Friday, July 31, 2009

Things that I LOVE:

Since last Friday I listed the things that make me want to bang my head into the wall, I thought this Friday I would lighten things up with things that I love.

This isn't going to be all rainbows and unicorns. In fact, most of it will be weird.

1) I love picking my nose. Love it. Of course I dispose on the boogies accordingly and wash my hands after a good pickin', as most of my pickin' goes on while I am tinkling.

2) I love to have my arms tickled. And my back tickled, but it is easier to request an arm tickle. It is also easier to tickle your own arms then your back, since usually I am left to do the tickling myself.

3) I love a recent quote I read, "Having toddlers are the longest days and shortest years of your life" it is by Barbara Bush, Sr. I love her and love this quote. As most of us know, it is so true.

4) I love big boobs. Y'all know this and it is a fact. I want big boobies so bad and feel that this fall, I might get the green light to get my new rack. If this wasn't somewhat of a "nice" blog and my dad and brother didn't read it, I would totally take before and after pictures of my boobs. I would also post a daily boob picture for all the world to see.

5) I love the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I want to be one. Badly. In my head, I can dance like them and could make the team if only my husband and kids didn't tie me down. And if I had bigger boobs.

6) I love the smell of my kids morning breath. It is so nasty but it smells so yummy to me. Hubby's morning breath makes me dry heave, but my kids morning breath? Sweet honey suckle. If I could bottle it and wear it as a perfume, I would.

7) I love Chile and Cheese Fritos. It is hard for me to pass them up in line at the grocery store. They are the perfect snack, the chili provides protein, the cheese provides calcium, and the corn chip provide a vegetable. When washed down with an Orange Fanta? You also get a serving of fruit.

8) I love going barefoot. My feet are always in need of a pedi due to the habit of never ever wearing shoes. By the time I have my bath at night, the bottoms of my feet are pretty disgusting. They are what us Texans call, "Piggly Wiggly feet."

9) I love to mop. Mopping gives me such instant gratification. I mop several times a week and usually break a sweat doing it. We have cement floors so mopping is very easy. A little tip is to mop using Lavender Fabuloso. Holy Moly! That stuff smells spectacular.

10) I love my family.

So there are a few weird things that I love!

We have had a very full week. Sea World was a hit! The heat and lines and such were all worth. Just seeing the kids faces light up watching Shamu or Bram's laugh riding the log ride. SO WORTH IT!!

Sydney and Susan left yesterday, but not before we did a rainbow cake, per Sydney's request. Instead of thirding the batter for each layer, I had a blond moment and only halved it. Needless to say, the cake was HUGE!

Susan made the best vanilla cream icing I have ever had (recipe below) and the sparkler candles were a hit.

Cake and ice cream after lunch.

Blowing out the candles!!! Happy 9th Birthday, Sydney! We love you and are glad we got to share it with you.

Look at this cake. Enormous. The kids thought it was hilarious as it just grew and grew and grew.

I put my new favorite quote up on my chalkboard door. I have to look at it occasionally before I am about to run out of the front door and never look back, just to remind myself that these little toots are MY little toots and won't be little toots for long. And big toots don't like to cuddle and follow you around like little toots do. Make sense?

Tess, Sydney and Bram cuddling in my bed watching, "Bambi" and it was a hit with Bram. He and Syd played Bambi for the next two days.

I was afraid the shooting of the mommy would upset Bram.

It didn't. Not at all.

Mikey and Gran-T will be spending the weekend with us and we are very excited about them coming. We always have fun when they come to town.

Oh! And guess who slept in her big girl bed last night? Miss Tess! I crawled in the bed with her around midnight because I had anxiety about her falling out, but she didn't fuss or anything when we put her down. So no more cribs. Boo-hooooo!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!


MamaSue said...

Hilarious! Guess what I stopped in Hamilton to snack on? Chile Cheese Fritos and orange Fanta...I did. Sydney got her Funyons too! Thanks for a great getaway!


Merry said...

What a great way to start the weekend, being reminded to make it last. It is the little things in life. I am so happy to see your life so full. Tell your parents hi! My mom got a kick out of the dinner recount.

The Jones' said...

Love your honesty! Mark loves having his arms and back tickled too, and so does Maci now.

Have a GREAT weekend!

The Soladay Family said...

I am still stuck on your #1....That's brutal honesty girl!!!

By the way, when you get the green light for your new rack, let me know if you need a good doctor referral! =)

The Rand's said...

Still laughing out loud at your comments! You are one funny girl! Thanks for making me laugh!
Hope you have a great weekend with your parents.

The Lenzers said...

Well I agree with you, well not the booger thing(not that I would admit anyway) but about the boobs!! After this pregnancy they are top of my list. And the baby morning breath. I LOVE it. I hold Colton's (1 1/2) up to my face in the morning so I can smell it! BTW, that cake is HUGE.

Heather said...

I can give you a good doctor referral in Fort Worth too!

So jealous of that chalkboard door. i love it!

Can't believe she slept in her big girl bed!!! :(

You are so funny! Love your list.

We have stained concrete too. I'm gonna try the lavendar fabuloso. My floors get so gross from 3 kids and a yellow lab going in and out of the pool. What kind of mop do you use?? just wondering

Carrie Darney said...

Nothing like a pick and a poop huh?! Lavender Fabuloso huh? Have got to try that!

I use an old fashioned know the heavy duty ones that janitors use? I LOVE it! I have a big bucket on wheels with a easy!

Now, if the dog can learn to wash his feet before coming in I will be so much happier!

Lulu the Midwife said...

Loved the list. I did get a Dallas Cheerleaders costume once, as a little girl, I agree I could do it but would need bigger boobs. Oh that is funny.

Belle (from Life of a...) said... absolutely crack me up.

Monica Clift said...

I love is the best smell ever! I was 10 hours away from the new rack about 8 years ago. When the anesthesiologist called me the night before to go over preparations and precautions, I freaked out and cancelled my appointment. I had just seen a Dateline about how people go into comas during elective surgery, and I didn't want to be a vegetable with big boobs. Lotta good they would do me then.

Mama Clay said...

Love the list :). I love to have my arm tickled too. Matt is terrible at it. He gets distracted and does it in the same spot until it turns into an chafe. I am totally going to try lavendar fabuloso. I ready my SIL's comment and am also curious as to what kind of mop you use. I have 2 labs and SamBo so my floors are a constant battle.

msprimadonna67 said...

That cake is just fabulous! Makes me want cake right now--yup, BEFORE lunch. A multi-layered, multi-colored one just like that. It makes me smile: )