Monday, September 28, 2009

good game gone bad

ummmmmm, bram's first soccer game didn't go well. at all. seems bram is a bit of a primadonna. he would just walk off the field in the middle of playing with a slew of complaints. a few examples being he "was thirsty" or "too tired" or "nobody will give me the ball" or "i fell down."

he finished the game sitting in my chair balled up in a fetal position crying.

honestly, it was one of my proudest moments as a parent.

this is the only picture we have of the soccer game. there are no pictures of him playing since he barely played. and a picture of him having a temper tantrum in his uniform during his game just doesn't count.

after the super fun soccer game we had lunch, napped and then it was time for a mini birthday celebration for tess. her real party is this thursday but she needed to celebrate with gran-t, uncle bryan and aunt sara.

so homemade spaghetti and cupcakes!! and i know it looks like my kids had no clothes on again, but to my defense, i had to strip them down for spaghetti.

the evening wrapped up with my brother getting into the kids jungle gym and swinging bram around. i really have never laughed so hard. he was being whipped around so fast.

we are kind of an odd family. see how bram's feet are flailed out, the kid was flying!

all in all it was a wonderful weekend.

i just hope i don't see anyone from the soccer fields for a few more days. i'm afraid.


The Jones' said...

Sounds like T's first season, and his game on Saturday! I'm teasing but he is the only kid out there NOT really playing all that hard... SO annoying!

MamaSue said...

Sounds like Sydney's first pep rally. She stood there in her little outfit and saddle oxfords in the school gym with her pom poms over her ears!

Ann said...

One of my happiest days will be when Lolly stops playing organized sports. I know - mother of the year right? You are only getting started =)

starnes family said...

Carter was like this at age 3. Just not into it....didn't get it. Hope he's having fun, either way.

Live.Love.Eat said...

He's so cute, even primadona style. And I still love that they're always nekked!!!!!

The Lenzers said...

Would have been fun if had been David Beckham curled up in a fetal position in your lap crying, oh, in his underwear! You can tell where my mind is-ha!! So the soccer game sounded perfectly normal for a 4 year old. Glad yall had fun.

The Soladay Family said...

All that matters is that he's having fun! Cute usual!!

The Rand's said...

Gracie hardly touched the ball at all last season of soccer. She didn't like the girls running at her, kinda scared her. Can't say I blame her.