Monday, January 19, 2009

She's a very lucky girl.

Very lucky that I didn't try out that whole "Baby Moses" law and drop her off at the nearest hospital or fire station this weekend.

And I am not kidding.

This weekend we drove out to west Texas to surprise Adam's step dad for his 60th birthday. All 5 kids, their significant others, and the 4 grand kids. Super fun, and Pa was very excited and surprised.

But I should of known Miss Tess was going to be a stinker from the get go. The little darling didn't sleep then entire 4 HOUR DRIVE. Instead she fought it the whole way, having mini tantrums at random moments. I really could of used a shot of tequila by the time we got to Sweetwater.

So we get to Iddy and Pa's I am assuming that she is plum worn out and will go straight to sleep and (fingers crossed) sleep in. Ummmmm no, didn't happen. She did not fall asleep until 3 am. This is not an exaggeration, and I totally wish it was.

Then Saturday we had family pictures taken. This was not her shining moment either. Precious angel from heaven refused to smile, refused to be held, and at one point threw herself on the floor and started kicking. Lucky for me, the photographer did get some of these pictures on film and I will be making a purchase. Like a 19x24 purchase of my princess acting like a royal stinker (and I really want to use a different word than "stinker" but am trying to work on my language.)

To make a long story short, the rest of the weekend didn't go much better. My little snuggle bunny didn't sleep well, wanted me to hold her the entire time and didn't sleep a wink on the 4 hour drive home. Thank the sweet baby Jesus for the soothing "Love" station on my XM radio. If it wasn't for the sweet songs of James Taylor, Air Supply, and a little Expose I would of opened that car door and tucked and rolled right out of that speeding car. Never to be seen again.

I put the dreamy baby to bed at 6:30 last night and she slept until 8 this morning.


This little freak is totally my favorite kid right now:


starnes family said...


He is going to be completely horrified by these pictures one day. You've really outdone yourself, Court.

Angry Julie Monday said...

LOL...I would have had lots of margaritas if I were you.

This is why we don't take long trips via car.

Bram, OMG. Those are almost like ass-less chaps....wait they kinda are...

The Soladay Family said...

Okay...that pic is cracking me up...really...He looks like he's going to bust out with the YMCA song at any moment!

Angie said...

My precious angel, Sydney, does not believe in sleep. Don't get me wrong, when she was a baby she was a dream. But she never sleeps passed 6:30 am. NEVER! I don't care how late she stays up. Kyle and I just tell her that pay backs are hell. We plan to wake her up at 6:30 am every weekend when she's a teenager.

As for Bram, you might need an intervention at some point, but for now, it is so freakin' cute!

Amber Clay said...

I think at some point, she and Sam have gotten together so that he could slip her a list of his tricks because that sounds just like the majority of road trips we take. I am working on a post from our trip to Alabama. To sum it up...14+ hours, no sleeping baby, ended up on playground equipment in the middle of the night that was displayed outside at a random Academy store somewhere in Louisiana. I feel your pain sister!

Michelle said...

LOL! For some reason reading "tucked" cracked me up. I got that visual!
I am so sorry that you went through a hell weekend. Exactly the reason we don't travel overnight with Luke unless there is a crib. That is how he rolls!
We had similiar weekends. We drove to E Tx for my FIL's bday party on Saturday.
I need to be blogging but I am just not up for it for some reason.

The Jones' said...

Those pics are the best EVER... we still have photo's of our younger brother sporting the same style, and he gets mortified when reminded today at 27 years of age... LOVE it!

whereismymind said...

LMAO! I've considered the tuck and roll before myself... You could have come and hidden out here in GA with me until you were ready to return...

And these pics of Bram are freaking priceless!

KDLOST said...

welllll at least she's totally cute.

that is such a helpless feeling when they are throwing constant fits and you can do NOTHING to control it. GRRR!

LOL on the chaps... too hilarious

morewineplease said...

Listen.... she is way to cute to be misbehave'n like that!
And those pics of Bram... PRICELESS!!!!!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

OH my...that brings back memories. My son...easy to get along with...a good sleeper, a good eater, wore whatever I put on him. My daugheter...I declare she didn't like what we put on her to bring her home from the hospital and contrary....OH MY GOSH...she's still contrary 18 years later.

greygillfish said...

It must be something in the air. We had a similar weekend here with Princess GiGi.

She is not a stinker, but STINKIN ADORABLE! Love the cowboy pics too! VERY FUNNY LITTLE DUDE.

Coco said...

Belle, everyone keeps telling me the same thing, "Welcome to the world of girls!"
She is easy when she is in her environment, but not so much if things are just "so".

All of us mamas with toddlers need to take a big vaca. No kids allowed. And no husbands.