Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I feel dirty. My house feels dirty. I am certain my kids are dirty. The only one I feel might be clean is Hubby. And that is only because he wasn't trapped in the germfest we like to call "home" all day yesterday. He also made a run for it this morning.

Yep, Tess has the piglet flu. Actually she tested negative for it, but since I took her in only a few hours after her fever started, this usually causes a false negative. SO they are treating it like piglet flu and her swabs are en route to the CDC.

$135 later, the whole family is on Tamiflu. Two year olds DO NOT like Tamiflu. At. All. I actually had to sit on her, hold her arms down and syringe it as far back into her throat as I could. It was awful.

If anyone has a better idea on giving medicine, do tell.

I'm also keeping Bram home for the rest of the week just so I don't contaminate the rest of his little school. Though three kids have the piglet flu already so I don't think it would do any harm. I'm just responsible like that.

You're welcome.

So if you need me I am trapped at the ol' casa. Folding clothes, washing sheets on "sterilize" and walking around with a sprayer full of bleach and water wiping door knobs and toilets.

All the while still wearing my gown and glasses. And a pair of Birkenstocks. It's a hot look.

And I'm letting my kids eat Pringles for breakfast.

Mom of the year. Fo' sho'.


Carrie Darney said...

Oh no! So sorry she is so sick! Man, you are a good Mom being responsible. I usually am too about that.

I just had my "O" face picturing you in that get up...sweet...

starnes family said...

It's a hot look for sure.

Sorry about Tess. Know you'll take good care of her.

Tamiflu is expensive! And, with good insurance! We took it last year.....$25 a person.....not cheap!

Donatelli98 said...

Sorry to hear about Tess. I can't offer any better methods for dispensing medicine - the pin down and shove the syringe as far back as possible is my usual method too. Not fun but the only way to get it in. Hope you all make it through this week! Of course you look hot - I dare anyone to tell you otherwise!

MamaSue said...

Poor Tess! I know the feeling of grossness from last May when Rick had the flu and we all had to be on Tamiflu. I bought Clorox wipes at Sam's and a 1/2 gallon jug of hand sanitizer!

Sara and Trey said...

Oh, poor Tess. Hope she gets to feeling better soon and that the rest of the family stays healthy! Can't help with the medicine dispensing...we use the tie-down torture method in our household too. It's lots of fun, no?? Hang in there!

mamaclay said...

you're right, piglet flu sounds a lot less scary. i'm going to adopt that term myself. hope ya'll feel better soon!

ps. don't you just love the smell of bleach?!

The Jones Family said...

That does not sound like fun, I'm sorry. You are being a good mom though, and yes thank you for keep Bram home too! All parents should be this responsible. :)

I'm wearing my comfy robe that Casey gave me at Xmas last year, sweat pants, t shirt and socks... hair hasn't been washed since Saturday so it's nice and greasey in a pony tail; but I did at least brush my teeth today! I feel dirty too...

juliarhock said...

Clara is on day 6 of confirmed swine flu infection. (Imagine how hot I look.) Anyway, the whole malaise thing is getting really boring, and I am over all of the sanitizing, germ fighting BS. I give up. Bring it on.

Deelsu said...

wow - the piglet flu has been swarming the CLT like crazy the past few weeks.
I've washed my hands so much lately that Brad thinks I'm becoming OCD!
Sorry about Tessie Mayes :( hope she feels better soon!

The Rand's said...

Sorry to hear that Tess has the flu. That's no fun. Hope the rest of you stay healthy!
Pringles for breakfast! That's awesome! Now I want some!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Poor sicky Tessiegirl!
I have a suggestion on the Tamiflu though. Explain what a shot is, pour it in a cutesy shot glass, and start teaching her how to slam early. I plan to do this with breastmilk for my future youngins.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh I am sorry she has piglet flu. I do hope she gets better quick and no one else gets it.

I am sure you're just as hot as I am when I am wearing bleach stained black sweats with one sock orange and the other hot pink.