Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coco has questions.......

And I need YOU to help. I'm jumping right in.

#1-if you have dark granite counter tops. What in the name of all that is Holy and sacred, have you found that cleans and doesn't leave streaks?

#2-if your child has curly hair. What in the name if the 8lb 6oz baby Jesus do you wash their hair with, that doesn't leave them looking 1) homeless or 2) like a greasy pediphile.

#3-what razor do you prefer to shave your legs with?

#4-what red wine do you prefer?

#5-what is the BEST laundry detergent. Especially IF you children have sensitive skin?

#6-IF you are a dumb ass like myself, what do you use to clean stupid, idiot, butthole STAINLESS STEEL appliances. And if you happen to have a commercial sized range, would LOVE to hear what you use to keep it not looking like a grease pit.

#7-If you have concrete floors, what do you use to clean them.

#8-What lipglass do you prefer?

#9-What mascara are you obsessed with?

#10-Favorite salad dressing, that is a little healthy?

That is all my friends. These are the 10 things that have been plaguing me in 2009 and I would like to solve these issues before 2010 is over.

Zoloft is expensive and I don't want to go up in my dosage. Or end up in a corner rocking, sucking a paci and wearing Dora adult diapers, repeating, "my appliances are streaky, my appliances are streaky, my appliances are streaky..bram's hair is limp, bram's hair is limp....clumpy lashes, clumpy lashes, clumpy lashes"

You get the picture.
So your help is greatly appreciated.

Your help is needed like no other. Hubs will thank you.

Before you answer, remember....Coco likey things shiny. Kind of like a kitten and a ball of yarn.

And because I am counting on YOU to see me through. I am going to show the love as well....... giving you some fun new decor ideas.

You're welcome.

I did a little rearranging with my bread boxes. Hung those puppies on the wall, they have been on top of my cabinets, bored to tears!! Easy and it looks funky and fun.

During my awesome stay with my ex-friend Casey, I bought the below Andy Warhol poster. I could not for the life of me find a frame that 1) wasn't $1,000,000.00 or 2) wasn't cheesy. SO, I put my pea mind to work and went to Michael's. There, I found that they had their canvases on sale. I bought a 24x36 canvas for $20. I already had my handy Mod Podge and some damask scrapbooking paper and went to work.

Y'all discuss in your heads how good this looks. Go on....

And then we have Miss Tess. Posing. Absolutely nothing to do with home improvements or great tips, but who doesn't want a day without a picture of this little carrot of love. With an elk back pack on. Only in the Coco house is there not one, BUT TWO elk back packs. That's just how we roll. YO'.

This is where the little lady gets her posing from. Mr."Let me dress myself." Himself.

Moral of the story. If you have a poster that you're not sure what to do with. A canvas and some Mod Podge are your friends.

Second moral to the story, old bread boxes that you can find at flea markets for under $5, are your friends.

Third moral to the story, if you pose for your children, they will grow into posers. And when I say "posers" I mean, "STRIKE A POSE!" not, "YOU AIN'T NO REAL SKATER! GET THAT THAT FAKE SKATE BOARD OUT OF HERE!"

And that is my story and questions and

ta-ta for now!


starnes family said...

Hun, I'm calling you today. Promise.

LOVING the poster. I need explicit directions for mine. I want it to look just like that. Precious.

More later.....I have to get back to ignoring you.

Shannon said...

#2-if your child has curly hair.
- I don't have a child with curly hair but I have thick, wavy hair. I use Be Curly by Aveda.

#4-what red wine do you prefer?
- Robert Mondavi Pinot Noir

#5-what is the BEST laundry detergent. Especially IF you children have sensitive skin?
- All Free & Clear. Had to use for my daughter's skin until she was 12. Anything else and she'd break out.

#6-IF you are a dumb ass like myself, what do you use to clean stupid, idiot, butthole STAINLESS STEEL appliances. And if you happen to have a commercial sized range, would LOVE to hear what you use to keep it not looking like a grease pit.
- This method is supposed to work.

#8-What lipglass do you prefer?
- Bath and Body Works C.O. Bigelow glosses

#10-Favorite salad dressing, that is a little healthy?
- Raspberry vinaigrette or any fat free Italian.

