Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What I want NOW!

My new favorite decor blog Vintage Junky is having a what I want now party! I thought I would join.

I love Vintage Junky because she seems to decorate a lot like I do. Vintage pieces mixed with not so vintage, a little whimsy here and there. I have just been reading her a short time, but already have plenty of ideas stashed away in my Rolodex of a brain from her. Thank you Vintage Junky, you jumped started my creative battery again. It was running low.

OK now, some of the things on my party list are really expensive but maybe one day. A girl can dream can't she?

Yet, some of the things on my party list are reasonable and would be great presents for me. Just in case any husbands, moms, dads, mother in laws, ga-ga in laws, brothers, brother in laws, sister in laws, future sister in laws or best friends are reading this.

Just sayin'.

Let's begin.

Piece number one:

This piece is huge. It may be too big for my house, but I heart it so. It isn't rustic or vintagy and that is what I like about it. I think it would look lovely filled with milk glass, mercury glass and carnival glass. With silver frames of family and friends sprinkled throughout.

I have been obsessed with the below two apothecary jars for awhile. They are huge and original and from France.

And they cost $12,500.00 for both. Could you imagine me having some glass that cost that much when I have Tess and Bram as children. That would be very poor decision making.

Trust me, I have been on a hunt forever to find something similar that cost ohhhhhh maybe $20 a set. I want them for my bathroom.

New bedding. I want the below bedding from Anthropologie. I want it for Spring 2010. I also want to wallpaper my bedroom. This will happen at some point in 2010. Mark my word, I am just going to have to be quite sneaky about it and do the wallpapering when Hubs is out of town. Can you wallpaper in a weekend? Is there a way to practice wallpapering? Need deets.

Anyhoo, this bedding is so bright and cheerful. What I love in bedding, it just makes me happy.

I must have this mushroom plate from Anthropologie to add to my plate collection.
Just a must. A must, a must , a must.

I also want the three candlesticks below. I am buying a vintage piece that is VERY shabby, and these three will look perfect lined up on top. The simplicity of the sticks with the rusticness/shabiness of the piece I am purchasing will be perfection.

I also want this.

I also want this from etsy. Just love anything pears right now. Weird. I go through fruit phases.

Last but not least, I REALLY want this, this, and this all to put on my couch. I know they are kind of hokey, but I have seen them in person and they are so fun and detailed.

Fort Worth (best city in the whole wide world. Maybe universe) where I was born and raised and Austin where Hubby was born and raised. And of course being that we are both 8th generation Texans, we HAVE to have the Texas pillow. Seriously, I have wanted these pillows since we got married. Love them.

Upon closing, I would like to remind my mother and father that if it wasn't for me, they would have 0 grandkids. AND I would like to remind Iddy, that if it wasn't for me, she would not have a granddaughter.
Just a reminder.

That was fun. And if you want to join in the party, go to Vintage Junky and linky loo on!!


Vintage Junky said...

Oh my 12,500 for jars? I would break them myself. It would be inevitable. I love that black bookcase. it is gorgeous. i think your family needs to chip in on that!

Thanks for joining in!


Angry Julie Monday said...

I'm exhausted. We CAN NEVER EVER go shopping together m'kay...

Donatelli98 said...

Absolutely love the bookcase ... can you come decorate my house on a budget? You have great style!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Such a cute post, and a great wish list! And you're right, your parents should TOTALLY buy you all that stuff, 'cuz without you, they'd only have granddogs or something...
Nice to meet ya!

Anonymous said...

That bookcase is fabulous! What a great wish list you have.

Deelsu said...

Love the bookcase. I could put some books in there! perfect for a study.

Sara and Trey said...

Love that bookcase! And I love those pillows too. We gave the TEXAS one to my brother to remind him of his roots. He lives in NYC now. So fun!
Good luck with your wish list. I'm going to check out Vintage Junky now! :)

MamaSue said...

I love the bookcase and of course the pillows!

starnes family said...

Put me down for the apothecary jars. For real. I've got it and I like to spend it.

I usually hate all things Texan, but those pillows really are cute. And, you could totally pull them off in your house. Go for it.

Sassafrass Jane said...

I LOVE finding blogs that inspire me. That's the best.
Bookcase is darling-it's unanimous.
Your style is cute, Cocobean. I could use a little vintage in my life. First things first: bigger house is a must. Hee.

whereismymind said...

Going to check out Vintage Junkie now... Love your pics. You and your good taste.... And I don't see why you shouldn't get all of it for Christmas.

FROGGITY! said...

that bedding is da bomb.

yeah, i said da bomb. and i meant it too. :) great taste coco!

greygillfish said...

Great finds! Love those candle sticks. I always love seeing the stuff you choose for you house. so eclectic and charming.

julie said...

i love it! especially that first one! wow! thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment! i hope you visit again soon! i look forward to reading more of your blog! what fun!