Friday, September 11, 2009

hangin' tough

nicki, abby (hubs little sis), lacey (birthday girl) and coco.

last night was a lot of fun. and i am not feeling 100% at the moment. but it was kind of worth it

nope, it was way worth it.

but i will be feeding my children fast food today so i can partake in the foodfest, morning star vegan nuggets do not sound good right now.

it is only 9 am and i am already talking up some taco casa to the kids. i need to plant the seed now so when the time comes for some fast food decisions, i don't have to do mcdonalds. momma needs some fat girl food (preferably some bean and cheese nachos and a soft taco) to prepare her for this evenings debauchery that some like to call, bunco. whoa, nelly. going out two night in. a. row.

who do i think i am?

a rock star apparently.

a rock star that likes to wear very short dresses when she goes out on the town.

have a great weekend!

ps i have started making a list in my head of all the 80's songs that go perfectly with the twilight books/films (think duran duran's new moon on monday, get it? new moon and the second film is new moon. perfect.

it is what i do when i am running. the list is quite extensive but very poignant to the sexy beast rob/edward and all of the make out sessions we have while on set of filming the movies we will be starring in together. i plan on putting this list on the blog for your enjoyment.

i also plan on sending it to whomever is in charge of the music and such for all of the future twilight films i will be humping rpat in.

nothing like some good old cure while you are licking a 23 year olds face.


Deelsu said...

You look HOT mama! Love that Dress! great picture!

starnes family said...

Cute girls. Demented Coco. Love it.

The Jones' said...

LOL, love it...

If the shoe FITZ said...

Hey drunkard!
Totally cute pic and cute girls.
layoff the twilight gig it'll never happen.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Mexican is the BEST cure. Best. Love the dress!

morewineplease said...

HOLY CRAP... we love LOVE LOVE Taco Casa.. there is not one in OKC, so we always stop off I-35 on our way to Houston.

WHO... ahem.... will be humping rpats... Eddie.... ME!

Looking super hot Coco!

Donatelli98 said...

You crack me up! Love your blog! Love the name Lacey too - it is my maiden name and my daughter's name! Totall agree - hangovers and mexican are a perfect combo!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Great pic, love that dress you got on. You should visit Lulaville on my blogroll. She swears she should be the soundtrack person for Twilight. She's probably right. She's responsible for hundreds of people getting turned on to the series.