Monday, January 11, 2010

A new concept in birth control...

Dear all Independent School District people that are in charge,

As a parent of two young children that will soon be entering the wonderful Public school systems, MFISD to be exact, I have an idea that I believe is inventive, forward thinking, and I am most certain it will be extremely effective.

It is a known fact that teenage pregnancy is rampant in this country. These crazy kids aren't thinking of the repercussions that could and most often do happen when engaging in sexual activity out of wedlock.

Babies are made. And while everyone loves a cute baby, cute babies grow up and want to be taken to places like:

I suggest each freshman entering high school take a mandatory class titled, "Hell to the NO."

"Hell to the NO," will be a class held off campus at the nearest Chuck E. Cheese. Here, these 14 and 15 year olds can experience first hand their future if they keep up this promiscuous activity.

I also suggest the "Hell to the NO" class be held during lunch hours and the students must eat the food that is served at Chuck E. Cheese. This will also prove to be a huge deterrent with the sex.

Thank you Independent School District people, I appreciate your time in this matter.


Can y'all guess where the Cocos went on Sunday?

We had a family day in Austin and it was actually lots o' fun. The Cocos are smart and we ate at Waterloo where I ate the best veggie sandwich EVER! And had a mimosa before we headed off to the Chuck E. Cheetos (as Tess calls it). It was a mad house, but for just $20 in tokens, we played for two hours and the kids had a ball.

It isn't all about me. It really isn't.


The weather is most definitely warming up, and for this I am very thankful. I would also like to apologize to God and Jesus for possibly talking ugly to them this past August. I really don't mind it being over 100 degrees for an entire month. I really don't. Sorry about what I said God.
And baby Jesus.

Some pics from our weather imposed house arrest:

Thanks Auntie Abby for the bucket of make-up.

Please remember, sweet Abby, pay backs are HELL!

Can someone explain to me when my 4 year old became Jay-Z?

I love me some J like the next person. But I can ASSURE you, Bram doesn't listen to Jay-Z. That is the last thing this world needs right now.

Look at the peace sign? Wwwwhhhhaaatttt? And he is getting my little grape of a princess to dress like "Little T" or something.

So glad I spend buckets of money on Mini Boden, Baby Lulu, Baby Nay, Oilily and so on......

But my little tamale loves to get her nails painted.

She also gets caught playing in the fridge quit often. Look at her expression, "who me?"

That is all I have today. Laundry and a playdate today. Planning a nice run tonight. Purchased some new cooler weather running cloths. The neighborhood will totally be happy about that.

It was bad. I looked like a homeless mom huffing and puffing down the street. In leggings that were NOT meant to be jogged in. With my hump jigglying and jangglying down the street. YIKES!

Also, I have a tip. I downloaded several books on my Ipod. If you are a reader, I HIGHLY recommend doing this for your workouts. Listening to your book while running totally takes you away. It is so much better than music for me. I don't know why but it really has made me get my run on.

ta-ta for now!!


MamaSue said...

I agree with the hot weather comment as long as we stay away from Sea World in July! I was fun but hot! Love me some stinky penguin house!

starnes family said...

You and Mama Sue will be regretting this "I love hot weather" talk as soon as August hits. And, I will remind you of it.

I think Tessie Mayes was wearing Bram's fleece jacket, too, in the close up. Looks like he's dressing her a lot these days.

You definitely need that Lilly dress!

greygillfish said...

Oh my gosh, those kids crack me up! I think that is a new look for Tessie Mayes and will save you lot of money on clothes.

BRAMZ in da house! Love him! I think he needs to marry GiGi in about 30 years!

GiGi asked to go to chuck-e-cheetos on her birthday. I persuaded her that a movie would be so much better. :)

The Soladay Family said...

I love your idea of the "hell to the no" class! Unfortunately, after teaching high school for 2 years, I'm not sure anything can deter teenagers from having sex!

By the way, I love the pics of Tess in Bram's clothes! They are going to grow up being the best of friends!

Heather said...

I completely agree. Bring on the 100 degree weather. I am so sick of this cold... I am getting very cranky!

I didn't even recognize Tessie Mayes dressed up in Bram's clothes. lol. but the pink passy finally gave it away.

I hate Chuck E. Cheese. They have a new place in the metroplex called Incredible Pizza --ugh. Suggesting that place is like a curse word to my ears.

Heather said...

I'm gonna try the books on my ipod. what a great idea.. Coco is full of useful info at all times. So thank you.

The Jones Family said...

SO sick of the cold weather too; I need to be outdoors again and it's driving me crazy.

Cute kids, are you sure they are yours :)

Deelsu said...

Not sure I could do the books and run thing.
I actually don't listen to anything when running/walking outside.
Freaks me out. I like to stay attentive so someone doesn't sneak up on me and attack me.

Sara and Trey said...

I'm with Case...I'll remind you of the hot weather talk too. I would much rather have cold temps!!! Hate the 100 degree weather. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

I'm dying laughing over the outfits and the signs your Braminator is throwing out! Too freakin' funny!! He probably learned that at Chuck E Cheese with all the other hoodlums.

Books on the iPod..Great idea!! Maybe that would actually motivate me to run?? ha! Doubt it. Trey asked me if I would do the Cowtown 10K with him this year. BAHAHAHAHAHAH. Isn't he funny? I haven't run in about 2.5 years. I'd faint after 1/2 a mile. Guarantee you.

Angry Julie Monday said...

ZOMG hate CEC!!!!!!!! I smell poop every time we go there!!!! You know a mama, knows the smell of poop! LMAO Jay-Z....I've given up on fashion for Caden.

Sassafrass Jane said...

Hell to the No 101 would be a hit! Although, not sure anything can be done about this. Sad sad thing.

Listening to a book while jogging....that might just be brilliant. I'm getting really sick of listening to Sexy Bitch while pretending everyone is singing that song at me while I jog. It worked for 2 months, though. Just throwin that out there.

Oh TM, that glitter is gorg. Keep it comin.
I think Bram is trying to thug up the Backstreet Boys. Get him a headset microphone and he's set!

Shannon said...

Teen pregnancy is lower now than when we were teens. We were the sluts. Chuck E. Cheese wouldn't have deterred us. I would have just snuck into the photo booth my boyfriend for a quickie.

fyi - the Italian sub at Chuck E. Cheese is yummy.

I love me some Jay so therefore I love Bram. Go, Bram, go!

Live.Love.Eat said...

OH man, why aren't you a teacher already. The world is going to be a better place when Coco is in the school system. You're hysterical. And aside from my child, you have the cutest hip hoppest children around. They're adorable.

Angie said...

Somehow we've made it almost 6 years without going to CEC. I don't know how. Syd has actually been with her grandparents once, but other than that we've never been. Your kids are too cute!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Actually, we have a school board meeting tonight. I'll take your recommendation and see what they think.