Friday, October 30, 2009


After last night, I am very hesitant on taking Miss Tess trick or treating Saturday night. And after last night, I am MOST certain my kids cannot hang with Casey's.

The Coco fam and friends headed to the Ford Dealership for a fun carnival they put on every year. Lots of games, face painting, and a haunted house. A haunted house.

A. Haunted. House.

We mingle with friends, the kids snack on candy and then we decide to take the big kids into the haunted house.

The daring participants were as follows, Bram (4), Matthew (6), Emily (4), Isabelle (4), Leah (3), and Alexa (3).

They enter the Haunted House with the dads.

As the three moms stand there holding the little ones, Tess freaks the *&%$ out just hearing the noises coming from the spooky Haunted House. Like freaks the MOTHER @&^% out! Clinging to me like a spider monkey. Seriously, a tsunami could not of ripped her from my arms.

At the time she is freaking out, a weirdo GROWN MAN dressed as a weird looking scarecrow comes up and says "hi" to her. HOMEGIRL FLIPS OUT EVEN MORE!!!!! Begging to go home.

"Mommy, home. Mommy, home"

Here is an example of what she looked like (Camera was unaccessible, I'm sure you understand).

But I couldn't go anywhere, no way. Hubby and Bram were in the Haunted House. And this was Bram's first Haunted House. As a mother, I was torn.

I gave Tess some candy and she wept softly while munching on her 84th Smarty of the night.

Then this bad ass,

comes out of the Haunted House clinging to Hubby hysterically crying.

Meanwhile, a princess, a fairy, Dorothy, and My Pretty Pony all come out holding hands laughing and giggling behind him.

Moral of the story. My son is not quite ready for Haunted Houses, though his best GIRLfriends are and my daughter cannot be within a mile radius from one without losing it.

Lesson learned.

Yet, there is something else weighing heavily on my mind.

After we scarred our kids for life, we stepped outside for some hot dogs. Outside, it seemed any big kid or grown up in a costume did NOT sit well with Tess. "Mommy, go home." over and over and over and over and over.

We ended up eating our hotdogs in the car.

Which makes me very concerned about Halloween night. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am going to be bringing Tess home early. I think the carnival episode is going to stay with her awhile.

Why do I think that you ask?

Well, I had actually sleep in her bed last night. This NEVER happens at Coco's house. Ever. But the poor girl kept crying, "Mommy, go home." She was having flashbacks of being kind of close to a Haunted House or maybe that weird guy dressed up as a scarecrow. I don't know. But at 11 pm, my exhausted baby finally fell asleep with me lying next to her.

For the record, she is not fun to sleep with.

This morning she has been repeatedly singing, "Jesus, loves me." I seriously think she is trying to keep the demons away, because her usual go-to song while she is playing is the old time classic, "Baa-Baa Blacksheep."

See, she is scared.

Y'all have a wonderful and safe Halloween. Wish us luck!


starnes family said...

Sweet babies!!!!!!

For the record, our kids don't venture into Haunted Houses until around age 6 - or whenever they're ready. Elitch's had a daytime house, lights on, and a demo explaining how everything works. Carter saw that one year and then wanted to see it in full scary mode. He loved it.

Jack and Lainey would totally lose it. Absolutely.

MamaSue said...

Sydney is 9 and there is no way she could handle a haunted house and for the record scary masks freak her out too.

Donatelli98 said...

Poor Girl - I hope she makes it through tomorrow night unscathed and that you have plenty of wine!

FROGGITY! said...

awwwww!!! that makes me sad! i know it must be a lot to take in for the little ones. my little one loves dinosaurs but when i took her to an 'exhibit' at the zoo she freaked out. wouldn't go near em. a haunted house would not go over well...

anyhow, hope you have a great weekend. i agree with donatelli, wine is in order.

Deelsu said...

I am still TOTALLY freaked out by haunted houses. Like pee in my pants scared!
As for what Brad is saying? He's saying.. 'chubs'.. that's his nickname for Paige.. She's crawling..trying to work it off!

Sassafrass Jane said...

Ohhh poor scared punkins! Bram got showed up by a clan of girls. And poor Tessie munching on smarties. What a picture.

I nannied for a 2 year old boy a couple Halloweens ago. I took him to Party City one afternoon. He saw this fake Frankenstein guy holding his own head and laughing. He SHIT his pants. Well, maybe it was a coincidence, but he freaked out hardcore. His mom told me he still talks about "head-off guy". He's 4. Oops.

mamaclay said...

Poor little thing. I don't like haunted houses either, and I'm 30. I understand completely.

The Rand's said...

Poor little Tess. Good luck tomorrow night!

Merry Mack said...

OH Coco, I am so sorry. This happened to us last year. Missy Mack has always had a shaking with terror thing for all things dressed up. She was so brave trick or treating last year with all sorts of prep and we were so proud. Then the next day we were invited to a friend's b day that was carnival themed. The friend's aunt dressed up as a clown, which we didn't even see, but Missy Mack did. It took at least 5 attempts of going back to the car, trying to pull her together and finally we just gave up and went home without even making it out of the parking lot to the party. She was a little anxious at Disney World. I am not sure how tonight will go. Haunted Houses are scary. There is still time for them to grow into the fun of it all. Good luck tonight. Maybe Tessie need can peek through the window at the trick or treaters and ease into Halloween. I also have a great story to tell you along these lines about Joe Grissom, but I have rambled too long today. Happy Haunting.

Sara and Trey said...

Poor things!!! Hell, I'm 34 and I still HATE Haunted Houses! Come to think of it, I'm not a big fan of Halloween at all. Candy - yes. Cute costumes- yes. Scary stuff - No thanks! Hope they recover and get to enjoy some fun trick or treating tonight!

The Rand's said...

I gave you an award!