Monday, January 19, 2009

Three year old QUOTE OF THE DAY

"I'm a black man that runs very fast!" and off he went.

What? First of all, we don't say "black man" or "white man" or "brown man." I know for a fact he doesn't realize a difference, and I pray to God this is always the case.

People are just people. So I find it odd that this came out of his mouth. And funny.


The Soladay Family said...

Maybe he was pretending to be Batman?! I remember when Carter was 3, he kept talking about a girl that was black, and I couldn't figure out where he was getting "black" from. As it turned out, he meant she had black hair. Go figure!

Michelle said...

He comes up with the craziest sayings! He has got a lot of him mama in him!

MamaSue said...

My niece had a "black" mamaw and a "white" mamaw and it was because of the color of her hair. My sister in law was her "white" mamaw for her toddler years.