Thursday, April 16, 2009

It really is pathetic

I am currently studying for my Texas EC-4 test. This will certify me to teach Pre-k through 4th grade.

The English/reading section was a breeze. I enjoyed everything that I reviewed and saw it as just that, a review.

Now I am in the math section. If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that math is my weakest, weakest, weakest...... I can't think of the word. I am just TERRIBLE at math.

I was always in advanced placement classes. In 2nd grade, I was at such a high reading level, that I got to go to a special class (with Ms.Dukes, our librarian)to read material at my super smart level.

This was not the case in math. In fact, I was in remedial math with special needs kids. And I barely passed.

At Tech, I had a remedial Algebra with a bunch of football players. And I barely passed.

SO, the math section of my studying isn't going that well.

My eyes are glazing over, my palms are getting sweaty, my heart is racing. I even threw up in my mouth a little as soon as I saw the word, "fractions."

I am terrified my math "problem" is going to cause me to fail the test. Or even worse, what if I do pass and the only teaching job I can get is like, 2nd or 3rd grade? I am not even close to being at the 2nd and 3rd grade level in math.

These kids will be screwed. Big time.

Oh, the pressure is too much! Maybe I should stick to this stay at home mom gig, where the only kids I can screw up are my own.


Heather said...

NO!!! You are gonna do great!!! Don't give up! We all want to see your "preppy teacher dress" look! Besides, my daughter is in 2nd grade and all they are doing is addition and subtraction. No worries, you can do that! 3rd grade, well you are gonna have to do the multiplication, but they have rap songs you can download from itunes for that!! - if you happen to get stuck with 2nd or 3rd grade.

We can't wait for the fresh new blog material you are gonna have with your darling kindergarteners!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

ugh, I know how you feel. I can BARELY function with a calculator. Really. I nver know how much money I have in my checking account. Really. It's bad.

starnes family said...

You're going to do well, Court. Take a deep breath. If we lived closer, I'd send Carter over to help.

The Soladay Family said...

Hey...If I can do can do it! Math was always my worst subject and reading my best. You should go to some math websites, and do some practicing!

Mama Clay said...

Don't worry, if you get stuck with 2nd or 3rd, just keep the calculator handy. When they ask you what the answer is, give them the teacher look, pause and say, "What do YOU think the answer is?" Then calmly walk to your desk, pull out the stragetically placed handy calculator and voila! They'll think you are a genius.

If it makes you feel any better, I taught 2nd grade for 2 years and was the exact opposite of you. I am a WIZ at math but a beyond crappy reader. When I interviewed for the job I was praying they wouldn't ask me what the last book I had read was because my only answer would have been Dachshunds for Dummies. Nice. The kids learned to read despite my "TV for me" mentality. :)

Sassy Cass said...

I HATE math, too! I would be LOST without my calculator(s). I keep one in my purse, one on my desk, one in my truck and one in the laundry rooms. I dread helping LR with math grade homework. Anything over 4th grade will totally blow my mind. How did I ever graduate from college?

Soxy Deb said...

Now that you got past that...
You'll do fine. Maybe not great, but you'll do ok.
I got a deal for you. My current course is writing. Who knew it would be so hard. Hell I speak and write in the English language everyday. But I don't remember what a predicate verb is let alone a modifier. You do mine and I'll do yours. I'm a bookkeeper, I can handle math.

whereismymind said...

You'll do GREAT, my friend!

And everday I find out that we have more in common. Wow. I'm super special gifted-y smart in lit/history/stuff like that and am super special retard-y dumbasstastic in math. Thank god the Mister is a mathematical genius. He thinks in math and is an engineer... Maybe our kids will get his genes.

Anyway, you'll ROCK that test, sister... And be the best, prettiest preppy k-4 teacher that the Great State of Texas has ever seen! I promise!

Michelle said...

You will do GREAT! No worries at all! Hang in there! You got some great advice on here!

Impulsive Addict said...

Girl...I taught Math to 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders in Fort Worth. If I can do it, anyone can do it. I hated math in school but I ROCK at teaching it to lil' childrens. You will be fine. Enjoy some wine. Ha..I rhyme!

morewineplease said...

math causes extreme amounts of anxiety for me too... like I dropped out of statistics in college 3 times 3 different semesters within the first week of class.
I am sure you will do fantastic! And oh my, you will look so cute!

The Rand's said...

i suck at math, too! and, i taught third grade. i actually learned stuff while i taught! sad, i know!
you'll do great on the test!

Angie said...

Where's Mrs. Rambo when you need her?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awe, don't worry, just take it one number at a time :) I wish I could help ya, I was good at math.