Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanksgiving fun!

We have Bram's Thanksgiving feast at his mother's day out today. Yea! I am so excited.

Truly, what is more fun than eating instant mashed potatoes and canned cranberries with 60 two, three, and four year olds wearing paper pilgrim and turkey hats?

If I am really lucky, the four year old class will serenade us with holiday songs while enjoying our tasty Thanksgiving delicacies.

AND to add to all the fun and excitement, our wiggly one year old, that throws food, will be joining us.

Lots of pictures will be taken. Can't wait.

Too bad we aren't Catholic, that would totally up the odds that wine would be served. No such luck with the Methodist.


starnes family said...

Totally the reason I'm Catholic.

Soxy Deb said...

May I suggest a flask? They are very decorative now. I can totally see you wearing one on your hip. (heh heh)

KDLOST said...

dude i am presbyterian and we have alcohol at nearly EVERY event. but then again, this is new orleans... ;) just a little braggin'. haha, kidding.

seriously, i bet you'll have fun b/c that will be SO cute. i love this time of year!!

Michelle said...

Luke's is on Thursday!
Have fun - can't wait to hear!