Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I love you Jim

No, not Jim from The Office, Jim from the Home Depot.

Jim just sold me my new LG front loading washer and dryer, in Bahama Blue I might add.

Thank you Jim. I know you don't even know me or about this blog but I do think you are pretty great. You are a darling old man that was extremely thorough with my purchase and making sure I understood every. single. detail. of my purchase.

It didn't even seem to bother you that my one year old was fussing and had neon green snot dripping from her nose. And you didn't even bat an eyelash at me wearing my running shorts and a fleece in 32 degree weather. You just kept on, with a smile on your face to boot.

Did you not even realize my one year old was still in her cupcake footie jammies? Of course you didn't Jim, you wouldn't care about superficial things like that.

Thanks Jim. Thank you for selling me my pretty Bahama Blue LG front loading washer and dryer. I will think of you Jim, every time I do laundry. With a smile on my face. You are an intricate part of making my laundry experience a super fun and a happy time, and not a sad time like before.

And you know what is great about you Jim? You didn't even think I was a wacko for being really excited about getting a turquoise washer and dryer. I thank you for this. Because you can bet your bottom dollar Jim, Hubby is going to be unhappy he spent that kind of money on a turquoise washer and dryer.

But is it about Hubby? No Jim, it isn't. It is about the two of us.

If I see you at the HEB or WalGreens, don't be surprised if I give you a big hug. Or buy you a box of chocolate covered cherries.

I love you Jim. You don't know it, but you have made my year!


starnes family said...

OK, fill me in on this. Why are these better? I have a feeling that, like Tivo, I will be the last to make this move from the traditional kind.

Do they perform better? What's the appeal?

Last To Get Everything

The Soladay Family said...

My hubby wanted to get these for Christmas, but I thought surely there is something better...Looks like I was sadly mistaken...especially I meeting Jim came with the purchase! From what I understand you can get more into a I correct...not to mention the yearly saving on your electricity bill.

By the way, Courtney, I gave you an need to award again, I just wanted you to know I love your blog!

Coco said...

Honestly ladies. I have no idea why they are better. Jim had me at Bahama Blue.

BUT yes, I think they are tons more cost effective AND easier on your clothes.

We went the cheap route when we moved and they suck bad.

Heather said...

Laughing so hard! You will love your LG front loader. Let me just fill you in on a little secret that I had to learn about the hard way. In about 6 months - your laundry is going to start smelling like mildew. There is a little valve thing on the bottom front left hand side that you need to open up and empty into a bucket. (unless your model is different than mine). You have to empty this every so often because it gets like stale water in there or something. I promise it will start stinking at some point in time. That's my advice to pass on about front loaders! So fun - bahama blue! Love it!

Catholic Runner said...

I want them and Jim too!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I love the front loaders. I actually don't mind doing laundry. One word of caution though - watch out for mold on the door where the huge rubber seal is. I know there was some news report on internal mold on a brand I don't have but we did get mold on the inside door from always closing it after a load, and it started to smell. Now, I just wipe it clean and leave it open and we have no issues. Jim sounds special!

Michelle said...

I will come back and read this post! But for now you have been awarded again! :) Check it when you can on my blog.

Michelle said...

Ok, I'm back - had to get Luke's lunch. You know - priorities. :)

LOL!!!! Love you and your posting! So hilarious! I want a bahama blue washer and dryer! Fun!!! I have a front loader but it's a couple of years old and I had no idea about that valve thing Heather mentioned. I need to check mine for a valve because sometimes the washer does stink!

Amber Clay said...

I jealous! My washer and dryer is a hand me down that puts a mysterious oily substance on my clothes/sheets every so often. Matt says, "It doesn't do it all the time". Like that makes it better. Anyway, if you don't know it about me...I have big issues with laundry. It is one of the #1 arguments that Matt and I have(in fact, we had the argument this morning). So bad that about 6 months ago, he started doing his own laundry. I just simply hate hate hate it so much that I never do it and it REALLY piles up. Anyway, maybe a new red washer/dryer would do the trick. Probably not. Oh well, just add it to the list of resolutions!

Soxy Deb said...

Ahhhh, this is the equivalent to ANY tool purchase made by a man.
You will spend many a day alone basking in the glow of that new washer and dryer.
Then you'll get over it.

Monica said...

That is my absolute favorite color! Everytime Dave drags me to Home Depot, I stroll to the appliance section and admire the rainbow array of possibilities! Hey, if you have to do laundry, might as well have something beautiful to do it in!