Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm kind of high right now.....

my "mommy alone" weekend didn't quite turn into the weekend i planned. not at all.

i almost died.

well, i didn't almost die, but i came pretty close.

i broke my baby toe.

and right now i would like to take a minute and apologize to all the people i know who have broken their baby toe and limped around in front of me. i apologize because i am certain i made fun of your drama behind your back. it really is painful. i would even goes as far as to say it is more painful than childbirth.

it happened friday evening, i was totally sober, and just nailed it coming out of the laundry room. the next morning i could not walk. at all. i couldn't even walk on my heel, i had to hop around. it was a sad, pitiful sight.

i pondered what to do, hubby was not home so i had nobody to turn to for advice. finally i ventured out to the minor emergency clinic that we have in town, because my foot was turning black and blue and the pain was not getting any better. i got an x-ray to confirm my tiny toe was really really broken with a tiny hairline fracture on my foot. boo-hoo.

so they wrapped my toes, gave me an ugly boot and a prescription and sent me home.

that was my fun "mommy alone" weekend.

yesterday, i drove tess and i to weatherford so my mom could drive me to meet iddy and pa and my sweet brammy!! my mother had to drive me since i was dying in pain and couldn't take a pill and tote my kids around, that would just be irresponsible parenting! and i got to be pampered my parents, which is a bonus.

i just got home this afternoon and feel much better. i took a pain pill. it really helps. but i am not wearing that stupid boot. it is ugly and makes me feel a bit like a drama queen when someone asks, "what happened to your foot?" and i'm all like, "i broke my baby toe."

so i am being way tough right now.

anyhoo, my babies are home and everything is right in the world. a little bit of deprogramming will be going on the next few days. bram hasn't heard the word, "no" in a week.

on our way home today he asked me if he could have a motorcycle and a jet when he turns 16.

see? a little deprogramming is very necessary.

kind of like my pain pills.


juliarhock said...

Egads - a boot! Quelle dommage, my friend. Not a good look, especially for a fashionista such as yourself. So sorry. Enjoy those painkillers!

FROGGITY! said...

OH MY GAH! OW! i believe in the pain. i hope it's not too bad and that you feel better soon!!

MamaSue said...

Put the boot on and tell people you fractured your foot! My mom did that once with her middle toe and fractured her foot...I healed funky and she had to have surgery. Just put on the boot girl!

starnes family said...

I keep telling Carter to keep a list of such requests. You wouldn't believe what is on it. Motorcyle, Ferrari, etc. Every tine he asks, I say, "Why, yes! Put it on the list and I'll make it happen, my dear!"

We teach sarcasm early in this house.

Deelsu said...

Sorry to hear about your toe! ouch!

Merry Mack said...

You might want to listen to MamaSue! I am so sorry. Hang in there. They heal quickly.

morewineplease said...

Wear the damn boot if it helps, and just say that your broke 4 toes!
Hope you heal up fast!

The Soladay Family said...

Ouch! Have had a broken toe really does hurt!!! Glad you little guy is home!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Hello totally make up a kick ass story. You'll be the talk of the town!

Hope you feel better!

whereismymind said...

OH NO! Not the baby toe! (JK! Sorry, had to...) I'm sure you are in loads of pain. Hang in there and keep taking those pain pills, sista.

Sara and Trey said...

Oh gosh, I bet that hurt like a son of a gun! Those boots are so ugly, but you gotta wear it or it'll take so much longer to heal. Did they at least give you a nice color boot? When I broke my foot, I had a cast and a boot and the boot was an ugly doo-doo brown. Not very fashionable. Get well soon! And enjoy the pain pills :)

Ann said...

ouch! Maybe you can bedazzle the boot to make it more fashion forward.