Monday, October 12, 2009

Who's with me?

Had a fantastic weekend with Hubby's family. Iddy and Pa came in to watch Bram's soccer game. He showed off the entire time, running all silly and such. I don't know were he gets it.....

Hubby went dove hunting and I headed to Austin to spend the weekend with the in-laws. THANK GOD I adore them all. Or I would of been one pissed off Coco.

Hubs little sis is an aisthestician (no idea how to spell that nor does spell check), just starting her own business and has all the fancy training in the lasers and such. All of her equipment had just been delivered to her house to be put in her shop. SO, Saturday night after dinner and the kids were as snug as bugs in bed, Iddy and I got microdermabrasion. It was fabulous. A wonderful slumber party, complete with red wine and getting your face sand blasted!!!

I also did a little antiquing with Iddy and Abby. Honestly, I haven't done any junk diving in a looonnngg time. It was fun and I made out with some goodies.

These old skates still have the key! They had been outside under a bench just rusting away to perfection. I just set them on my buffet next to my milkglass just to get them out of the way, but like how they look up there. The rustiness of the skates with the simple white perfection of the milkglass.

This little soap dish in my guest bath. Love it.

See the funky cat in the corner? The crazy antique lady gave it to me for $10. It is solid heavy wood. And funk-a-licious. I immediately knew it had to become friends with my funky chicken and my fun rocking chair.

No Monday would be complete without a picture of my naked kids eating cereal and watching "Charlie and Lola" They actually have on underwear. AND have just gotten out of the shower.

Tess received this horse and carrier for her birthday, and this sits at each meal with her. Just mealtimes. Not bedtime, not nap time. Just to eat.

That wraps up the weekend a bit.

Another cold rainy drizzly day. It is laundry day and the kids are EXHAUSTED from the non-stop entertainment that is Iddy and Pa. So I think we will be laying low. I am DYING to go to the pumpkin patch but it would be a mudfest. And Coco isn't a fan of the mud.

Does anyone want to do a teeny tiny weight loss competition?
Like were there is money involved? I want to be skinny minnie in time for the holidays so I can eat, drink and be merry!

Let me know if you are in! I have a friend who did it with her office and she won $200 and lost 25 lbs. Come on ladies......who's with me???!!!!


starnes family said...

Hell no. I don't want to be fat and poor.

What's wrong with you?

MamaSue said...

I hope the mud is gone when we come and we can make the pumpkin patch!

Sara and Trey said...

I am IN!!!!! Maybe some money (or loss of) will finally motivate my fat ass! Email me the details. If I can't tuck my jeans into some badass tall boots in a month or so, I am going to be one pissed off lady.

Live.Love.Eat said...

You are hysterical. Don't know where to start with the reasons but there were at least 6 in that post alone.

And yes, I am def interested in this competition. I have been down and out and now I am just sick & tired. Was already planning on pumping it up today so hit me with the deets & I'll decide. Thanks.

Donatelli98 said...

Don't you know horses have to eat? Or maybe he is guarding her food from Bram. I love Casey's comment! Although I need to lose some weight, I am in maintenance mode - exercise and then eat like crap! Doesn't help with the extra ten pounds i need to lose!

Londie Living Life said...

I so need to be in on this but I would only set myself up for faillllure!!!

I love your antiquing finds!! Super cute!!


Britney said...

I'm dying to go to the pumpkin patch too, damn weather!

What kind of weight are we talking about here? I've become use to my muffin top and don't know that I'm ready to stop eating popcorn/goldfish all day; everyday?

Sassafrass Jane said...

What does this mean? Money for weight loss? I don't get it.
What I do get is eating a drinking and being merry. And being creative with clothing to hide the extra festivus that will still be celebrating on my hips long after the season.

LOVE the antique stuff! You've got quite the farm over there!

The Rand's said...

Hope the weather clears up soon so you guys can go to the pumpkin patch.
I so need to get rid of 10 lbs, maybe more. Maybe this would get my butt in gear. How much we talkin?

mod said...

I'm jealous! I haven't been junking in forever and ever. I am due to go to Canton in a bad way. I need to clean out some of the crap I have so I can buy some new.

Anonymous said...

I am so in for the the weight loss competition.

I like to eat breakfast naked too. JK.

Great finds! And a wonderful sleepover!