Friday, April 17, 2009

Random picture Friday....

I can't believe it is Friday! It is so rainy and yucky here, I tried to convince Hubby to play hooky but he is such a party pooper.

My first class is tomorrow, a birthday party tomorrow night, and then a whole bunch of nothin' on Sunday.

I am having a bit of anxiety about leaving the Hubby home with the kids ALL DAY LONG tomorrow.

No, it isn't he and the kids I'm worried about. It is the condition my house is going to be in. Hubby isn't the tidiest fellow on the planet and I am a touch ocd. Maybe I can get our housekeeper to come over and clean up after everyone?

Let's start the show......

Here is prissy pris helping fill the eggs.

Grandkid soup! All four of the cousins in the rub a dub tub.

Fishing in our pond.

Please notice the fork in one hand. And the spaghetti in another.

My gorgeous girl. I want to eat her up!!!!!!

Y'all have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend!!


Deelsu said...

Tess is the cutest thing ever! such a doll!
As for the tub shot -- you have to just love cousin time! I'm still very close with my cousins who I grew up with. There was four of us girls all one year apart with me being the oldest.

I'll post pictures next week and you will get a big laugh!

If the shoe FITZ said...

The grandkids got in the tub together too at our Easter! It was hilarious!

whereismymind said...

I want to eat her up, too! And I seriously LOLed at the "grandkid soup" pic! It really does look like they're in a crockpot.

starnes family said...

She is yummy. Love her cupcake shirt, too!

Soxy Deb said...

A "touch" ocd? really? is that what your going with? k...

Love the grandkid soup shot! Very cool!

Tess must just be a hot mess all the time. too freakin cute.

Katy said...

Gosh, such cute kiddos and fun pics.