Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Food Festival 2008, Go hard or go home!

We leave tomorrow for the homeland, aka Weatherford, Texas, to spend the food festival holiday with my parents. YIPPEE!! My mother, aka Gran-T, and I have been preparing the Thanksgiving agenda for quite some time.

Thursday we are heading to my Aunt's house for traditional Thanksgiving lunch. This is always fun, my cousins are super cool and we have all grown up together. AND I will finally get to meet my cousin's 5 month old munchkin, Jane.

Friday, Hubby leaves for the stupid idiot hunting lease, he sucks. But my dad, aka Mikey, is doing his famous Prime Rib and his brother and fam will be joining us for a day late Thanksgiving meal. This is another fun family that I can't wait to spend time with.

Hopefully on Friday, Gran-T and I will be able to head to Granbury for some shopping on their precious little square. You can get yourself a little glass of Texas wine and sip and shop around the square. Oh-la-la, even better. We are also planning on taking Mr. Bram to the Ft Worth Zoo and the Children's Museum and Omni. A highlight of the weekend.

So I am going to be super busy socializing and eating and drinking and shopping. I just can't wait.

On a sucky note, my parents house is a terrible place for one year olds. They have stairs and a sunken living room. All this with hardwood floors and Mexican tile. Ugh. This can really wear a mom out. Especially when that mother's little angel doesn't sit still ever! Ever.

To put a positive spin on it, at least I will easily burn off some calories from my intended food festival. Their house is also a dreamy dream for ages two and up. 10 acres to run free, jeeps, chickens, pool, toys galore, and granparents that will take you "toy shopping" at every request. Also an unlimited supply of popsicles.

Y'all will love to know that I got the cutest most happiest photo for my Christmas card. I am super glad that first one was fuzzy because the one that made the cut is precious. Funny thing is, Bram from waist up is in his plaid Polo button up with a khaki sweater. Waist down, Batman. Shhhhhhhhhh......nobody will ever know.


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

hey, Texas Coco, have a great time! See you when you get back. Love,
Florida Coco

If the shoe FITZ said...

You are heading up to my neck of the woods and I'll be heading down to South Texas!
I've heard the FW Zoo is awesome and is better than the Dallas Zoo.
I've always wanted to go to Grandbury's square...enjoy!

KDLOST said...

hope you have a BLAST! i love this post, it makes me feel all thanksgiving-y. i LOVE this holiday!!!

safe travels and happy food festival!

MamaSue said...

We will see you Friday evening!

Michelle said...

Have so much fun! I love Granbury - used to live there.
I'm so glad you got the perfect pic for your cards!
Talk to you soon!