Tuesday, September 8, 2009

still down but not out

our computer is getting fixed. therefore, i am on our ghettofabulous laptop that is missing a lot of keys and doesn't let you capitalize.

thanks to bram and obviously me who wasn't paying attention.

so this will be short and sweet and will just sum up the past week. more deets later.

oh yeah, baby! first day of mother's day out. ohhhh la la!

tess has been playing octomom a lot. all of her babies go with her everywhere. this concerns me. unless of course tlc come a knockin' and we get some cash out of the deal.

hanging with the love of her life, so far.

driving her mustang in her tu-tu with my sunday dr. pepper in hand. (i only have dp on sundays. weird? yes. calorie saver? even yesser.)

bram hitting balls with mikey. cutest thing ever. he was seriously acting as a caddy.

tons more pics but really, this has taken me three hours to type. ugh. hopefully computer will be home today.

on a side note: tess now laughs her ass off if she or anyone else toots. i mean belly laughs. uh-oh.


starnes family said...

LOVE the navy dot dress. Must have. Nothing cuter.

Great post. Missing the deets!

MamaSue said...

uh oh...you are in big trouble!

Deelsu said...

Like the shot of Tess in her car! and Bram on the course. Bummer about the computer. I've been MIA as well.
miss ya!

The Jones' said...

I love the pillow case dress, so stinkin' cute!

And the tutu in the car; classic!

morewineplease said...

seriously love'n on these pics!!

TELL me you saw the latest jaw dropping hottness of RPatz, before they all got deleted??

If the shoe FITZ said...

What is up with all those babies!!!

Merry Mack said...

soooo cute! Miss you.

greygillfish said...

Missing your fun posts...hurry back!

Love all the cute photos today!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, the one of Tess in that car is priceless. She looks like a miniature Jessica Lange, a little woman. Seriously, she is a model in that pic.

P.S. I like the all no caps actually.