Wednesday, April 1, 2009

25 things you NEVER thought you would do, but as a parent you do.

1) Hold other people's boogers

2) Smell other people's bottoms

3) Wipe other people's bottoms

4) Catch vomit with your bare hands

5) Say things like, "DON'T LICK THE FIRE PLACE!"



8) Let kids eat M & M's for breakfast when you think nobody is looking

9) Drink wine every night

10) Let a kid have a screaming fit at Target and casually keep shopping

11) Start anti-anxiety medication

12) Let your car get so disgusting, that you could possibly get cancer sitting in it

13) Buy weekly pet fish, just to watch them die

14) Let your kid leave the house looking like a street urchin, because it is easier

15) Get poop on your finger by checking for a poopy diaper, and not learning the first time that there is a better way (see #2)

16) Fish for stray bathtub poopie with dead fish's net

17) Laugh harder than you though imaginable at a one year old

18) Love someone so much it makes you dizzy

19) Feel like running away

20) Wrestle with a crib sheet, and really get pissed off at the maker of crib sheets. Like, REALLY pissed off.

21) Being that mom that loves telling about the day her babies were born.

22) To anyone that will listen

23) Honestly think that your kids are the prettiest kids in the world

24) Honestly think your almost 4 year old has the cognitive skills of a 19 year old Harvard graduate

25) Be the happiest human being on the planet, vomit, boogers, poop and all!


MamaSue said...

I couldn't agree more!

starnes family said...

Good stuff, Court. Well said and I needed to hear it today!

The Soladay Family said...

So very true...and so eloquently said!

Live.Love.Eat said...

12, 5, 18. My favorites. Hah. Loved this truly. And it is so true!!!! Now you're going back to see which one are my favs right? :)

Angry Julie Monday said...

Love it! Bram and Caden can go to Harvard together!

Thoughts on our lives by Tammy said...

ha ha!!! I love this! Made me laugh today, and sadly, I'm guilty of all of them!

The Jones' said...

Totally agree...

If the shoe FITZ said...

Love it!
Does the poop get in your fingernails?

greygillfish said...

Thanks for the giggle today. SO TRUE!

Soxy Deb said...

Wiping a boogered nose with the hem of your shirt/dress and not caring at all about changing.

Good list Coco. I think we;ve all done ALL of them - lol.

Mama Clay said...

Well said! The fish net idea is a great idea for fishing out bathtub poop. I'll remember that!

By the way, I saw Angie the other night. We'll both be in your area in June. Let's get together :) Email me and we'll coordinate!

The Rand's said...

Love it! You are hilarious!

Jo said...

If you just keep repeating #9 all the others aren't so bad. :)


whereismymind said...

Check, check and check to most of those! Too funny!

Michelle said...

Wow - awesome post! Loved every bit of it. So true...

Lulu the Midwife said...

Those were great and I totally agree with all of them. thanks for sharing.