Thursday, July 23, 2009

My kids are weird....

And I have to say, they come by it quite honestly. Weird parents = weird kids.

Quirky may be more of the word I am looking for.

Whatever it is, my kids are odd ducks for sure.

Tess has taken to layering these days. The above picture is a fine example of this new habit. She has on three of her brother's t-shirts, then the white floral one and green floral were layered over the three t-shirts. These two tops came out of a pile of hand me downs that are on there way to Dallas for baby Elaine.

And she wore this all day yesterday. Even napped like this. The only time I was able to get her out of it was to get her swim suit on for swimming. Weirdo.

AAs I was putting up laundry yesterday, I caught Brammy standing on the counter in his bathroom. Admiring himself in his ghetto Spiderman outfit.

The kid had no idea that I was getting this on film.

And the reason for the ghettoness of this costume is it is 3 years old and was soooo long on him that I had to cut it off years ago.

The kid still loves this one the most, even though we have two other Spiderman costumes that are in much better shape.

One last crazy outfit courtesy of the little lady. At Mikey and Gran-T's during an early morning swim this was her choice of swimwear. Please notice the regular diaper, with the swim diaper over it. Then to add that "little something" a swim diaper is used as a belt. The girl knows how to accessorize!!

So funny! The things these two come up with on a daily basis never ceases to amaze me!


Heather said...

I think you got your money's worth out of the spiderman costume! Tess is getting so big! And look at all that hair! :)

Carrie Darney said...

I love that! The layering...done so well. The belt swim diaper, classic. and the posing on the bathroom counter...BLACKMAIL!

The Jones' said...

That is too freakin' funny! T has old costumes that I've hidden away because he was still wearing them with holes in, well, private areas... still would like to know how exactly the holes got there in the first place.

Deelsu said...

The Spiderman pictures are priceless!

Soxy Deb said...

Oh Coco you made me pee my pants! Those two are hilarious. I love Tess and her 'swimmy' accessories. Killing me!

Now I have to go finish peeing. In the toilet this time.

The Soladay Family said...

Hilarious!Carter is like that with costumes too. When Trysten is here with us, the two of them come up with some pretty interesting get-ups!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, you're right. They're weird in the cutest most adorable possible way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your kids are just hilarious, oh yeah, like they're mom.

Really, Bram is a little brave one. Something so little like standing on the counter my son would never do because he would be afraid of falling down and busting his head. I am glad for that but it's so funny to see the adventurous side of kids. And Tess? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!