Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day pics

Finally getting my hands on this baby girl!!! My cousin and his wife lived in Virginia when Jane was born and are finally back in Fort Worth. Yea!

Tess and Jane getting to know one another.

Look at these baby girls in all of their pink glory! Jane is 9 months younger than Tess yet has the same amount of hair. Sad.

See Bram's new "smile" he uses at each and every posed pic? If he sees a camera pointed at him, this cheesy grin comes on his face. And what is sad, is this child has the most beautiful smile, dimples and all. Hopefully this is something he will outgrow. It kind of reminds me of that episode of "Friends" when Chandler and Monica were trying to take engagement pictures.

Bram could not take his hands off of Jane, but she was getting tired of all his manhandling at this point in the evening.

Here is Miss Tess, kicked back on the couch, enjoying her baba after her big turkey dinner!! Priceless.
And yes she still has her bottle at night. Shut up.

Hope everyone had as much fun as we did!!!!! Happy Holidays!!


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

So glad y'all had a great time! The pictures are adorable!

morewineplease said...

you are so funny with your bottle "shut up" comment! LOL
You look beautiful... love the sweater... and I love miss pretty in her dress!

Angie said...

very cute :) love the sweater!

Michelle said...

Love that sweater! You are so pretty! Great family pic. Love Brammy's smile. So funny! Boys are hilarious. Tess's dress is so darn cute! You girls know how to dress!

KDLOST said...

how fun! i like your sweater as well! love the last pic, too. heartwarming! :)

starnes family said...

Shut up.


Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome pics!!!!! They're precious, even Bram's big grin!!!!