Shannon said...

Oh, I almost forgot.

I LOVE that poster. Well-done with the decoupage. Did you use Modge Podge to do it?

MamaSue said...

Granit counters...try using a microfiber cloth

Shampoo - Aveda Be Curly...I have curly hair not my child. Also Johnsons has one for curly hair.

Razor - fusion...expensive but well worth it if you are Sasquach like me

All free and clear is as good as Dreft and not nearly as pricey...if you use dryer sheets lay off the scented ones.

Stainless - let me know because I still want stainless appliances

L'oeal Shocking Volume and as a bonus I love Nars eye makeup remover it is the ONLY one that doesn't sting my eyes.

Salad dressing...use what you love on the side and only coat your fork in it. Works great and cuts way back on calories

Love the poster. Your creative skills never cease to amaze me!!


Sara and Trey said...

1) Sprayway works great!

2) Not sure, but let me know when you find one b/c the way H's hair is growing...I know it's going to be curly and thick!

3) Gillette Venus Divine Razor. Smooth as silk!!

4) We've already discussed this. Parker Station Pinot Noir. Also like Pepi. Both are screw tops. That's how I roll.

5)Dreft. And I wish I didn't have to buy this. So expensive, but H's skin is very sensitive and it seems to do the trick.

6) ??? Let me know when you find out.

7) We just use soap and water.

8) Trish McEvoy Sundance. My fave!

9) Old school Maybelline Great Lash. Used it since middle school and still love it. I tried Yves Saint Laurent last year b/c a friend claimed it was awesome and I was not impressed. Went back to my drug store brand.

10) Girards Light Champagne Vinaigrette. Love this!!! 6 grams of fat.

Hope these help. Love Miss Tess posing. And love Bram's outfit. Poster looks awesome!

Donatelli98 said...

Love love love the poster - awesome idea ...

#1 - Granite Counter tops - I have been using the Clorox Green cleaner that is safe for granite, does an ok job. I also use the Granite Gold granite cleaner and polish (
#2 - Kid with curly hair - Bia's is a little curly and mine is naturally curly - I suggest deep conditioner; a lot of time I use whatever I have for my hair (Redken, Matrix, Kenra - I switch up) and also put some styling lotion or gel to keep it manageable and not frizzy. But most mornings Bia looks homeless
#3 - Cheap Bic Pink disposable razor
#4 - Where do I start - first off go to Total Wine (oops you don't have one) some of my favs are Erath Pinot Noir, Coppola Pinot Noir, The Kitchen Sink (blend), Courtney Benham Cab and Pinot Noir (you should buy it since it is named after you!)
#5 - My kids have sensitive skin so I use Costco Free and Clear but have used ALL and Tide Free and Clear. Note - I use dye free dryer sheets too. Also they use Dove unscented soap and Cetaphil in their bath water and Aveeno unscented lotion (per pediatrician's suggestion)...
#6 - I have some spray crap but it still doesn't work great although when my hub does it it looks better, so I make him do it.
#8 - Lipglass - MAC or Mary Kay
#9 - I switch all the time. Usually between Lancome and Clinque
#10 - Wishbone Light Ranch; Oil and Vinegar and then a little bit of the Italian dressing seasoning packet (dry)

Can you give a step by step on the poster? How did you incorporate the scrapbook paper?

Donatelli98 said...

Agree with Mama Sue - I use a micor fiber cloth when I clean my countertops

Deelsu said...

Anything Ken's are my fav dressings.
No clue on the rest of it...but when it comes to wine.
Flora Springs Cab

Vintage Junky said...

Love the canvas, love the bread boxes. Okay here are my answers, in no particular order:

ditto on the Maybelline Great Lash... tried other pricy stuff, this is what I like the best

ditto on the All Free and Clear, anything else makes me want to claw my skin off

The razor... no razor... 3 words: laser hair removal. Hurts like, well, it hurts. But it is worth it. I did my bikini and I need to save up for legs and underarms.

We have light granite but I use a stone cleaner in a black bottle from Home Depot for deep cleaning.

