Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We get by with a little help from our friends......

Isn't amazing how a bad day can turn into a pretty dipdang good day in a split second?

Yesterday morning I was about to call the authorities to come take my kids away. My other thought was just to run through the streets naked yelling, "THEIR CHASING ME! THEIR CHASING ME! OHHHH, LOOK AT THE PRETTY UNICORN." Hoping someone would show up and lock me in a quiet padded room for observation for a few days.

Ahhhhhh, bliss.

It didn't happen. And this lady showed up with her darling daughter Mac, and the day got a whole lot better. That is what is so awesome about technology. I had not spoken to Cara in years. Blogs and then Facebook and voila! now we have reconnected, she lives only 30 minutes away and it is like we have seen each other a million times, no fakeness and lots to talk about. With Facebook you can choose who you want to reconnect with. I like that.

Cara and Mackenzie showed up yesterday and we just let the kids run amok. I didn't put makeup on, fed the kids grilled cheese, Cara and I went through old photos and had a somewhat relaxing day. If it weren't for all the wild Indians it would of been 1oo% relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered.

Then I get on my email and have conversations going back and forth from Jen and Casey. Funny emails from Carrie, they made me smile.

And all these friendships were either reconnected or started from the computer! Pretty interesting huh? What a random ass post this is huh?

Bram just said to me, "I never get a laser." A laser? Shit. He is still on this laser kick and REALLY wants Santa to bring him a blue laser. I told him, "I don't think they make lasers for kids." Bram said, "Sure they do. Why wouldn't they?"

We are going to be in some trouble if he is still wanting a laser at Christmas time. A laser? Really.

This post just got a lot freaking randomer. (Is randomer a word?)


MamaSue said...

You better ask him to show you a laser...it might end up being something like a breaker! Could he be talking about one of those Star Wars light things? You better start managing his expectations now just in case he wants a real laser! Glad you are feeling better.


Live.Love.Eat said...

It is super cool that you reconnected with your friend. And I have had days like that too when your morning stinks and all of a sudden one thing changes it all. Love that. Sometimes I am in a funk and then I start blogging and seeing what everyone is up to and I become happier.

Deelsu said...

I've reconnected with a few peeps on FB too! Love it!

Merry Mack said...

So glad I was able to bring so fun to the day. I am glad we reconnected too. Let's see if we can keep it up once school starts. You need to get to work finding a laser. You have 6 months.