Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sideshow FREAK

I just got back from getting my nails did and had my brows waxed by the new waxer.

Apparently I have been walking around with a beard. A beard.

Why hasn't anyone mentioned this to me before. As it is something that I would of taken care of. Immediately.


Mrs Parks said...

I have an agreement with my best friend that if one of us were to have a stroke the other would keep her tweezed : )

Love the look!

Soxy Deb said...

I blame your husband.

I cannot see anything on your blog at all now - the whole thing is BLACK. I had to just keep moving my mouse around until it looked something to click on and then I got lucky that is was the post comment link. It may be just me - I don't know. But if so I really have gone blind.

KDLOST said...

oh come on... really?
don'tcha love horomones? i blame the horomones.

i can still see your screen! still lookin' cute.

Angie said...

Your new blog look is so cute! Your post is too funny b/c I went to a new waxer and she started waxing other parts of my face that I didn't know grew hair. That is wrong!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Like your new look!

So you are the Bearded Lady, I had always thought that was not real.

P.S. I have some stray whiskers myself but Shhhh that is my little secret!

Michelle said...

WHat?! No way....

Scary Mommy said...

Love the new look!

I have made my husband swear that he will pluck me daily should I ever (God forbid) be in a coma.

Little O' Me said...

I swear I use to have 3...YES 3 hairs I needed to tweeze out of the I have like fucking 20!!!

It pisses me off and laser hair removal is in my near future!! I don't want to be the man/woman with nice boobs!!!

Getting old SUCKS!!!!