You let me know what you find out on the lip glass (I currently use philosophy sugar cookie... yum, but sticky) and on the ss both appliances and the grease pit range.

Anonymous said...

that's funny--i posted about mascara today. i'm back to using the pink one with the green top. i think it's mabelline.

we use All-free and clear detergent. All also has detergent specific for babies.

is your kid throwing up gang signs? awesome.

Heather said...

OK I have never posted on your blog before because I thought you might think "weird-o!", who IS that? haha. I grew up with Lacey(have known the girls since before we were both potty trained, ha!) She spilled it on FB which blogs are her favs, and yours was one of them. Love reading me some blogs!!

Wanted to answer some of your 10 questions because I have some dang good products I use;

#1-if you have dark granite counter tops. What in the name of all that is Holy and sacred, have you found that cleans and doesn't leave streaks?

Pledge Multi Surface rocks. In the blue spray bottle

#2-if your child has curly hair. What in the name if the 8lb 6oz baby Jesus do you wash their hair with, that doesn't leave them looking 1) homeless or 2) like a greasy pediphile.

Suave for Kids seems to do the trick here. And Loreal kids conditioner.

#3-what razor do you prefer to shave your legs with?

Intuition, period.

#4-what red wine do you prefer?

I don't drink, GASP!

#5-what is the BEST laundry detergent. Especially IF you children have sensitive skin?

Tide Free and Clear in the white jug.

#6-IF you are a dumb ass like myself, what do you use to clean stupid, idiot, butthole STAINLESS STEEL appliances. And if you happen to have a commercial sized range, would LOVE to hear what you use to keep it not looking like a grease pit.

Bar Keepers Friend. Hubs is in the restaurant business and they swear by the stuff.

#7-If you have concrete floors, what do you use to clean them.

Don't have concrete floors.

#8-What lipglass do you prefer?

Seriously, Mary Kay has some sweet lip gloss.

#9-What mascara are you obsessed with?

Telescopic by Loreal. THAT is some good stuff

#10-Favorite salad dressing, that is a little healthy?

Paul Newman's Strawberry Vinagrette, or something like that.

The Soladay Family said...

Love the poster! You're SO creative AND hot....good combo.

Stainless Steel: I swear by "Stainless Steal" by Sprayway. I buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Makes it look brand spankin new in a second!

Razors: I'm a fusion gal...I shave EVRY SINGLE FREAKIN' DAY...hairless from the waist down girl! Was that TMI or what.

Salad Dressing: Any kind of vinaigrette!


The Luis Family said...

I use a microfiber for the granite counter tops and for the stainless steel! Let me tell you girl, I love my microfiber cloth. It cleans EVERYTHING! Never leaves a streak on the stainless steel or the counter tops. I also use it to do the windows and mirrors with just water - NEVER streaks. It is so easy I clean my stainless steel appliance every other day. The best thing is that I don't use any chemicals to clean them - simple and easy and leaves EVERYTHING beautiful.

The poster is awesome! What a great idea!

Londie Living Life said...

Ok...damn you are demanding! LOL Ok here goes!!!

1. can't help you b/c I have the free cheap shit that the builder put in and hence the reason we are moving and not putting in granite(we might if we can't sell this damn house).

2. my child had curly curly hair. I wash it with sunsilk (in the purpleish bottle) b/c that is what I use for my hair. Then I followed up with biosilk(just a little to tame the curls and not make them wild looking). Works GREAT!!!!

3. I use bic soliel razors(the monochromatic ones that go from yellow to orange).

4. I prefered red wine before my fashion show fiasco and I puked so much I burned my taste buds with the acid from my I can't drink it. I liked the Kendall Jackson merlot.

5. I only use Tide don't know if it will work for your babies.

6. I have this stuff that I use and I will have to go find the name. It works GREAT and doesn't streak your stuff!!! I'll FB you the name!!

7. for all floors I use Fabuloso!! Its the BEST!!! SWEAR!!!!

8. ONLY lip gloss I use and my lips be POPPIN!! C.O Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine!!! I've been an addict for like 3 years now!! BEST STUFF EVER!!

