Tuesday, October 6, 2009

raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens....

first i have to say that i am sorry for the foul language in the last post. i was really angry and since my 2 and 4 year old were standing there staring at me, i had to vent online rather than to two children that have a tendency to repeat what mommy says.

so, since a lot of peeps are showing their fall decor (my favorite season of all, hence the post title name), i thought i would show some of my halloween junk. i am still working on some bigger pumpkins and pumpkins with our house number on them. but i keep getting "help" from miss picasso and mr. pollack so it is slow going.

i would do it in the evenings but i am usually pretty drunk by the kids bedtime and don't want to ruin the pumpkins.

i kid. i kid.

i painted tiny pumpkins turquoise and tied sweet spider web ribbon on each one. very easy. i have one on each shelf of the built ins.

just a cute little witches hat in the powder bath. since my powder bath is ceiling to floor plates, there isn't a lot of room for a lot of decor. less is more in seasonal decor in the powder bath.

one of the many pumpkins the kiddos painted. these hand painted pumpkins are spread throughout the coco home. they are on the back porch, kids bathroom and the master bath.

in fact, tess just painted a pumpkin at 6:30 this morning. it is one of the kids favorite fall activities. and inexpensive. the only problem i have is they mix the paint colors, so the pumpkins are all mud colored. it kind of bugs me but i have to just take some breaths and let it happen.

a closer look at the talent bram possesses. oh la la. oui magnificent!

my collection of kathy seburn halloween goodies. you can go here to find the neatest folk artsy vintagy holiday decor. love it.

please note the cat is missing an arm. take a wild guess who is responsible for that? needless to say, that is why these three dudes are way up high on our grandfather clock.

love the crazy pumpkin and cat. i have them hanging from the light over the breakfast table.

my antique door. and a fall quote from the great pumpkin. i love my door. a few times a month i change the saying. and the kids are always writing on the bottom half. i keep an old metal bucket next to it, filled to the brim with colored chalk. i highly recommend going on an old door hunt!

decorated halloween cookies tucked away in my "boo" cookie jar. these were party favors at tess' party. i loved them so much i just keep buying more to keep on display.
ocd anyone?

front door. love it.

my etsy buy. i am obsessed with etsy. obsessed.

my halloween plates. i have thankgiving plates, christmas plates, valentine plates and easter plates that all get rotated in this designated spot. and then summer plates.

and that is that.

hopefully my other pumpkins turn out like i want them to. it really isn't looking good but it might turn around.

i have also discovered a blog that is my new favorite. please look to your right and click on vintage junky button. lots of fabulous ideas. love love love love love it!


The Jones' said...

Too cute, Coco!

starnes family said...

All of our pumpkins are baby poop green, so I feel your pain. Mixing colors does not work, foolish toddlers. Duh.

Heather said...

very cute! still love that door...a lot.

and just so you know...I loved your last post. hysterical! It ranks up there with the letter to the workout girl and the McDonald's worker sweet lady.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Loving the etsy banners! I'm going to check out this vintage place...

Also digging the door! Except I'd have a major panic attack if some nino accidentally scratched it and made my skin crawl.

Fun idears, Cocohead!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Whoa, sorry I just made you sound like someone with a narcotic problem. My bad.

Live.Love.Eat said...

We just put up our outside stuff but I don't have anything for inside. Sugar!

Love your decor.

Donatelli98 said...

Love the turquoise pumpkin ... I think I am going to run to the store this weekend and get some pumpkins and paint!

The Soladay Family said...

Love your decor! I have that same little ghost! We're doing the whole painting the pumpkins next weekend, so we'll see how that goes!

My boobs thank you for the compliment on my blog...as always!

Deelsu said...

love them all! I need to get some pumpkins!

The Soladay Family said...

I forgot to say that we have a chalkboard in the kitchen, and we write a new little message on it every couple of days! Love it!

Merry Mack said...

I also love Halloween and fall. I will have to take some pics and post them. I have trimmed it down a bit because of the move. I also had a dangling cat and scarecrow but my Missy also detached it's limbs so this year, I took a pass. Very cute Coco.

I also thought Mr. Dell needed a piece of your mind and thought is was funny. No apology necessary.

P.S. go to my blog and click on be different, act normal on my blogroll. This girl LOVES Halloween and lots of cute, cute, cute ideas!

Vintage Junky said...

Hi there! Thanks for the mention! I love, love, love your door... green is my favorite. And, what a great quote! I also love your little turquoise pumpkin... I may just have to steal that idea!


Angry Julie Monday said...

I love all the decorations. Can you come and decorate my house. I mean really, we have the same taste.