Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I've been tagged and I LOVE being tagged!

I've been tagged so here it goes...

8 things I did today:
It is only 11 am so this is it so far
1) took Bram to school, HALLELUJAH SWEET JESUS!!!
2) got a coffee at Starbucks
3) made my bed
4) played babies with Tess
6) emptied dishwasher
7) colored with Tess
8) folded a load of laundry

8 favorite restaurants:
1) Sonic (shut up! It is totally a restaurant)
2) Bombay (Indian food, my fave)
3) Uchi
4) Tamale King
5) Z Tejas
6) Ruiz's
7) Salt Lick
8) My back patio with friends and family

8 shows that I watch:
1) Real Housewives of anything
2) Flipping Out
3) The Hills or The City
4) The Office
5) 30 Rock
6) Top Chef
7) The First 48
8) Intervention

8 things I wish for:
1) The Market to sky rocket this year!
2) my kids to stay healthy
3) my husband to quite smoking
4) my ass to get firmer
5) to expand our breakfast nook
6) to go on an awesome vacation with my husband this year, no kids allowed anywhere near me.
7) for my best friend and cousin to have perfect pregnancies and perfect deliveries and healthy bebes.
8) to not get pregnant this year

8 things I look forward to:
1) mom's weekend at Horseshoe Bay Resort
2) Tess starting mothers day out this fall
3) Bram's 4th birthday party
4) Family vacation in August
5) My 34th birthday in April
6) getting new boobies if the market cooperates
7) running my first half marathon, hopefully more than one this year!
8) seeing my kids playing more and more each day as siblings. the best!!!

I tag, casey, angie, shannie, shannon, and steph...if you don't want to don't but if you do, that would be totally awesome!!


whereismymind said...

yay! Thanks! I like tags, too... Love your answers... And, maybe we can get a two for one deal on the ta-tas! I want (need) some, too. Baby or boobies???

starnes family said...

Love it!

Do you not watch The Bachelor? I might need to re-evaluate this relationship.

And, Sonic totally counts in my book.

I'll work on this tonight!

Heather said...

New boobies totally rock after you've had kids. It will be one of the best things you have ever done in your life!!!

Amber Clay said...

I am all about the new boobs once I finish having my babies. I am going to do the tummy tuck too. I am a tragic victim of little demons called stretch marks. UGH! I make no bones about my future improvements. When I cut off my finger, all I could talk to the plastic surgeon about was boobs and tummies. I'm sure he was like, "Lady, let's just sew on your finger ok?"

Tickled Pink And Green said...

My family use to eat at The Salt Lick waaaaay back when I was a kid in the 70s! It was like "in the woods" or it seemed so to me. Haven't been back in who knows when.

My uncle is Mayor Pro Tem of Horseshoe and I've never even been there!

I still think of you and that ghost story about the woman you saw. (that was you wasn't it?)...

I love the Real Housewives shows (except Atlanta - haven't watched that one)....but am wondering if the economy is EVER going to effect them or what??!!)

I live in Big D and am from Austin.

Angry Julie Monday said...

You need to move to California. We can be BFF's. We are very alike, although it might cost us too much $$$