Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Christmas time in small town USA!!

We had so much fun at our little Christmas parade on Friday night. The weather was nice and chilly, just perfect to bundle the kids up and watch the floats.

I totally thought I was being a bad ass photographer, but after looking at the pics, the parade shots are no bueno. But I did get some cute ones of the kids and Santa!

Apparantely, there are not one but two "dance groups" in our town that consist of "dancers" 70 years of age and older. They have little choreographed routines they do in the parades and at nursing homes and such. I was not aware of this until Friday night, and I have to say it was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!

I hope it will still be around in 40 years so I can join. I will be all over those lit up lawn chairs that they spun around and held over their heads with pride while dancing and shaking to Garth Brooks version of "Jingle Bell Rock". All the while wearing lots of bedazzled shirts and pants. Gold spray painted keds and red cowboy hats. Good times!

Bram waiting for Santa to come down Main Street!

There he is!
It was really cold, but Bram refused his hat and wouldn't put his hood up. Of course not.

Daddy and Bram watching the Harley guys with their motorcycles all lit up!

Tess loved it! She sat for the full hour with a smile on her face and her eyes wide open. So much fun.

On another note, I ordered my Christmas cards and thought they were just precious. Cute candid pic, cute card, cute saying. Loved it.

And then Tiny Prints called today and said after they reviewed it the picture is pretty fuzzy. Son of a bitch! This means I have try again today so they can proceed with my order. UGH!! My kids are totally not cooperating.

All I need is a cute picture of them kissing. Is that too much to ask?


KDLOST said...

not too much to ask at all. :)

looks like you all had fun. i totally agree with you on the 70 year old gramma dances. heck, i will be in there with the best of em someday! :) maybe we'll be at the same retirement home. we'll be the cool kids with extra bedazzle. lol

morewineplease said...

I had a friend use Tiny prints last week, and the same thing happened.. she email me her picture and I did the exact same card (photoshop) but made the actual size of her image smaller
Cards are such a stress to me to... a least getting the perfect shots.

Michelle said...

CUTE and sooo fun! My grandma who lives in Fort Worth does the dance thing. So sweet!
I got my christmas cards today and all 100 of them were wrong!!!!! I called the company and they fized for only shipping and processing. THank goodness! It was my fault.

Michelle said...

Love your coat too!!! Super cute!