Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stupid banana

Somebody has taught Bram the word stupid. And I swear it was nobody living in our house, stupid is not one of my words of choice.

If Bram said, "Dammit to hell!" Then I would not question where he got that word, or sentence, and I would not be writing this post. I would pretend it never happened.

I am assuming that it is a classmate because he is not using the word correctly. At. All. And most adults do know how to properly use the word stupid.

For example, as we were driving home he said he really wants to go see that new, "stupid movie about the dog." And I say, "Bram, we don't say stupid. I don't want to hear that coming out of your mouth again."

Five minutes later, "Is that lady riding a stupid horse down the stupid street?"

"Bram! Do not use that word again. And you aren't even saying it right."

Just now he walks in, "Mom, can I have stupid banana?"

It is so frustrating when those son of a bitch kids at school teach my freaking kid words I don't approve of. Especially when their dumb asses don't even teach him to use the damn word correctly.


Just Me said...

Okay I am very embarrased to admit this but its also a compliment, but i just read your ENTIRE blog today. I stumbled across it and you are flippin hilarious! And your children are so stinkin cute, hope you dont mind I added you to my blogroll!

Soxy Deb said...

Sons of bitches is right! You should spend a day at the school and teach them how to correctly use all those words. Someone's gotta do it.

And Just Me is a better blogger than I am. When I found you I only read half your blog. Maybe one third. I don't remember. Who can say.
Although those kids are "stinkin cute". I agree with that wholeheartedly.

starnes family said...

Could be worse. We outlawed three words when Carter was Bram's age:


Guess how many times you'd hear Carter say, in public of course, "Mom, Dad said the F word!"?

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

For some reason I think little kids find the word "stupid" fun to say....even if they don't really know what it means or how to use it right...It becomes a favorite word. I think I'll do a post on favorite words...for instance, I like the words brouhaha and hulaballoo...don't know if I spelled those right but they're very much fun to say out loud.

Michelle said...

I hear ya. Luke is starting to pick up some habits from the kiddos at school. Not fun.

whereismymind said...

That's a bad word in our house, too... I do say it from time to time, as in, perhaps, "I just did something stupid." (Because I often do...) And I get a huge reprimand from my three-year-old missy... But, I'm like you... I'm more than likely going to catch her saying "shit."

MamaSue said...

The little kids learn stupid and shut up from Sponge's true

Live.Love.Eat said...