Wednesday, September 16, 2009

a whole lot of nothin', yet fascinating

1) not only does tess have a cheerleading outfit, she also has a starlette outfit. see above. representing our drill team.

2) tess does not seem to notice her brother's absence as of yet. this kind of worries me as i always considered her bright.

3) bram would not talk to me on the phone last night. when iddy asked if he wants to talk to mommy, he politely answered, "no thank you."

4) i am dying that i can't leave bloggy comments. dying. trust me, i'm reading everyday and have tried relentlessly to leave a comment.

5) if michael dell did not to so much for the children of austin. i would wish very bad things to happen to him.

6) if i were michael dell, i would change my companies name to, "kevin's computers" that way i would not be associated with such a shitty company. yet, i would still be a gazillianaire.

7) i am glad i bought a microfiber couch. one wipe with a damp dishtowel and blue gogurt and red crayon are just a fading memory.

8) i am glad my kids have a new found love of michael jackson, but if i hear "beat it" or "bad" one more time. i don't know what.

9) i have already lost 2 lbs. i swear by phase one of south beach. works wonders for me and i eat all day long.

10) when i get to my goal weight, i will be purchasing a new pair of true religions.

11) the weather is gorgeous. my mood is amazing. i didn't realize how postal 87 days of over 100 degree heat made me.

12) i still heart sesame street. love it.

13) tessie mayes is quite spoiled.

14) i miss my boo, bram.

that is all i got for today.


Deelsu said...

What's the goal weight? I'm trying to lose too for the wedding.

My goal 115!

Heather said...

My husband reads your blog....I know totally weird... not your blog.....just the fact that he reads yours....anyway, he said he has 3 words for you....Get a MAC. He told me that out of the blue a couple of days ago. Just out of the blue he said, "Coco needs to get a MAC, why is she fooling with that stupid dell?" We've had 3 macs for 3 yrs now. Not one problem...except the battery stopped charging on my laptop...but it's covered under warranty.

Heather said...

oh ! and I threw up in my mouth the other day when I had to put jeans on too. Good luck with the diet. I might need to know more about this phase 1 south beach thing.

Carrie Darney said...

Hagen NEVER will talk to me on the phone. He isn't as polite as Bram...he screams NOOOOO like I am the worst human being on the planet!

MamaSue said...

I know what you mean about the Michael Jackson thing. This week they found our the jazz dance is to Billie Jean...but now we added the J5 greatest hits to the mix...what was I thinking? My laptop is a Dell...its okay but I heart HP!

Angry Julie Monday said...


You should have gotten a MAC!!!!! We are having problems with our Dell that we bought in October. I'm soo pissed at Angry Husband for buying that piece of crap.

The Jones' said...

I SO need a diet too; I busted my ass for months and then have just totally let myself go again. Put on my jeans for the first time the other day and immediately took them off. Can you say "muffin top"! Casey and I have decided we are bringing them back...

If the shoe FITZ said...

I haven't had any real issues with the last few HPs I've had but it seems like EVERYONE says to get a MAC.

Sassafrass Jane said...


2) I love True Religions! And Hudsons.

3) Tess is rockin it!

The Soladay Family said...

Why is it that our children want to talk to us at the "wrong" times but won't at the "right" times?! I don"t get it!

Anonymous said...

I too long for a pair of fancy jeans. G/L on SB - I am on week 3 of Weight Watchers. Down 6 lbs but a long way to go.

Heather's husband's words have been spoken in my house - GET A MAC but I am resistant to change.

Microfiber rocks. Although it can hold the smell from a leaky pull up for a really long time. Just sayin'.

LOL about Tess not missing Bram. Carson, in his infinite 2 month old wisdom, is secretly glad that Avery is back at school. He got his personal space back.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh so that's why you haven't been by. I mean, commented.

And good for you losing 2lbs. But watch out when you start eating carbs again. That's why i don't like diets like that. However, it is good as kickstart hen nothing else is working and you need a good push in the butt.