Friday, January 15, 2010

Miss Indepent, Home Improvement & Random Thoughts Friday

Happy Friday!!!! It is raining and pouring here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. For now, this is not a problem, Tess and Bram have recently taken a shine to PLAY-DOH!

Never before have either one of my gumdrops shown even a tiny bit of interest toward this delightful dough. I am seriously going to have to go buy lots more, it is keeping them occupied for HOURS! Leaving me lots of time to catch up on "The Real Housewives of OC" and "Jersey Shore."

I kid, I kid. I am actually having a joyful time playing with the play-doh as well.

While keeping one eye on the television.

Moving on, Miss Tess is starting to dress herself.
As much as I want to turn her britches around, this is how they are going to stay. She was so proud of herself!

AND moving on, I decided to paint the back of my built ins turquoise. Below is the finished product.
I can't figure out a way to photograph pictures of my home. They never turn out very good, and this looks just fantastic, if I do say so myself. I am going to display some simple white ironstone platters on the top shelf. I had all of my hurricanes up there but I want to show of the turquoise.
Below is kind of what they looked like before I had scrapbook paper glued on the back. It was a lot harder getting that stuff off than I expected. I also had to take the television out.
I almost dropped it. That would of been bad and I would of been homeless. And yes, that is Ty from "The Real World, DC" I have been sucked in. 23 years and counting. Damn it!

Another fun thing I did was empty all of my hurricanes and now they are being used as picture frames.
Cute idea, no?

Now on to random thoughts:

1) I wish I could adopt a Haitian baby that lost his/her parents in the earthquake. I thought about this all night last night. My biggest fear is my children being scared. A child being scared breaks my heart more than anything in the world. I just want to hold those poor children and let them know it is all going to be okay.

2) My goal of 2009 was accomplished. I now only own Hanky Panky panties. It was a long hard road, but I did it. No other brand of undies resides in my panty drawer. If you haven't tried Hanky Panky, you are missing out.

3) I love having an indoor cat. Pedra is so easy and loveable. I do not, however, like the litter box. In fact, I have actually thrown up twice cleaning it out. Nothing and I mean NOTHING is more gross than cat poop. And Pedra has missed her box more than once.

4) My kids often request, "Michael Finn" in the car. "Michael Finn" is Depeche Mode. Why is Depeche Mode called Michael Finn? I have absolutely no idea. So if you are ever in the car with my two little weirdos and one of them happens to request some "Michael Finn" just pop in a Depeche Mode cd and you will be good to go.

5) I didn't have my Zoloft for two weeks, my doctor moved to Austin and I had to go in and see her replacement. So I just kept forgetting to do it. I don't like not being on my medication. I don't like having anxiety. It makes me feel mean and hateful in my heart. I am back on my Zoloft and feel like Coco again. Modern medicine is amazing.

6) If you are feeling especially generous today, please go here, read about, and participate in the neatest, most inventive non profit organization for kids. An organization that I am involved in. Camp Phoenix could use your help. Any tiny bit helps.

That is all I have for today. Not a lot planned this weekend, so it will be nice to sit around with the family.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

ta-ta for now!


The Rand's said...

Hanky Panky panties are the BEST! Love them. Wishing my panty drawer was full of just them, but no luck for me there.
My heart is so sad for the Haiti babies and children, too. I can't imagine going through such a tragic thing and not have your mommy by your side. That's awful!
LOVE the turquouise background on your entertainment center. Looks wonderful! You are always doing such cute and new things to your house. You should write a book on all of your household tips!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

starnes family said...

The built ins look fab. Really good work. I'll email you a possible fix for your photos. Just discovered it.

The litter box is no delight, but it sure beats a dog pooping outside and you having to search the yard for it. And, kids can't step in cat poop. Give it some time and you'll think it's not a big deal soon enough.

Proud of you for your work on Camp Phoenix! Everyone should give....and you do it well!

Heather said...

What would I do without all of Coco's great suggestions... who knew you were so full of wisdom... (don't throw up Casey).... Hanky Panky panties - can't wait to try them!

You really should adopt a Hatian baby... you really should.

LOVE the turquoise. I need to get some balls and start just doing stuff like you do. Hmmm. hubby's out of town... maybe I'll go buy some paint.

MamaSue said...

Love the paint...I hope Adam will like it too. I give Sydney play-dough when she gets wonders. I am totally using the hurricane idea...I have those and I never know what to do with them. You are a genious:) I agree cat poop is the absolute worst.

Sara and Trey said...

The built ins look awesome!! Glad the Hub didn't catch you in the act.
I love Hanky Pankies too. Only thing I'll wear!

Good luck on the cat thing. I'm so not a cat person. Yucko!

The Jones Family said...

Totally having a hard time seeing you as a cat person... seems weird to me.

LOVE the paint.

Wish I could do the same with the kids in Haiti; so sad. So very, very sad.

Have a good weekend!

Deelsu said...

All I wear are Hanky Panky too. The best..hands down.
Love the shelves..good job.
I likethe idea of the hurricanes being a picture frame too!

Vintage Junky said...

LOVE the turquoise... and the hurricanes...

I am going to have to try out the Hanky Panky panties and see what this is fuss is all about!


Shannon said...

Love the color.

No thongs for me but you did inspire me to go get more of the kind I love which are sold at The Gap. I just have a couple of pair but since I love them so much, why not get a bunch?

Shannie said...

YAY, Tessie Mays! What a big girl. I do that, too... Everyone used to tell me that Henry had his shoes on the wrong feet... Shhh... Don't tell HIM that! He did it himself!

I have no clue what Hanky Panky panties are... And not sure I want (or that the Mister would want) anything but granny panties on my 7 week postpartum self. Yikes. And, not so sure I want hanky panky, either...

Okay, if you adopt a Haitian baby, I'll do it too. Seven week old or not. It is breaking my heart thinking of all those children scared, hurt, trapped and/or parentless. I have to make myself stop watching the news. It's horrific.

On a lighter note... Happy Friday, my friend! XOXOXO Have a ruby red in my honor. I'm on the beer tonight.

Shannie said...

OH, and it IS hard to take good pics of interiors... But, they look fab, dahlin'.

timmonstimes said...

I love that you say, "britches"! I do too and my girlfriends always giggle about it. I also say things like, "Lord love a duck" and "Good night Nurse" so I guess they have reason to snicker at my sayings :)