giddy for his friends arrival. This is the picture I will blow up and hang in his room next to his birthday invitation. You can see a bit of his monogrammed pillow.

Best buds! It is a true blessing that not only are Bram and Hank cousins, but great friends as well. It is a pure joy to watch them play and fight and love one another!

This is precious, Lacey had Hank go pick out what pajamas he wanted to wear to Bram's pajama party. She had no idea what his selection was until he came walking out of Bram's room Saturday night. I am sorry but this is the cutest thing. Camo bottoms that are two sized too small and a flannel top that I think had bats or something on it. It was hard to keep a straight face as he came walking out!

And of course Bram wanted to wear his Bumblebee Transformer pjs. Thank goodness I didn't go out and purchase the $40 At Home pajamas I wanted too!!!!

Pizza time.

Tess had to partake in a bit of the fun. Bless her tiny heart, she stared at all the boys, wide eyed the entire time.

Can you say CHOW DOWN! This little girl eats like an 18 year old football quarterback!!

Chase did not handle present opening time well at all. As we gathered for Bram to open gifts, Chase casually sat down to start opening. When we told him, "No, Chasers, it isn't your birthday, it is Bram's birthday. These are his presents. Your birthday is next (September)" this was the result.

For about ohhhh......TEN MINUTES!

Here is Bram's pal Matthew reading a birthday card to Bram. This was Bram's first year to have presents at a party. We could not of been prouder! He ohhhhhhed and ahhhhhhed over each and every gift, making his guest feel special and appreciated. It was sweet.

Because honestly, you never know what is going to come out of a kids mouth when they reach into a gift bag and pull out a beach towel.

I thought this was quite an artistic take on the birthday cake!

I also save all of the candles for each year.

There are two trinket shelves in Bram's room that I keep little loves on.

Here is the number 4 candle. Booooo-Hooooo-Hoooooo! My baby is four!

Movie time!

Mommy was prepared.

My work of art! It was gorgeous when it was cut into. Even the little boys thought it was just great! And what made it fun was they got such huge chunks of cake.

After the parents picked up the kiddos at 9. The ones that were staying a little longer all went outside. And went FROG HUNTING!

And were quite successful!

And they looked for rocket ships in the night sky.

All and all it was a successful night!

The next morning, Gran-T gave Hank, Bram and Chase birthday cake for breakfast.

Because that is how Gran-T rolls.

And the boys had fun putting their faces in the cake. Gran-T laughed.

I laughed and got the camera.

And of course Bram had to take it to another level! Little devil.

So that was the party. I have about 100 more pictures that would bore you unless you are related. And you will get those via email.

Today officially starts the first day of summer. No school until August, no mothers day out, no nothin'. Hmmmmm, it is 9 am and I am already at a loss as to what to do with my little devils.

Also, tomorrow morning I am starting a boot camp. 4 weeks, 4 times a week, 6am to 7am. What the hell! And wish me luck.


Sassy Cass said...

Great party. I will totally be using this idea! The pics are fab and I am in love with the frames!!!

Soxy Deb said...

Awesome Coco! Just awesome! All the pics are too cute, even Chase, bless his heart.
I would love if you would tell me how you did that cake. Was it just all food coloring to change the colors in each layer? If it's that easy, I'm going to do it for Jacob's 9th this year. It's such a FUN looking cake!

starnes family said...

Great photography. Love the artsy pic of the cake! Can't wait to make the cake. I think I'm going to for some summer time fun.

You are such a good Mom, Court. The efforts you put into events like this make that so easy to understand!

Carrie Darney said...

LOVE those frames!!
LOVE your cake!!
LOVE your babies!
LOVE your idea of the party! So going to use that idea someday.

Bootcamp. Man, you go girl. I'm afraid of the instructor yelling at me to do at least ONE pushup...I can't!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Looks like soo much fun!
Can't wait to have birthday parties for my own kids.
Lucky kids to have a great mom!

Deelsu said...

love the cake. I'm with Casey - I HAVE to find a reason to make it!
How was it to cut though?

Yes, boot camp is the new trend around this neck of the woods too. I like exercise but would rather do it on my own accord.. no instructors for me ;) Best of luck!

Catholic Runner said...

I think framing the invitations is a cool idea. Damn I wish I would of thought of it!

The Jones' said...

Love it all esp. that cake! I want it now, looks so yummy!

Good luck on the boot camp... you are a brave woman!

Angry Julie Monday said...

LOVE it all! Great idea!!!

OMG, Caden would love those Bumblebee PJS. I have a special place in my heart for At Home pjs too. We buy them every Christmas!

That cake was awesome!

I love all ur traditions!

Doesn't it suck that we live so far away from each other!!!

The Soladay Family said...

The cake is beautiful! I love it! The pics are awesome! I love your style!

msprimadonna67 said...

That cake is FANTASTIC! I love the idea of framing the birthday invitation to hang in the bedroom, too.