Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Now what?

Now y'all can see the effing header. How the hell do I change the template?

I can't seem to get the stupid background that I want. I just want plain black. And when I select that and save, my header goes away.

Somebody please help me. It looks like shit.


KDLOST said...

you're a better woman than me... i have NO CLUE how to do anything with templates. did you have to buy that or did you create it? i wish i could do any of that stuff. and don't worry! it doesn't look bad! it looks cute!

Soxy Deb said...

Broken record here - this is harder to expain than the vids, so if you want help you know I need to get on your blog. You can just change the password once I leave, but I can not explain this to someone. I'm really not that good of a teacher. lol

morewineplease said...

uhhhhhhh... is it not just cut and paste... why dont you clear everything out and start over??

take a Xanax and try tomorrow, it will be a better day.

Angie said...

oh coco! stop trying to be so advanced on your blog. but thanks for throwing out some of the best swear words in the book. i want to say some of those exact word so bad at work sometimes. but when you work at an elementary school, people tend to frown on that.

Katy said...

I like your background. Black backgrounds are hard to see. This is my mere opinion though.
Damn, my bloggy blog is needing some major help girl. The header is kinda cute, but not great. I need an uplift in a bad bad way.

Mrs Parks said...

Didja get it figured out?
I'm a pro, ask Deb.
She calls me Sybil because I'm always changing everything : )