Monday, October 26, 2009

The #1 thing learned this weekend....


We had a blast at Sea World on Friday. It was empty and the weather could not of been more perfect. Susan, the kids and I discovered parts of Sea World that we didn't even know existed.

The kids were absolutely mesmerized by the shark aquarium. This was an exhibit we didn't make it to the first trip, it was way too crowded.

Guess who got to feed the dolphins?

And that dolphin will never be the same.

It was a great weekend with Susan, Rick and Sydney. Lots of fun. My kids are plum worn out, that is for sure.

Oh, and another thing Susan and I learned is something that you must remember! On our first trip to Sea World in August, we ate lunch at Sea World. $55 to feed the five of us, and the food was mediocre to say the least. This trip we stopped at my favorite....Taco Bueno! $18 fed the 5 of us, and the food was scrumptious! So, moral of this little story is, DON'T EAT IN THE PARK.

Yesterday I did MORE rearranging of the house. Hubby and Bram went in to Austin so I had just the lady with me. She played with her babies while I reorganized. Took down all my chickens, giving them to a friend, no more chickens in Cocoland. And I am sad to say, I put the cute chalkboard door in the garage. It was just way too big in that corner, and just never looked right to me. It is simplified, my robin's egg blue high chair is back were it originally was. Sweet and simple. Kind of like me.

I think I am going to try to sell the door on craiglist.

In Bram's room, I took all of his baby stuff off of his "baby shelves" and put them in a keepsake box. So sad. Hims all grown up.

All in all it was a very productive weekend.

Tess went to two birthday parties and I have precious pictures to come later!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!!


Deelsu said...

No more chickens? Why the change of heart?
I'm with you on only going to parks during nice weather!

MamaSue said...

We had a blast. So much better in the cool. Thanks so much for your hospitality! Sydney is still tired. Love you much!

The Jones Family said...

How fun! I want to go...

We missed you last night at dinner, however I did not miss your talks with Carrie about Papi! YUCK.

The Rand's said...

Glad the weather was nice for you this weekend.
It is a sad day when the baby stuff comes day. At least you have another little one! :)

Sassafrass Jane said...

110?!?! SICK.

I'm curious about the chickens, too...what happened?

Um, how cute is Tessie's bow, please??

Sorry for all the questions.

mamaclay said...

We missed you at the dinner. We did talk about you though... you're wonderful and funny and cute and what else did you mention in your text?

Can't believe you're taking out the door. It was super cute! Can you hang it on the hinges as an actual door somewhere?

You'll have to make the next dinner :)

starnes family said...

LOVE the bow. Love it.

Oh, and this is why we live outside of Texas. We love the outdoors so much.....and they're much more enjoyable in other parts of the country for longer than 2 week intervals twice a year. :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe, no more chalkboard???? Is there a way to flip it on its side and hang it???????