9. Mascara I only use is Clinique Naturally Glossy b/c I like clean crisp eyes and this works the best for my eyes. Used it for years. I don't like clumpy mascara either!

10. I like italian or vinagrettes for my dressings.

PHEW!!! I need a nap now! LOL

Carrie Darney said...

Lip gloss...i get mine at Bath and Body works. It is mentha Lip Tint in Plum Mint. "Mint-infused for fresh breath" REALLY should try it. Mint infused!

I also use Maybelline Great lash...the pink and green.

Salad Dressing. My mom taught me a trick. If you like Ranch then just 1/2 it with Balsamic vinegar or red wine vinegar. Try to 1/2 your favorite creamy (hate that word) with the vinegar and it is so good!

I also make my own vinegrette.
1/2 cup white Vinegar
1/3 cup oil
1 packet Equal
about 1/2 t. of dill or celery seed


Carrie Darney said...

Also, Dr. Pepper Chapstick...don't is the best! not sticky and leaves just a hint of gotta try it!

The Jones Family said...

Totally out of order but who cares:

Weiman Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish, Walmart; LOVE IT!

Bobby Brown lip gloss (was a gift, I'm too cheap to buy such things for myself)

Cover Girl, LashBlast - cheap but LOVE it

I use Dreft too for Maci's stuff

Don't drink wine, sorry

Don't use anything special for curly hair. Remember my child STILL has NO FREAKING hair :(

and I too love your poster... SO freaking you!

The Lenzers said...

just cathcing up on my blog reading, obviously still behind on my posting, but WTH i have 3 kids now (my excuse for everything). The poster looks great!! use windex on you staninless steel, per Martha Stewart. Lancome mascara when you want to spend $20, Loreal when you don't. Costco brand free and clear detergent for the sensitive kids. And for me, these days, any f-ing wine will do!!! Happy New Year!!

FROGGITY! said...

1) still looking for the perfect cleaner for our black granite
2) ??
3) venus
4) ravenswood cab sauv (for just an every day wine)
5) all free and clear
6) method
7) swiffer wet mop ... on our tile floors at least
8) avon lipglosses or chanel glossimer (twinkle is my fave)
9) bobbi brown (so great)
10) 1 part olive oil + 1 part balsalmic vinegar + ground pepper + shaken in a container. delish!

The Rand's said...

First, your poster looks great! I love to decoupage. About to do some bookshelves for the girls with scrapbook paper and modge podge!
*Mascara-Bad gal lash by benefit, no clumping and makes your lashes look long
*Stainless steel-(I can't stand the streaks or fingerprints! Drives me crazy!) Warm soapy water works the best that I've tried. But I'm going to try some of the suggestions you got!
*Detergent-I use the Costco brand environmentally friendly stuff. It's naturally scented with lavendar, so not sure if that would irrate your kids skin or not.
*Lipgloss-I use whatever. Right now I'm using some from Bare Minerals. Pretty good.
*Salad dressing-my all-time fav is Brianna's poppy seed dressing, but it's now low-fat! I usually do an italian or vinegarette.
*Razor-Gillette. Not the disposable kind.
Good luck! Oh, love TM pose. She's such a natural! And Bram's outfit is adorable!

timmonstimes said...

#1) We use Aqua Mix - Stone Clean and Shine for our granite countertops. It doesn't streak on ours but ours are not super dark either!

I'd love an answer to #2 - my daughter's hair is somewhat wavy and often times it looks frazzled.

#4) Don't drink red wine. Gasp! I'm a red raider and I guess I haven't outgrown the beer phase - I've tried because my husband loves wine but I just don't. It should be the other way around, huh!

#6) We use Cerama Bryte cleaning polish and conditioner for our appliances. It seems to work - even with a 1 year old who loves to bang on the fridge because even at 29 lbs 15 1/2 oz, she always wants more to eat :)

#8) I don't buy expensive make-up but my sister will for me and I love Nars - by far my favorite lipgloss!

#9) Obsessed with Loreal's blackest black mascara (basic).

Sassafrass Jane said...

