Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I swore I would never do it but I did. I bought two HUGE bows for the baby and my goodness she looks cute.

The thought behind being anti bow was I just knew it hurt the baby's head (and was a little Jon-Benet ish). Well, to hell with her little head, and to hell with her looking like I might enter her in a "little miss hill country hottie baby smile cute pageant" or whatever.

Tess looks adorable in that bow, so much so I couldn't just stop at one. And I think I am going back for more this week.

On another note, Bram is totally into boobs right now. He told me this morning, "I would really like to touch you boob right now". Nice. I had to tell him they were private and that we don't ask to touch boobies. Then he sang, "boobies, boobies, boobies" all the way to the gym. And the thing is, this wasn't his first request for some boobie touching. He is for sure not gay.

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