Friday, January 8, 2010

Poor kid and random thoughts.

I'm not a sports nut. But good Lord did I feel sorry for Colt McCoy last night, getting injured his last game. A big game, possibly the biggest of his life. And I felt VERY sorry for that poor 18 or 19 year old freshman that had to fill in for him. Could you imagine the pressure? You know he had diarrhea in his pants after the game.

Once again, the Longhorns, Colt McCoy and Mack Brown proved to be the class acts they are year after year. Lose or win.

And Bram will TOTALLY be playing for the Longhorns or USC. I mean come on, a name like Bram "our last name"? That has Heisman trophy written allllllllll over it.

OK, lets have 2010's very first RANDOM THOUGHT FRIDAY.



1) it is cold outside. Texans aren't used to this many days of freezing in a row. Burrrr. I might stay in my jammies all day. And let the kids play Wii.

2) I called Bram a cry baby yesterday. It wasn't a shining moment for me in my mom career.

3) the lady at the post office yesterday said, "wow, your kids sure keep you busy." Then she said it again. Then she said, "you sure have your hands full." Then she said that again. Then she said, "wow." under her breath a few times. Then she said, "they are some active kiddos."
I didn't like this lady.

4) I'm kind of foggy this morning. I didn't eat dinner. I just drank it. We had people over and I was busy socializing. Though I did make homemade cheese enchiladas, chicken enchiladas, a huge pot of beans that cooked for two days, queso, fresh guacamole and peppermint, marshmallow, chocolate chip brownies for desert. Somehow I got to visiting and forgot to eat.

5) Pedra, our outdoor cat has been let in because of the cold. I love her. BUT I have found her on the counters more than once and I am kind of grossed out with the litter box. Any tips from you cat peeps would be nice. I also need something for her to scratch on. Besides Tess' Pottery Barn rug.

6) I have a funny story but it might offend some people. I'm not going to tell it.

7) Apparently, I am not smart enough for the Wii. I just got yelled at by my four year old regarding my lack of skilz.

8) I'm not feeling hot.

That's all Coco has. My house is sparkling clean. Last night's dishes are washing. Five wine glasses and 4 martini glasses have been hand washed and set out to dry. Everything is as it should be. Nap time is coming. I can feel it. Maybe a hot bath in my future.

And a plate of the enchiladas that I didn't eat last night. That is for sure.

Have a fabulous weekend!! Stay WARM!

ta-ta for now!


MamaSue said...

I'm not easily offended! Email me your story! That lady at the post office doesn't know what she's missing. Your kids are totally amazing.
I had to explain the post yesterday to my hubby! His comment was they only wash their clothes once a month...duh! Then he got super grossed out!

If the shoe FITZ said...

dude, so sad about #6.
i kept feeling sad about colt too but mostly for gilbert..poor kid!

you are totally right about Bram's name...we were just talking about this the other day about how you have to have a cool name to be a quarterback..especially a TX quarterback....Major Applewhite, Colt McCoy...

The Soladay Family said...

I felt the most sorry for Gilbert....I bet his mother was in tears she was so nervous for him! Bless his little young heart! I do have to a converted SEC girl....I am happy Alabama won....sorry, but it was part of my marriage vows. =)

I always hate it when people tell me "You sure have your hands full"!! I wish I had some great comeback, but I haven't thought of one yet! Enjoy your quiet time!

Deelsu said...

I felt sorry for Colt too. What a bummer.
Also, I made the black bean chowder you posted last week.
I loved and ate on them all week. Brad wasn't a fan though.
And.. I made chicken enchiladas too last night!

Donatelli98 said...

So with you on Colt ... total class act! I want to hear the story that may offend people!

FROGGITY! said...

i teared up at poor colt.

i felt so sorry for him, he could barely speak! i hope he has a shining career ahead of him though.

i don't know how that freshman dealt with the stress! what are the odds??

glad you had a fun night!

The Jones Family said...

Barf. You know what I'm talking about.

Last night seemed to be a good time for two people in particular; ya'll are cracking me up today.

I felt very sorry for Colt and the freshman; one hell of a game. My ears are still ringing from my hubby yelling at the tv to the freshman "you can still be a hero, you can still be a hero"! He tried didn't he!?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Live.Love.Eat said...

OK, so my yellow sticky pad has just come out for Coconotes. Hah. Not coconuts but coconotes.

Post office lady should be knocked out. I drink dinner sometimes too. It's fun and necessary once in a while. I want to hear funny story. We expect "offensive" from you.

And bought that dishwasher stuff you mentioned. It's pretty good. And j/k on the offensive.

Sara and Trey said...

Dude do you "forget" to eat?? I wish I would occasionally forget!! Um, it seems we all indulged in sone adult beverages last night.
Poor Colt, but can I just ask why in the hell UT (who gets the top recruits each year) goes from a 5th year senior QB to a little freshman QB?? Is there no one in between with a little more experience? Where the hell are the sophomore and junior backup QBs?? Seems a little foolish to me!
That's my football opinion of the day.
Have a great weekend!!!

Oh, I think the Austin files on my blog are working now. I couldn't email u the files bc my computer kicked the bucket! Gone. Donezo. This comment is all from my iPhone. Be impressed.

juliarhock said...

Must hear offensive story. Dish.

As for cats on countertops/eating surfaces, this is totally illegal in our house. I taught them so by shooting them with a squirt gun. A lot. In the face whenever possible. (Sorry PETA people.)

And we had enchiladas last night too. Weird.

Heather said...

Oh that precious Colt... God love him.... I could cry now just thinking about it.

Why'd you have to tell me you have a cat. Gross.

Jodee Leader said...

Sorry to hear about your post office experience! My kids are very "active" too!

I am completely grossed out by cats on the counters. Try a squirt bottle!

Hope you have a great week!

Kristin said...

I hope you are feeling better! And I was totally rooting for the horns! Boo. The Tide was unstoppable this year.

Jenn said...

I felt bad for the poor freshman that had to Take McCoy's place! So much pressure!

Angry Julie Monday said...

I felt so bad for Colt. I seriously thought he was gonna cry when they were trying to interview him. He held it in soo well.

And Caden and Bram, well Caden will be starting for USC...such competition our boys..