Don't read anyone else's answers but mine. I know best.
1) Who cares.
2) Who cares.
3) I prefer to wax my own when I'm tipsy.
4) I could go for days on white wine. Red makes me tired but is yum with chocolate.
5) Who cares.
6) Get a cleaning lady.
7) Weird.
8) I use lipgloss, not sure what lipglass is. My FAVORITE (I have DSL, so I know best) smashbox high shine lip gloss. Not too sticky, fragrant, stays on for awhile, and I ALWAYS get asked what I'm wearing because my lips are phat. Serious.
9) Dior DiorShow Blackout or Lancome. Combination of these 2 is brilliant.
10) Mix 1/2 cup EVOO, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, salt & pepper, italian seasoning, and TB of sugar. Delish.

Also, MARTHA IS TEENSY AND CUTE! I want an elk backpack. Bram's outfit is semi-seasonal. Nice.

I'm aware of what a brat I sound like in this comment but get over it.

Live.Love.Eat said...

We don't want you going crazy-ier. So I hope all your bloggy friends help. Um, the one thing I can help you with is a healthy salad dressing.

I take light Italian and mix it with fresh garlic and fat free yogurt. It makes for a creamy but healthy dressing. I love it.

And my fav lip gloss is wetslicks fruit spritzers.

Jodee Leader said...

Your poster turned out fabulous!

I love Mary Kay lip gloss!

morewineplease said...

I am only going to answer those that I feel I can truly enlighten you with, K? Here goes
3 - venus
4 - just found the mother of all shiraz, BOARDING PASS... I swear you will swim in it! Even though I am on the couch sick, I want some RIGHT NOW!
8- MAC, its actually called lipglass, mine is "underage"
9- bare minerals mascara $18, it owns me, dont leave home without it!
10- I am too lazy and sick to go look in the fridge, but its a sweet poppy seed dressing.

aunt caroline said...

I thought I'd leave a mark with my first comment a la Coco's blog. Since my little unexpected vacay last semester, I ditched my razor and haven't shaved since Sept. 5. Love it! I went to school with a bunch of hippies and now I know what I've been missing! Let it grow, sista!
ps. Ryan does not endorse this message.

starnes family said...

Why does my sister answer your question and not mine?


Heather said...

I started a VERY long comment this morning, but had to leave to get to workout. But now that you have 26 comments before me, mine just don't matter anymore. So I just wanted to say that I love the poster. You did a fabulous job.

Merry Mack said...

Well, you know how to get some bloggy girls attention.

I Love, love, love the poster. I want one.

Tess and Bram are cute with their poses and Martha makes me smile.

On to the questions. I too, will only answer those that might be of some value at comment #30

#3-I use this new one with the electric razor on one end. I really like it. Very multi-purpose.

#4-Most any red. I do love that cupcake one and of course, cakebread, but I can't afford it.

#5-ALL Free and Clear. We all have sensitive skin around here and it works

#8-I line my lips and then put Burts Bees Champagne on top. Love the look and tingle.

#9- I also just got into Telescopic by Loreal. Really impossible to clump.

#10-I really like Paul Newman's Olive Oil and Vinaigrette, Kens and La Madeleine's Caesar (carb free). However, I prefer to make my own. It is healthier and it doesn't contain one preservative or some sort gum.

Lulu the Midwife said...

#3 if you find the answer I want to know. I have even tried men's razors. I need Help, too!!!

#5 We are big Melaluca fans. Love the stuff and usually the kiddos have no problems with the itches from sensitive skin issues.

Good luck, I plan to read and learn myself.

The Rural Socialite said...

I will never in my life purchase a stainless steel appliance willingly. They just get TOO streaky. My mother-in-law has appliances with the wooden facades to match her cabinets. It's very high-end, but definitely worth it, to me.

Curly hair? Aveda's products have got it going on.

Mascara: Ulta's Maximum Volume mascara. Amazing.

Lip gloss: Ulta's Shimmering Quartz in a pot, not a stick. It's hard to find but they usually put it in their value kits.

Good luck with all of your 2010 questions!

If the shoe FITZ said...

Apparently, i need to try to this all free and clear!

i use aveda lip gloss I've used it for the past 5 1/2 years.