Thursday, September 10, 2009

good news and bad news

good news is our computer does not have a virus.

bad news is that the hard drive is bad.

badder news is guess who gets to tell the dell guys this info?

badderest news is guess who always loses her shit when talking to the dell guys?

i hope i can somehow convince "bob" sitting in the call center in sri lanka that we took our computer in and had it looked at, that i don't need him "to walk me through" any diagnostic tests. this always takes hours and "bob" or "ricky" or "calvin" always get frustrated with me for two reasons, 1) i have no idea what anything on a computer is except the keys, the screen, and where to stick my camera card and 2) i can't effing understand them.

there, i said it. they speak terrible english and then have the audacity to tell me that i am "not paying attention."

i have even had a "dave" make me cry from mocking my lack of computer knowledge.

needless to say, i am somewhat dreading my early morning dell convo. ugh.

i might have to start drinking a few hours earlier today.

on a happy note, my sis in law's bday is today and i get to head to austin tonight to celebrate good times. come on! looking forward to it.

on another note, i am reading everyone's blogs but for some reason not able to comment with my ghettofabulous no key computer. seriously, i need to take a picture of this bad boy. everyone would be laughing for days at the terrible blogging conditions I am having to put up with.

my life is soooooooooooooo hard.


starnes family said...

He accused you of not paying attention? WTH? That is hilarious.

So sorry, Court. I know how frustrating this is. I try to never call Dell.

For any reason.


Live.Love.Eat said...

My goodness, what are you working on, Bram's Fisher Price laptop or something? But then again, that might work better than the one you're on. I do feel for you. I have dealt with these people overseas at these stupid call centers and they are awful. Stress induced tears I have endured. Good luck!

MamaSue said...

Sorry about having to talk to the Dell guy. You should see our Dell, it has a giant dent in the cover...probably from Rick throwing it but he says he "dropped it". Is it still under warranty?

Soxy Deb said...

I am so with you on the Dell tech support! I spent hours - HOURS - on the floor of my office, cleaning the floor with my ginormous arse, disconnecting and reconnecting crap one day - ALL FOR NOTHING!!! Bastages!

Good luck. My thoughts are with you. For reals.

Angry Julie Monday said...


I HATE Dell. Why do you think I got a Macbook. I told Angry Husband, I will NEVER EVER buy a Dell again.

Good Luck with that phone call.

Donatelli98 said...

The sad things is Dell is headquartered outside of Austin ... good luck with that call!

Deelsu said...

I've got to see this computer! take a picture of it!
I can't stand those Mofo's in India either.
Doh! Did I really say that?
Good Luck! Drink a few ruby red slippers tonight!

The Jones' said...

The Nerve of those Dell guys... JERKS!

whereismymind said...

Yes... Cpmputer people think everyone in the world should speak computer. Sorry. I do not.

Hope it goes better than expected. Computer problems suck. Big nasties.

The Lenzers said...

I know how you feel. I am always moments away from tossing my PC out the back door. I have 4 keys missing and a crooked space bar-that only half works. Mine is thanks to toddlers and a dumb dog(she ran across it and knocked off 3 of the keys).
Can't you just get a new one? Seems easier than listening to the "out of towners" who keep stealing american jobs-whoops was that my out loud voice?

msprimadonna67 said...

I think I've talked to "Dave" before. That guy seriously irritates me! I always make my husband make those calls, because I am hopeless at understanding heavy accents.