Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cousin's Day and a Birthday SHOUT OUT!!

Cousin's Day was a lot of fun, tons of family. I took 160 pictures but I am only going to post the ones of my kiddos. I didn't ask anybody else if I could post their kids, as they don't know about the blog. (Hank and Chase will be posted as their mother is a HUGE fan of my blog. Ha!)

Bram eating ice cream in the pool. Hygienic. He even tried to swim with it. Watching him swim with his ice cream high in the air made my mind fast forward to when he is in college and instead of an ice cream cone, it is an ice cold beer. Isn't it sad that I thought that?

Bram and Chase. Looks like I should of been helping Bram instead of snapping photos.

Lacey having a cuddle with Tess. This was at the end of the evening and girlfriend was BEAT. Yet, she would. not. go. to. sleep.

Coco and Aunt Nikki. Adam's little brother's girlfriend. Love her!

Ice cream treat.

Taking a swing in her floaties.

Daddy helps and gives a little push.

Me talking.

Bram swinging in his goggles. I'm not kidding. If he is swimming, he has goggles on and they don't come off until bath time.

Me talking some more. It's my hobby.

The hot tub was Tess' favorite. She just splashed around in it for HOURS!

Silly girl.
That is all the Cousin's Day pictures for now. It is always a good time and a tradition I hope continues for years and years. Next year will be at our home. I am already planning.
NOW, I would like to give a birthday shout out to my beloved!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Hubby (whodrivesmecrazierthananyother
Happy Birthday to you!!!
I love you babe!!!!!! Thanks for being YOU! 33 years old. Whew, he is an old man.


Carrie Darney said...

Aw, Happy Birthday Adam! Now I'm going to have to go to FB and tell him. Love the pictures! LOVE your babies! Looks like ya'll had so much fun!

starnes family said...

And, you're a cougar for marrying him. Love it.

Great cousin party pics!

MamaSue said...

Happy Birthday Adam! Coco, you soo look like your mom in those pictures. I can't get over how your mannerisms are like hers not to mention your looks. Brings back memories of when Rick and I first got married.

whereismymind said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Coco! Hope you have a fab one.

Love the kid pics... And I'm talking in every pic ever.taken.of.me. too. See, we really are soulmates. (I also rocked the Dorothy Hamill when I was a kid, too. What the hell were our mom's thinking?)

Deelsu said...

Happy Birfday Mr. Coco is right. Brad is 2-years younger than me ;) We're both cougars! LOL!
Bram and his ice cream cracks me up and I guarantee you're right about his college days.
And.. I guess he doesn't use floaties anymore? Big boy swims all on his own??

Merry Mack said...

Happy Birthday Adam!
Sounds like a great day.

The Jones' said...

Cute pics! Happy Bday Adam!

The Lenzers said...

Today is my hubby's birthday too, but I didn't put it on my blog since I am pretty sure he doesn't look at it (much anyway).But he isn't even in town so I have a few more days to prepare. Besides he is not 33 anymore-39 this year. Love the goggles- he will have beer goggles one day too!

Impulsive Addict said...

Loved the pics and the song!! =)

The Rand's said...

happy bday to your hubby. email me when you get a chance--
have a good day!