Monday, July 20, 2009

Babies and such

No, this isn't a post about the baby fever. My best friend from college had her baby this Thursday. And I had a mini vacation.

On Thursday morning I drove to Dallas all by my lonesome. Did a little antiquing, did a little Sonic eating and reading of my book. All in all, it took me 5 hours to get to Dallas, and it was HEAVENLY!

On Friday morning I got an email from a friend's husband and she had her baby a week ahead of schedule and they were in Dallas as well. So I got to see two babies of very good friends.

Oh I was so jealous seeing the two of them laid up in the hospital like the Queens of Sheba. That is my favorite time ever, in the hospital being worshipped by all. And having nurses at your fingertips takes away the anxiety of anybody dying.

On Saturday before my return home I got to see Casey, Carrie, Jen and Alisha at Mi Cocina. It was a great time with my favorite plate of chalupas and a margarita. Nice.

On my drive I stopped at an antique store that I had been wanting to venture into, and found tons of stuff. BUT only bought this darling old door with chalkboard paint on it, for $30!!

Super cute.

Jen, Carrie, Coco, Casey and Alisha.

Baby Elaine. Elaine Genevieve.

All in all it was a wonderful mini vacay for Coco. Anytime alone is nice. I actually wouldn't mind an appendicitis at some point, just for the alone time and good drugs.
Sad huh?

Also, another baby has been born sick. Most of you followed Harper's story and this one is very similar. A friend, Jill, had her baby last week, Charlie, and he was born with sick lungs. Please pray for baby Charlie. Jill is updating daily and baby Charlie is getting better but still not out of the woods.

That is all for now. I have to look for a job. I never dreamed it would be this hard to get a teaching job! And I never dreamed that these principals wouldn't even have the courtesy of an email or a kiss my ass or something. Geez!

If anyone has ANY tips on how I should go about this, please do tell. I will even show up to an interview topless if it will get me a job.

Not kidding.


MamaSue said...

You make me laugh...thanks.

Carrie Darney said...

Aww...such sweet babies! man, I swear if I see another cute little girl in a cute little outfit I'm going to go crazy! I don't care what we have as far as another baby, but whatever it is IT will be dressed like a girl...maybe just one time if it's a boy...just to experience it!

SO good to see you again! I'm going to start a blog...when Casey comes back and can show me how.


P.S. DARLING Door!!! love it!

If the shoe FITZ said...

OMG, I totally love that door. I want one. I gotta figure out how to make one or find one just like it. I am totally copying you. How cute would that be for a play room. You should get those chalk markers like the ones they use at Starbucks so you have fun colors. You can get them at michaels or any craft store.

Merry said...

Alas, to be alone. I am jealous. I love the door and wish I had your finding skills.

The Jones' said...

That door is too cute!

I'm so sorry I missed you, again. We are going to have to plan a girls trip so we can all spend a weekend together, hanging out and drinking!

That babies are precious too, btw!

FROGGITY! said...

NICE. a trip alone. always good stuff.

good luck with your teaching job- sometimes last minute things pop up. my little sister got her last job about 2 weeks before school began! :) and she loved it.

p.s. baby is really precious, door is awesome!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

You have a good eye, my dear. That door is FABULOUS! I want it. Can I come get it?

Heather said...

seriously... a lot.... jealous....

sometime I want to meet you and casey in real life and I LOVE that door!!! babies are cute too!

Monica Clift said...

Hey Coco, so sad that I couldn't join you girls for lunch! Glad you had a fun weekend and a safe trip! By the way, have you been personally going by the schools to drop off your resume? The principals should be back at school now (mine is), and many staffing changes take place right before school starts. That is how I got my current job, and I was hired 10 days before school started!!!! Also, apply to be a is a good way to get to know the principal and staff, and a great way to get your name at the top of the list for any openings that may pop up! Good luck!!!!

The Rand's said...

Love the door! Looks perfect in your kitchen!

Had so much fun at MiCo. Next time it should just be us girls and more margaritas!

And, btw, I look like I'm pregnant in that picture! And my eyes are closed! Oh well, guess I ate too much!

Good luck job hunting. When I taught, I got hired a few days before school started. Things are always changing during the summer!

Jillybean said...

Coco, thank you for including Charlie on your blog today. It was a GREAT day for us as we actually got to hold him for the first time since right after his birth. It was so nice to cry happy tears for once. And if you ever need to get your baby boy fix while you're in FW, just give Charlie a call!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah, appendicitis. You're so funny. But I know what you mean. Laying up in the hospital for a couple of days was great. GREAT pics.