Sunday, November 1, 2009

Let's take a look back.....

This was the best Halloween yet! Bram and Tess are at such a fun, fun age to go trick or treating. My mom came to visit. As did my brother and his girlfriend, Sara. Always a GREAT time.

Before I post pics of this years dazzling costumes (kidding) I thought I would flashback to the fun that is dressing up your kids for your amusement...and theirs as well.

Halloween 2006:

Just cute. I don't care who you are. This is just plain cute.

This is probably my favorite picture ever. At our cute little pumpkin patch, Bram's face on this fake tractor is priceless!

Halloween 2007:

Spiderman. Bram's world had just been ROCKED in this picture. Tess was 3 weeks old. I had a football player outfit for him to wear with our last name on the back and all. He was NOT having it. It was the Spiderman costume or nothin'. Poor guy was still in shock at this point, I did not want to traumatize him anymore than he already was, so I concurred.

Tess went as a flower. A Baby Lulu gown and her flower hat and we were good to go.

Please check out the hoofs on this tiny baby! When she flew out of me, the first thing all the nurses said was, "She has the biggest feet we have ever seen on a baby!" At age two, girlfriend is wearing a size 7! AND once again, totally looks like Elmor Fudd. Totally. You can agree, I know she is gorgeous now, and was a pretty baby. But by God, she was a spitting image of Elmor Fudd if you ask me.

Halloween 2008:

A spider and butterfly. I knew this would be the last year that I would be able to select Bram's costume. I was right. BUT don't my children just make the most darling bugs ever?!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I know we did!


starnes family said...

That last picture is precious!!!!!! You're a good mom to give into the spiderman.....not easy.....because I know you're crazy like me......but you did the right thing!

Love the pictures.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Widuw Tess wooks just wike Elmuw Fudd. SO FUNNY! Love the flower. And Bram was such a little chubby guy on that tractor! Cracked me up. You're so pretty in that pic, Cocobean. Love the pics!

Heather said...

Awweee. Too cute. Did Tess do okay while trick-or-treating or did she freak out again? Adorable baby with the HUGE flower! And seriously, Ellison just wears a 13 and she's in 3rd grade! We'll be taking Tess' hand-me-down shoes in no time! thank you very much. haha just kidding!

Deelsu said...

The tractor photo is priceless!

MamaSue said...

I love to look back at Sydney's costumes past...I was going to post them but my scanner isn't working and I'm kind of bummed. You may see old halloween pics in February...who knows. Love you!

Sara and Trey said...

They are the cutest bugs I've ever seen! Glad y'all had a good Halloween......and you look great!
I can't believe you've already changed your header. On the ball! How do you do that??? I need help. Mine still looks like summer!

The Lenzers said...

OK, my fave pic too....Bram on the tractor. LOVE IT!!! And we (or our kids) have very similar taste with the PBK spider and then the age 3 spider man!!! Did B wear it as much as Connor? He literally lives in that damn costume

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, they are so stinking cute!!! That is too funny about her feet-- I've never heard of feet that big, LOL!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Love the Halloween flashbacks. I can't believe Tess wears a size 7! Amazing. Her feet look like mine in that last pic!