Friday, October 9, 2009

Random Friday Coco

1) I bawled at the end of The Office wedding. Cried. Wept. I have a witness.

2) Tess likes to eat candles.

3) I am curious why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Whaaaa???

4) Our dog Martha has 17 names and she will come to all of them. Marty, Marty McFly, McFly, FlyFly, Marfy, Marfa, Marfa Lights, Marfa McMarfpants, Mimi, Momo, and Patricia. She is smart and I love her so.

5) It is raining today and cool. This makes me very happy.

6) I've lost 4 lbs. Last night I ate a lot of brie and bread. And queso. I totally blame PMS for the lack in judgement.

7) Thomas the Train will be here this weekend. Let's all say a quick pray in hopes I didn't drop the ball and there are still tickets left.

8) Pedra, our cat, is meowing at the back door. She wants in. Pedra is an outdoor cat. I am having a moral dilemma as I type this.

9) I bought a Robert Pattinson t-shirt to wear for Halloween. He has fangs on the said shirt and in French it says, "I want to drink your blood." I can't wait to wear it because everyone is going to make so much fun of me. But I don't care. RPat you ROCK!!

10) Last but not least, as you may or may not of noticed, I am using proper capitalization AND this post has taken me two seconds to type. Why? Because we got our computer back. We actually got it back on Wednesday but Dell forgot to pack some wires and such along with our new hard drive. Without these wires it made it impossible for the hubs to put the new hard drive in. Our wires and such came yesterday. Hubs was able to figure it all out. My beloved computer is back. Holla!!

And as a special Friday treat, below is a picture of the old ghetto computer. I advise you to swallow your coffee now. You will laugh.

Can you believe? Wow.

Have a totally hip hop weekend! Ta-ta for now!!!


starnes family said...

It's even more beautiful than I had imagined. Why did you think you needed a new one?!

Scary Mommy said...

I am in love with your header. Seriously. And the Office? I was sobbing. SOBBING!

Angry Julie Monday said...

You are soo random~

Sassafrass Jane said...


I would have spit my coffee out, so glad you advised swallowing.

And, I heart Edward. Not so much RPat, because he looks kind of greasy and stinky to me. But in a hot way.

Office had me sobbing, too. Sobbing because Tony now wants to run away to Niagra Falls. "I can relate. Why ARE we inviting all these stupid people??" Thanks, Office. Thanks.

Carrie Darney said...

That is SO much worse than I thought! Great job on still using it! Man, that must have sucked.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Holy cow, that PC is worse than I thought. Thanks for the heads up so I wouldn't spew my coffee and ruin my PC. And how did you lose 4lbs while eating brie and queso.

Come on by, AMAZING dessert today.

Vintage Junky said...

You are hilarious! I have to get me a T-shirt for the New Moon premier. And, the only reason I didn't cry last night is because I am sooo stopped up and it would have made it much, much worse!

Have a great weekend!

you can pass that weight loss love on...

The Soladay Family said...

WTF was that?! Are you sure that was a computer? Now, I can only see a small pic of it since we're in the car and I'm on my Blackberry, but I think Dell might owe you compensation for pain and suffering!

The Jones Family said...

That computer is a keeper, Coco!

I forgot to DVR The Office, darn it... I'll have to watch it today on the computer

Donatelli98 said...

Nice! I think we should start a club - PO'd owners of Dell! I still don't have mine back either! Good luck with Thomas!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Okay, few things.
The office was awesome...but no need to cry and I am 9 months pregnant.

T-shirt: so lame...that dude is NOT that cute and you will totally be made fun of me.

Computer-holy crap I know times are tough. I had no idea it was that that's something to cry about...and laugh about!

Merry Mack said...


Ann said...

Holy crap. You are one dedicated blogger to use that thing.