Tuesday, July 28, 2009

All grown up!

Guess who I have caught more than once trying to crawl out of her crib?

Miss Tessie Mayes. That little rascal. So that means today I will be ordering rails for the big girl bed. Lucky for us, I already have a darling antique double bed in her room and Iddy made bedding to match her crib bedding so when this day arrived, there would be no rearranging her bedroom. I'm thrifty like that. Yeah, right.

And I think you should know, Hubby's mom, Iddy, did all of this bedding! Except the matelesse coverlet and shams from PBK. Other than that, every single stitch. It is seriously bedding dreams are made of.

Now I just have to finish refinishing the hutch that goes in place of the crib. So that is what I will be doing today. I cannot and will not have that crib out of the room before there is something there to replace it! Something so cute you will cry looking at it. I will take pictures when it is complete.

Yikes, a big girl bed. I don't remember how this works. Does anyone have any pointers?

I had a wonderful time last night with Cara and her darling family. Pictures to come soon. Susan and Syd get here today where we will be making the famous rainbow cake, per Syd's request, eating at the Bluebonnet Cafe, and heading to Sea World tomorrow. I have a feeling Susan and I are going to be worn out by tomorrow night. Whew!


Deelsu said...

love the room and bedding! I wish my Mother still sewed but she doesn't :( Gave up years ago.
As for the rainbow cake.. I am dying to make it! Just haven't had an occasion :(
Have fun at Sea World!

The Jones' said...

Why do they grow up so fast? I can't even imagine the crib not being in Maci's room, regardless of the fact that she doesn't sleep in there :)

Her room is BEAUTIFUL!

Carrie Darney said...

Aww...I know how you feel! I caught Hagen balancing on his tummy like superman on his rails a few months ago. I don't really have any advise except for you to place her in her bed and then in the morning get her out...kinda act like she can't get out with out you.

Include Bram to let her know what a big girl she is! Have him kiss her goodnight and say how proud he is of her...Mom said my brother was a big influance on me when I got in mine at 18 months!!

Aww...crib going bye bye...sad sad.

Merry said...

O.K. here is a tip about the bed and now is a good time because you can find this cheap solution everywhere. Put swimming noodles under the bedding and it creates an instant bumper. I want to make that rainbow cake too! I just don't know if I have it in me. Missy asked to make a cake today....We had a great time last night too.

The Soladay Family said...

Love her room! The colors are yummy!

Heather said...

such a precious room.

quit making us throw up in our mouth about Iddy. I'm so jealous.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Were you crawling out of your crib again? Oh wait, you mean Tess? Hah. Her room is adorable!!!!!