Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Such a little lady.

It is so much fun watching Tess play like a big girl. We had dinner with friends on Monday night and they had an entire kitchen and grocery store set up. This little shopping cart was a huge hit with my little lady.

So I guess I am going to have to call Santa up and let him know he needs to add it to our ever growing list.

Speaking of list, Bram is becoming a stingy little fellow. Each and every toy he sees on television, he says, "I want Santa to bring me that!"

He even put a request in for some Aqua Globes.


Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

WARNING! Part of the appeal is that all these amazing things are in someone else's house. Once they realize that it's theirs and they can play with it at anytime-they won't.

KDLOST said...

AWWW! lil' cutie! and we have that outfit!! great minds, i tell you. i'll bet you're having a blast with both a boy and a girl. so much fun.

Michelle said...

LOL! Aqua globes?! Hilarious!

She is adorable! Love that little outfit. How fun to play girly things!

starnes family said...

Piece of Coconut Cake - please don't tell me this is true. I just dropped $600 on a kitchen. I need to have my head examined.

MamaSue said...

The little shopping carts are great for later for her to troll through the house picking up toys on the way to the playroom. Sydney used her until a couple of years ago.